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Free Comedy Show At Right Proper Brewing Tonight

We thought neighbors would be interested in a free stand up comedy show tonight from the Power of Positive Drinking, an  interactive open-mic comedy concept which combines stand-up and drinking games. From the event page:

No more games. It’s time to get real with you guys. There’s a lot of f*ckbois and f*ckgirls out there who still haven’t recognized that their shenanigans do have consequences. Luckily, we at the Power of Positive Drinking appreciate the patience and talent it takes to discretely but unequivocally tell these clowns to go eat the appropriate amount of horse feces. So we’d like to gather our favorite comedians together to honor everything from side eye to slight, awkward laughter. Come join us for a night craft beer and laughter at those who are beneath us. And remember: never let anyone get away unscathed.

Doors Open: 5pm
Comedy Show: 7:30pm

Right Proper Brewing Company Production House and Tasting Room is located at 920 Girard Street NE.

Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association Events Saturday- Fall Cleanup, Beer And Membership

FoRIA BNCA Cleanup 007When I first moved to Brookland I started attending Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association (BNCA) meetings. Soon, I found myself taking an active role as treasurer and helping out with the website. Though I am no longer an officer, I still try to keep up with the BNCA’s activities and attend meetings when I can. I have found my membership to be rewarding for multiple reasons – I have met a lot of  great neighbors, gotten involved in community events and stayed abreast of neighborhood developments, not bad for $10 a year! It’s membership drive time for the BNCA so we thought we would pass along this message from BNCA President, Dan Schramm about events coming up this Saturday:

Brookland Friends and Neighbors –

BNCA invites you to join us on Saturday, November 12. When I say “Join Us,” I actually mean that in three (3) ways:

1st: Come join our cleanup event at Ft. Bunker Hill Park with the National Park Service, from 11:30 to 1:30 on Saturday, November 12 (details below)

2nd: Afterwards, come join our tour of Right Proper Brewery, one of Brookland’s newest and most innovative businesses. The tour starts at 2 pm, right after the clean up (more details below).

3rd: Come join – or renew – as a member of BNCA for 2017. This is the start of our First Annual Fall Membership Drive. Here’s the deal: If you become a member any time on or before our meeting at Right Proper on Saturday the 12th, BNCA will cover your first beer! Joining or renewing your membership just got a lot easier: Use our online form on the new website http://brooklandcivic.org/join-bnca/, or do it in person at Right Proper. Annual membership is just $10 ($11 online), so you can see this is a great deal for you.

Remember: BNCA is here for YOU on any and all issues facing Brookland. Your membership gives us strength!


11:30 AM: Clean Up at Ft. Bunker Hill. The BNCA, in partnership with the National Park Service, will be sponsoring a cleanup event at Fort Bunker Hill Park from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm on Saturday, November 12. Fort Bunker Hill Park is managed by the National Park Service, and BNCA has formed a partnership with them to provide local and long-term stewardship of the park.

We’ll focus primarily on cleaning up trash and debris, and we’ll provide all volunteers with work gloves and trash bags. Meet at the corner of 14th and Otis St. NE at 9:00 am. Children are encouraged to participate. For any high school students seeking school credit, please bring the forms from your school.

If you have any questions, please contact our Member At-Large, Ian MacFarlane, at ijmacfarlane@verizon.net mailto:ijmacfarlane@verizon.net or 571-334-6326.

2:00 PM: Right Proper Brewery Tour. Right Proper is an awesome little DC brewery that recently opened its production house (and tasting room!) right here in Brookland. We thought it would be a fun idea to use our November Saturday meeting to take a tour of this new establishment, and socialize a bit while enjoying their fine products 🙂 Here is their website http://www.rightproperbrewing.com/, and their address is:
920 Girard Street NE
Washington, DC 20017
(202) 526-5904

Hope to see you at the cleanup next Saturday, and that you’ll stay around for the tour afterwards. Don’t forget to join or renew membership http://brooklandcivic.org/join-bnca/to get that free beer! It should be a lovely day.
Dan Schramm

