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Real Estate Watch: Recent Brookland Home Sales

We can’t believe it has been a year since our last a real-estate check in! How time flies when you are busy writing about new restaurants, pop-up developments and events with moon bounces. The last time we checked in with Brookland’s real estate market, we were still amazed that houses were selling at, or near, the $1 million mark. By now, this price range has become much more frequent, although what you get for your money in terms of home and property size seems like much more than other DC neighborhoods. From what we can tell, about 336 homes in the 20017 area code sold in the last 12 months. So, without further ado, here are some of the 2017 home sales that caught our eye:

4235 South Dakota Ave and its waterfall
  • 1249 Lawrence St NE sold for $1,139,990. Sigh…so dreamy. This 6 bed, 4.5 bath house has an amazing wrap-around porch, which I am sure is only made more enjoyable by the gorgeous mature trees lining the 1200 block of Lawrence.
  • I don’t usually salivate over other people’s homes. But the house at 4235 South Dakota Avenue NE really looks like something special. Unfortunately for me, it sold for $1,025,000, putting it about $600,000 over of my price range…anyway…this 3 bed, 2.5 bath is very drool-worthy for those of us who appreciate a modern aesthetic combined with light-filled rooms.
  • One side of this new duplex rowhouse at 1012 Irving St NE sold for $989,000. Neighbors with good memories may remember that one small older home at the back of this lot burned down 8 (?) years ago and was removed a few years later. It’s nice to see that this lot has since been transformed into this new duplex development. The 4 bed, 3.5 bath home looks really well done and modern.
  • The house at 3630 13th St NE sold for $984,500. Packed with a lot of original charm, this 6 bed, 4.5 bath also came with a lot of nice modern touches, a variety of nice outdoor spaces and big rooms.
  • The unique home at 1352 Newton NE sold for $883,250 over the summer. This 4 bed, 4 bath house has one of those enormous Brookland backyards that landscaping dreams are made of, and what looks like a rental unit or in-law suit on the lower level, nice.
  • 1525 Kearny has a deep front yard and mature trees that give it a nice curb appeal. The 3 bed and 2.5 bath house sold for $850,000 and has some nice rustic touches like the brick fireplace, but what sets it apart is the enormous yard complete with a huge deck, bonus shed and lots of parking.

Welcome to Brookland, new neighbors!

Real Estate Watch – Recent Brookland Home Sales

Wow readers, it has been a year since we have done a real estate update! So, we have some catching up to do. At that time, Brooklanders were somewhat amazed that a house had recently sold for $1 Million. Now, seeing house listings at or near that mark has become more common, though still a bit surprising for those of us who have lived here for a while.  So without further ado, here are some notable home sales from the last few months:

Master bath from 1230 Quincy St NE
  • This house at 1230 Quincy Street NE sold for $1,405,000 in September. While this 8 bedroom (!!), 6 bath home sports lots of features, I’m not going to lie, the close proximity to San Antonio’s and Whelan Liquors is what really caught my eye. Brooklanders may remember this house from the 2015 house and garden tour.
  • The 1300 block of Lawrence Street is one of our favorites – lots of nice mature trees, huge lots and houses set back from the street. Like this one at 1340 Lawrence that sold for just under $1.2 Million in September.
  • We really fell in love with the house at 1315 Randolph Street NE when it hit the market. So much charm and original details, not to mention the incredible back yard and extra little house on the property, no wonder it sold for over $1 million this August.
  • The 1300 block on Newton is another great Brookland block. Super friendly neighbors, deep lots and a wide variety of homes. Not to mention it is a quick walk to 12th Street restaurants and the Metro. So, we weren’t surprised when this nicely renovated home at 1342  Newton NE sold for $962, 500.
  • This house at 1225 Michigan Ave NE sold for $950,000 back in October. It has 4 beds and 3.5 baths and a really nice looking second floor balcony off the master bedroom and a garage (insert jealous sigh).
  • This end unit row house at 3400 15th Street NE sold for just under $835,000 in October. This light filled home has 5 bedrooms and 4 baths.

Welcome to Brookland new neighbors!

Real Estate Watch – Recent Brookland Home Sales

1348 Lawrence Street NE
1348 Lawrence Street NE

Its been a while since we have done a check in with the Brookland real estate market. Here are some recent home sales:

  • This large colonial 4 bedroom, 4 bath home at 4111 12th Street NE sold for $900,000
  • This 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath home at 1348 Lawrence Street NE is updated, bright, open, light filled and breezy. It sold for $879,900
  • This 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath home at 1249 Irving Street NE sold for $800,000. We live pretty close to this home, and love the property and how high it sits off the street, it’s a true oasis in the city.
  • This super cute and cozy 3 bedroom, 3 bath home at 1238 Kearny Street NE sold for $739,555. We really love the light filled master bath and huge backyard.

