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Free Comedy Show At Right Proper Brewing Tonight

We thought neighbors would be interested in a free stand up comedy show tonight from the Power of Positive Drinking, an  interactive open-mic comedy concept which combines stand-up and drinking games. From the event page:

No more games. It’s time to get real with you guys. There’s a lot of f*ckbois and f*ckgirls out there who still haven’t recognized that their shenanigans do have consequences. Luckily, we at the Power of Positive Drinking appreciate the patience and talent it takes to discretely but unequivocally tell these clowns to go eat the appropriate amount of horse feces. So we’d like to gather our favorite comedians together to honor everything from side eye to slight, awkward laughter. Come join us for a night craft beer and laughter at those who are beneath us. And remember: never let anyone get away unscathed.

Doors Open: 5pm
Comedy Show: 7:30pm

Right Proper Brewing Company Production House and Tasting Room is located at 920 Girard Street NE.

Brookland Resident Launches The WildCraft Soda Project – Here’s How To Support A Great Local Business!

Nathan at Brookland’s Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America. Photo Courtesy of the Washington Post and WildCraft/Nathan Zeender.

Nathan Zeender is a busy guy. When this Brookland based artisan beer brewer isn’t busy getting his future brewpub off the ground, he is working on starting up a new botanical soda business. According to his website, the mission of  his WildCraft soda venture is:

Providing healthful sodas from wildcrafted, ethically foraged ingredients–aromatic and ennobling beverages derived from whole botanicals, never from extract, and only lightly sweetened with pure honey for balance.

We all know that financing a small business is never easy, so Nathan has turned to Kickstarter to raise capital. He needs to raise $2,500 by Thursday Jan 17, so let’s get on it neighbors! Depending on the size of your donation, you can score rewards ranging from T-Shirts to tasting parties and even foraging and brewing sessions with Nathan.  The contributions will go towards equipment and raw materials to move his first two flavors of soda, “Groot Beer” and “Ebulon” into production-sized batches; which requires pumps, kegs, tanks, and the like. Nathan’s brewing has garnered media attention from the Washington Post, and the Washington City Paper, who recently covered the WildCraft launch. So, when will you be able to imbibe sodas made with his foraged botanicals? Look for Nathan to be churning out small batches at farmers markets this coming summer. We look forward to following up with Nathan in January and see how things are going.

**Update 12/21/12: We got word that after only 3 days into his Kickstarter campaign, Nathan reached the $2,500 goal! Thanks to all who gave and congrats to Nathan. We are thirsty already…