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Young Brookland Family In Need

St. Anthony School and Church
St. Anthony School and Church

Yesterday we spoke with St. Anthony school principal Michael Thomasian about a message he sent out to community members. We decided to spread the word about this young family in need living here in Brookland, in hopes that readers would lend a hand. From his  message:

I would like to introduce you to one St. Anthony Family– the Molita Cruz Family. The parents are Nelson and Patricia and their two sons are Xavy (PreK-4) and Angel (grade 5). The Molita Cruz Family found St. Anthony during a time of great suffering in their life. Mr. Cruz is dying of brain cancer. His sickness led to unemployment and eventually to losing their apartment. They have few friends and no family in the area. The boys have adjusted well to St. Anthony, the family now lives in Mary House, and Patricia helps care for Nelson at home. Nelson can longer speak or walk and is receiving hospice services. So what are you invited to?? Nelson and Patricia have a civil (legal) marriage, but they have always wanted a church wedding. In addition, they would like Xavy and Angel baptized. Their wish is coming true. We will celebrate these sacraments at Holy Mass at St. Anthony on Saturday, March 5th at 1:00 PM. A reception will follow in the cafeteria. I invite you to come out and celebrate with us! Your support is needed.

We reached out to Principal Thomasian to see how our readers could help. He said that the St. Anthony’s community has pulled together and have donated everything needed for a wonderful wedding – clothes, flowers, food, etc. But, there will be ongoing needs that have to be met, including school tuition, groceries, clothing for the growing kids, etc. Specifically Principal Thomasian said that gift cards would be the best idea and monetary donations would be more than welcome as well. If you cannot support financially, simply showing up to the wedding and offering moral support to the family would be appreciated too.

Donations/gift cards can be sent to the school, care of Michael Thomasian, 3400 12th Street, NE  Washington, DC 20017. You can also contact him at (202) 526-4657, ext. 102 or michael(dot)thomasian(at)catholicacademies(dot)org.

Christmas Caroling – A Brookland Tradition For Over 50 Years. Join The Fun On Saturday.

Christmas Carollers Gather Before Hitting The Streets (2011 Event)

I am not sure when the annual tradition began, but for at least 50 years, Brooklanders have organized to serenade friends and neighbors with Christmas carols. I participated in the event last year. I had fantastic time and met so many warm, friendly neighbors. If you don’t know a lot of carols by heart, don’t worry, sheet music will be provided. If you don’t sing well, don’t worry, it’s all about the community spirit. This year,  the caroling will take place on Saturday, December 22. Meet up inside the Rosary House, 1200 Monroe St., at 6:00 PM and be prepared to hit the streets of Brookland, caroling as you go. Last year we began by singing to the firemen at Brookland’s Engine Company 17 Firehouse, and then went down 12th street and sang in a few businesses. We then carolled around the neighborhood, mostly on Newton St. I understand that the route will be roughly the same this year. It was great to see the looks of happiness, appreciation and surprise on people’s faces as we passed them on the street and when they came out of their houses and businesses. The caroling will end up with a pot luck party at a home near 15th and Otis streets. All are welcome to join in for as long as you want. If this doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, nothing will. For more information, contact John Feeley at 202 526 8754.

Hard-Core Brookland Carollers (2011 Event)

Saturday Morning In Brookland – Woodridge Warriors Homecoming Parade And St. Anthony’s Thrift Sale

Brookland Parade
Woodridge Warriors And Cheerleaders Looking Good And Ready To Go!

The “heart” of Brookland – the intersection of 12th and Monroe Streets, NE – was abuzz with activities this Saturday morning. First off, the  Woodridge Warriors football team kicked off their homecoming parade in front of St. Anthony of Padua  church. Founded in 1963, The Woodridge Warriors Youth Organization has a long history and tradition in the community. After cheering the football players and cheerleaders on, attention was turned to finding a great bargain just steps away at the St. Anthony thrift sale. There were lots of great finds from snacks like gluten-free popcorn, cakes, and candied apples to clothing and home decor. I picked up a super-nice pair of sandals for $10 that were hand-made in Senegal. Seeing traditions handed down from one generation to the next, families of all types building memories together and community pride is what Brookland is about, and it makes me proud to call it home.