President, BNCA

Free Stand Up Comedy At Right Proper Brewing Friday

Right ProperWe thought neighbors would be interested in a free stand up comedy show from the Power of Positive Drinking, an  interactive open-mic comedy concept which combines stand-up and drinking games. From the event page:

Comic book characters are everywhere now. Movies, television, comedy shows, weird vigilantes who dress up wander around in real life “fighting crime.” At some point it we’re going to hit peak superhero and people will finally stop paying to just see Robert Downey Jr. be troubled but witty for two and a half hours. But until that moment happens, you’re stuck with Power of Positive Drinking and the finest comedians in DC making fun of these melodramatic fictional universes and the brightly-colored spandex-clad characters that exist in them. Might as well dust off that old collection of Action Comics, pull up a chair and have a drink!

The show is called the Anti-Superhero Comedy Show, and will take place on Friday June 10th from 5:00 – 9:00 pm. Right Proper Brewing Company Production House and Tasting Room is located at 920 Girard Street NE.

Free Stand Up Comedy At Right Proper Brewing Wednesday

Right ProperWe thought neighbors would be interested in a free stand up comedy show from the Power of Positive Drinking, an  interactive open-mic comedy concept which combines stand-up and drinking games. From the event page:

Let’s face it. We are in the Golden Age of television escapism and it is great. Never before have so many people been willing to say “Screw it’ and spend 12 hours binge-watching. How is binge-watching even a thing? We are so easily distracted. Come ponder Netflix addiction and other such curiosities with DC’s finest comedians and drink some of DC’s finest craft beer! We promise to only steal a few hours of your life.

The show is called Fuller House of Cards, and will take place on Wednesday April 13th. Right Proper Brewing Company Production House and Tasting Room is located at 920 Girard Street NE.

Congrats To Brookland-Area Businesses In City Paper “Best Of DC” Wins!

When we first moved here, San Antonio’s and Colonel Brooks’ Tavern were holding it down as the major sit-down restaurants  in the area. So it is still pretty surprising to us, in a way, to see Brookland businesses (and those in our wider area) getting publicity from the established city-wide press.  We love it. These small businesses put a lot on the line, and took a chance on our area, so we thank them and congratulate them on being “Best Of” in their category.  Area winners in

the annual City Paper poll


Right Proper takes the brewing process one step further than most: Its production brewery, which opened in Brookland in December, houses three 45-hectoliter oak wine casks (called foudres in French) inoculated with a house culture of wild yeasts and bacteria. A tribute to the days when beers were produced in only wooden vessels using natural airborne yeast, foudres allow beers to continuously develop in character and depth.

Right Proper Brewery is located at 920 Girard St NE.

  • Public OptionThe Public Option – DC’s Best Brew Pub (Staff Pick).  Since we did a story on their soft opening back in October, this small home-grown business has steadily improved with fun pop-up events and outdoor seating. As the City Paper said:

It is the most neighborly pint you can order in Washington. Now that is a brewpub.

The Public Option is located at 1601 Rhode Island Ave. NE.

Neighbors seem fiercely proud of the bright Mediterranean joint whose name means “nest” in Italian and Spanish…Were it located on buzzy 14th Street NW, it might be mobbed with scenesters. But given that it’s more than a mile from a Metro station, it’s a relaxed place to escape for the evening. Or as the description on the menu simply calls it, “a place to sit down.”

Nido is loacted at 2214 Rhode Island Ave. NE

  • JACSJazz and Cultural Society (JACS)  – Best New Jazz Venue (Staff Pick).  When we  first caught up with JACS owner DeAndrey Howard two summers ago,  as he was making plans to open JACS, we knew it would evolve into a great neighborhood-focused destination.  As noted by the City Paper:

It all adds up to a rare breed: jazz as a grassroots movement. JACS’ place among the rowhouses of Brookland is no accident. It signifies Howard and Jamison’s desire to strip away the music’s often-elitist trappings and give it back to an everyday audience.

