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Brookland In Photos: Street Art Edition 17, #TentacleTuesday

Yesterday Brookland was treated to a pop-up street art piece from artist Theodore Carter. The electrical box at the corner of 9th and Monroe was adorned with his 5-foot tall tentacle sculptures. The pieces, made mostly from recycled materials, are a part of an ongoing street art project called Tentacle Tuesday that will pop up at different locations across the city during summer. Thanks for stopping through Brookland, Theodore! You can follow the project on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Brookland In Photos: Street Art Edition 15, Metro Laminates

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It has been a looooong time since we posted cool street art from around the neighborhood. If you are near the Brookland/CUA Metro anytime soon, check out these gems at the corner of Monroe and 9th, NE, where the Col. Brooks’ Mansion property meets the bus loop. I am not exactly sure what they are supposed to mean. One has an inset photo of the Monroe Street Market “Brookland” sign over a map of the Brookland area with some kind of strange creature. The other is a take on Vincent Van Gogh’s painting Bedroom in Arles with other images, like a Metro train, imposed over it. The artist really meant business with these, as they are heavily coated in plastic and screwed to their poles.

New Little Library Waiting For Young Brookland Readers

A wonderful surprise waited us in front of SCRAP DC a few days ago. We were greeted by a wonderfully decorated robot. After closer inspection it turned out that it is not just a robot that looks very cool, but it actually is a little library.

I contacted the team at SCRAP DC and learned that local artist Marcelle Fozard initiated the creation of the robot library. Marcelle’s work can be seen in Studio #15 at the Arts Walk of the Monroe Street Market.

Little Libraries are a wonderful opportunity to install creative art on our streets, and to bring  books to the children in our neighborhood. They can borrow a book(s) on an honor basis, as well as add books to the library. The Robot though is not the first, and from what we understand will not be the last, little library in the Brookland community. Here is one that was installed a while ago on Kearney Street:

The Reading Railroad on Kearney Street
The Reading Railroad on Kearney Street

Marcelle described the creative process building the Robot to us:  the big yellow box  arrived from a “man cave” in Ellicott City, Maryland.  The big guy needed some robot feet so Marcelle headed over to True Value Hardware on 12th street to get some advice. She wanted us to be sure to send a “big thanks to all the smart guys at True Value, especially my friend and fellow reggae fan, Lion”. While under construction at the Studio, lots of kids took interest in the robot and asked when it is going to be finished. Before going to his new home in front of SCRAP DC, the robot stopped by the weaving ladies and a final spiff up was added by Heather, Jules, JJ and the other wonderful SCRAP DC volunteers. 

Marcelle also sent us some pictures that show the transformation of the newspaper box to a robot. SCRAP DC (and the robot) is located at 12th and Irving Streets, NE.