Welcome to Brookland new neighbors!

Real Estate Watch – Recent Brookland Sales Topping Out At $921,000

1223 Irving Street before flip
1223 Irving Street before flip

The residential real estate market in our neighborhood continues on a hot streak. Recently Brookland was ranked third in the country for profitability of  home flips. The average profit on Brookland “flipped” homes (resold within one year of being purchased) was $271,900 with sellers having an average of 8.3 offers on their houses.

Speaking of flips, we have been watching the house at 1223 Irving undergo a huge transformation in less than a year. The top picture is how it looked when it sold for $550,000 in October. The 5 bed, 4.5 bath house was then renovated and sold recently for $921,000.  Below is how it looks now.  Here are some more recent home sales in our area:

  • 914 Irving Street NE sold for $737,000.  This flip was a complete gut job, also completed in less than a year.We went to the open house and loved the open, airy feeling provide by the skylights and big windows leading to the back deck. The home has 4 beds, 3.5 baths, a garage, and high end finishes.
  • 1223 Irving Street after flip
    1223 Irving Street after flip

    1314 Kearny Street NE sold for $840,000. We knew the longtime owners of this home, and have been in it several times. It featured amazing original wood details, beautiful  landscaping, a great covered & screened outdoor room and a Koi pond. This house has 4 beds, 2 baths

  • 1336 Newton Street NE sold for $800,000.  Good friends of ours bought this house. It has a whopping 6 bedrooms and 2.5 baths and 4 finished levels. Like many homes in Brookland, it has great bones and is the type of  home to raise a family in, with original hardwood floors, a claw foot tub and huge backyard.
  • 1018 Kearny Street NE sold for $710,000. With a great location near the Metro, this house was not a flip, but was well maintained, updated, and beyond move-in ready. The 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house has a big yard yard and on a super-nice block with great neighbors.
  • 4317 12th Street NE sold for $682,5000. This flip offered all the updates and high end features expected from a total renovation. This 4 bed, 3.5 bath home has a lot of sought after features like a master bedroom suite and a garage.

Welcome new neighbors!

Real Estate Watch – Brookland Spring/Summer Outlook From Abbott-Klar

For Sale Sign on IrvingIt has been a long time since we have posted anything about real estate. As most people probably suspect, Brookland continues on an upward trend of increased property values. We learned from this article in the Washington Business Journal that expected tax revenue increases based on escalating home values across DC were third highest in Brookland, at a rate increase of 16.69%.  We also recently learned from Urban Turf that the Chancellor’s Row development, just over the tracks, is over 90% sold, with only 20 units left. We caught up with Shemaya Klar, an agent from Brookland-based real state firm Abbott Klar and asked him for his take on the Brookland real estate market in 2013 and looking ahead. Here’s what he had to say:

The Brookland real estate market remains extremely strong and desirable. Our ‘little town’ in the city has been discovered! 2013 was a record year for Brookland with housing prices increasing by over 13% to an average sales price of $480,473 – a five year high!

In 2013, 93 houses sold in Brookland (up from 84 in 2012). A few exceptional homes, all listed by Abbott Klar Real Estate Group, including 3714 13th Street for $957,983, 1335 Lawrence Street for $790,000, and of course the Round House at 1001 Irving Street for $760,000 helped pull that number higher

2014 will be a great year for the Brookland real estate market and will be the year we see the first million dollar sale in Brookland. The spring market will bring much needed inventory and a slightly slower pace of growth in prices.

Even with such growth, Brookland still remains affordable relative to other desirable neighborhoods in DC.

Thanks Shemaya! Lastly, we thought readers would like to see  some examples of these higher-end recent sales:

  • This 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath  home at 1217 Upshur NE sold for $672,500
  • Another 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home, this one a rowhouse at 3404 15th Street NE sold for $650, 750
  • 1333 Lawrence Street NE, a 4 bedroom, 2 bath home  sold for $575,000
  • 3008 12th Street NE, a row house with 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths sold for $573,000

Welcome new neighbors!