JACS is located 2813 12th St. NE

Brookland Yoga – A New ‘Floating’ Yoga Studio Option

One of the services that can be hard to come by in the Brookland area is a good yoga class. That’s why we were happy to hear about the launch of Brookland Yoga, a “floating” yoga studio, meaning, it doesn’t have a permanent location, and instead their mission is to partner with already existing organizations in the community. We caught up with Sharlene Bagga-Taves, the owner Brookland Yoga and asked her some questions about her new business. Interested? Check out her next class at Right Proper Brewery on Monday March 14th. Here is the flyer and go to the event page here to sign up.
Brookland Yoga Right Proper
What brought you to your yoga practice?

I have been exposed to yoga ever since I was a little girl. I remember getting ready for school and coming downstairs to see my dad practicing his sirsasana, or, headstand, in the living room against the glass porch door.  I never really thought of it as yoga, or really thought of it at all, until I started practicing yoga in 2002 after a nasty ankle injury.  I was hoping that yoga would be a way for me to transition back into working out until I could completely bear weight on my ankle. It turns out yoga became a much bigger part of my life.

Over the first few years of my practice, what kept me going back to yoga – at least what I thought – was the physical exercise component. I love sweating it out in hot yoga and the increased flexibility it can inspire (when practiced safely, of course). As I started practicing yoga more regularly, I realized that other parts of my life were improving.  Somewhat related, but not necessarily linked, I was able to get off my asthma medication and have not returned to it since. Part of this may have been just growing out of my childhood asthma, but it is likely that at some point my practice of deeper breathing and awareness of breath probably aided this remission.

I have moved around a lot as an adult and have always been nervous about whether I’d feel part of a community during my stints in different places.  Having lived in Michigan, California, El Salvador, Thailand and now Washington, DC, I have discovered that yoga is really a bridge to community for me. By that I mean, it is a great way to meet like minded people and folks that share other interests of mine which include wine tasting, traveling, reading, working out, hiking, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and of course yoga

What is the story behind Brookland Yoga?

So when I took a year off after having my son in 2014, I had some time to refocus my creative energy. I rediscovered my inner artist and started painting, doing ceramics, cooking a ton, gardening, and turning my yoga teaching up a notch – both in terms of creative sequencing and also creative alliances. This is where my idea for a “floating” yoga studio grew from. I am a very proud Brookland resident and have always been surprised by the lack of yoga and athletic outlets in this part of Northeast D.C.  To my delight, the first few businesses in the community I reached out to were excited to partner with Brookland Yoga, and together we are able to offer unique yoga experiences to Ward 5 residents and beyond! We have partnerships with the Historic Brookland Farmer’s Market, the Monroe Street Market (for their residential community) and most recently Right Proper Brewery. You might think of Brookland Yoga as a traveling pop-up yoga studio partnering with local organizations to create unique yoga experiences. That is our vision.

Brookland yoga is always looking to expand partnerships and we welcome interested yoga teachers to get in touch if they’d like to join our team.  New opportunities are coming up every day – at least it seems like that, and it feels great. I hope to combine some of my other favorite activities with yoga and mindfulness such as art & yoga and mindful wine tasting following a yummy, sweaty yoga class! I’m working on those leads now.

I also love teaching pre-natal yoga and connecting folks within the community of new parents in the neighborhood. This summer, Brookland yoga is hosting pre-natal classes outdoors followed by a social half-hour of tea to meet and greet with your neighbors. Perhaps this will become a regular thing. When I was looking for permanent studio space, my vision was to have a half-hour of tea and socializing before the start of each yoga class.  Now that we’ve become a floating studio, we’ll have to find other creative ways to do this! It’s a good thing that there are so many beautiful spots in the city to practice yoga outdoors.

How long have you been teaching yoga?

I have been practicing yoga since 2002 and teaching it since 2013. I completed an intensive 200 hour teacher training in Chacala, Mexico and am currently enrolled in the Advanced (500 hour) Teacher Training program at Tranquil Space in Dupont circle.  So far, anatomy is the part I like to nerd out on the most – it is really fascinating how our bodies work!

 Tell us about the types of places you are looking to hold classes and how often.

I am looking to develop a comprehensive yoga program in Brookland that offers the community regular yoga classes and unique yoga experiences that don’t require a lot of travel. If neighboring businesses and organizations continue to be receptive to partnering with Brookland Yoga, I think that this goal is very reachable.  It also includes signing up some of the experienced yoga teachers (many of whom I met at my farmers market classes last summer) to join our team so that we can really cater to the needs of our students

Why did you pick Brookland to open your business?

I never thought about starting a business before I moved to Brookland, so I would say that Brookland itself is really the inspiration. When I moved here after living abroad for two years, I was amazed at the sense of community that I felt. I have lived all around the city in various neighborhoods over the last ten years, and have never felt such a strong sense of community anywhere else in D.C. Talking to people that really want to practice yoga in Brookland and meeting new local business owners that are interested in partnering with us is what gave me the final push of inspiration I needed to start Brookland Yoga.

Anything else you want readers to know?

My background is in public health and both of my parents’ careers were in mental health care, serving mostly homeless patients in the metro Detroit area.  I think, without realizing the path, my background in health has led me to yoga which actually has amazing mental health benefits including finding calmness in the chaos of life, and enhancing one’s ability to cope with change and hardship, often through breath.  If you don’t know what I mean, I hope to see you on the mat, even if all you want is a good workout and stretch!

What is the best way for readers to keep up with the Brookland Yoga?
Send us an email at brooklandyoga@gmail.com and we will be sure to let you know about upcoming classes and events.  You can also check out our website here. If you are interested in partnering with us, we would love to hear from you as well.

Brookland LGBT Holiday Happy Hour At Right Proper Brewery Wednesday

Photo from a Brookland LGBT Happy Hour
Photo from a Brookland LGBT Happy Hour

This coming Wednesday, December 16th there will be a Brookland LGBT Holiday Happy Hour starting at 6:00 pm at Right Proper Brewery, 920 Girard St NE. Check out Brookland’s newest hot spot at a private event just for Brookland’s  LGBT group! Enjoy delicious fresh brewed craft beer and celebrate the holidays with neighbors and friends. The brewery does not have a kitchen, so please bring a snack/finger food to share or we can order food delivery. All are welcome and hope to see you there!

Right Proper Brewery And Tasting Room Opens December 3rd

To say beer loving Brooklanders have been eagerly awaiting Right Proper Brewing Company‘s opening is a huge understatement. We recently learned from this Washington Post story that Right Proper received the go-ahead to brew on Thursday and plans  to have at least five beers on tap when they open their doors on December 3rd.

According to the  WaPo story, the tasting room will eventually serve up to 12 beers on tap, tasting flights, growler fill ups, and in the future offer charcuterie and other foods. There are also plans for a front patio with tables, bike racks, and planters. We can’t wait!

Hours will be Thursday and Friday from 5:00 to 9:00 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 to 9:00 pm. Right Proper is located at 920 Girard St. NE.

Right Proper Brewery And Tasting Room To Open In December

Right ProperSince we found out that Right Proper Brewing Company was opening a brewing operation and tasting room in Brookland about a year ago, we have been tracking their progress. We were happy to see this recent story in the City Paper with sneak peek pictures and additional details. From the story:

The current equipment setup will allow Right Proper to grow from brewing 1,000 barrels a year at the brewpub to up to 15,000 barrels per year at the new brewery, with room to add more tanks to expand beyond that. Cheston predicts they’ll make 3,500 barrels in the new brewery’s first year of operation. The expansion means you’ll start seeing Right Proper’s brews at restaurants and retailers around town.

The tasting room, adorned with rich cherry wood, will have 12 draft lines and two high-tech growler fillers that can pour beer from any of the 12 lines. The bar and tables seat about 45 and are made from wood sourced from a single fallen tree from co-owner John Snedden’s back yard.

Hours will be Thursday and Friday from 5:00 to 9:00 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 to 9:00 pm. Right Proper will be located at 920 Girard St. NE and should open sometime in December.