Real Estate Watch – Recent Brookland Home Sales From $655,000 – $790,000

It has been a while since we did a round-up of the neighborhood’s real estate scene. Here are some recent home sales – pretty nice! Welcome to Brookland, new neighbors!

real estate

This home at 1229 Girard Street NE is a renovated farmhouse originally built in 1905. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 and a 1/2 baths, and recently sold for $655,000. Astrid and I toured this home when it first hit the market, and it is lovely. We loved home overall, and there were a lot unexpected bonuses like the huge garage, the veggie garden, finished basement apartment and huge loft-like finished attic.

1335 Lawrence St NE

We featured this home at 1335 Lawrence Street NE when it first hit the market. We recently found out that it  sold for $790,000. The beauty of this home is the balance of the modern upgrades while maintaining a lot of its original charm. A two-story addition on the back of the home added the modern amenities –  a large open kitchen and master suite that  many people want, while blending it with the original part of the house, resulting in a seamless flow of gorgeous wood detail and craftsmanship.

real estate

Here is another renovated farmhouse, at 3503 10th Street NE that sold recently for $705,000. I am really digging the hardwood floors and all the windows. What is bonkers about this house is how close it is to the Brookland/CUA Metro station. We watched this house as it was being renovated, and it looks like they did a great job.

This home at 2018 Lawrence Street NE straddles the Brookland/Woodridge border and recently sold for $756,000. How about those awesome octagonal windows? This large home boasts 5 bedrooms and 4 and 1/2 baths. According to the listing this home was once owner by jazz and blues great Shirley Horne. Pretty darn cool!

Real Estate Watch: Most Expensive Brookland Home Sale Closes At $957,983

3714 13th Street NE3714 13th Street NE3714 13th Street NE3714 13th Street NE3714 13th Street NE3714 13th Street NE
3714 13th Street NE3714 13th Street NE3714 13th Street NE3714 13th Street NE3714 13th Street NE3714 13th Street NE
3714 13th Street NE3714 13th Street NE3714 13th Street NE3714 13th Street NE3714 13th Street NE
3714 13th Street NE3714 13th Street NE3714 13th Street NE3714 13th Street NE3714 13th Street NE3714 13th Street NE

3714 13th Street NE, a set on Flickr.

The Brookland real estate market hit a major milestone when the most expensive residential sale on record closed recently. We were fortunate to get a sneak peek of the new construction home at 3714 13th Street NE while the finishing touches were being put on, and the simple beauty of the home was stunning. The 5 bedroom, 4 and a half bath home eventually closed at $957,983. What struck us the most was how light filled and airy the home was, with tons of windows and 9 foot ceilings. The details were high end from the white oak stairs and floors to the gourmet appliances in the kitchen. Shemaya Klar, the seller’s broker, and an agent from local Real Estate group Abbott Klar agreed, stating “we are excited that quality urban home builders, like Ditto Residential, have set their sights on Brookland.” If the name Ditto sounds familiar, it may be because they are the masterminds behind last year’s renovation of Brookland’s historic round house.

One of the biggest perks of living on this block of 13th Street NE is being across the street from Fort Bunker Hill Park, which guarantees lovely views year-round from the front porch and front bedroom. But the most gorgeous views are actually in the back of the house, with loads of mature trees and greenery, and great views of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and the Ukrainian Catholic National Shrine of the Holy Family. To take advantage of these views, there are huge windows in both the master bedroom and a great room space that brings all the natural beauty in.

The first floor has a living room with a fireplace, formal dining room, and a fabulous open kitchen and a huge great room and deck. Because the buyers were identified while the home was still under construction, they were able to put some personal touches on the home before it was complete, for example, a butcher block segment of the kitchen counter top. The first floor also has a half bath and side entrance off the long driveway along the side of the house.

The basement level doesn’t really feel like a basement because of the large windows. This area is versatile because with a full bath and kitchen, it could be an in law suite or a great family room and party space. This level also features the huge two car garage, which has a large window, because why not?

The highlight of the second floor is definitely the huge master suite. The suite features his and her walk in closets, amazing views, and a beautiful full bath complete with marble floors and other elegant details. We also swooned over the laundry room complete with a granite folding area and tons of linen storage space.

Shemaya, who lives in Brookland, rounded out the tour by saying  “we love living here and are invested in making sure development is respectful of the unique character of Brookland and visionary toward what Brookland can become.  From the deeply rooted sense of community, diversity of housing stock and ease of access to transportation, Beautiful Brookland is a treasure.  Live here!”

Real Estate Watch – Recent Brookland Home Sales For $675,000 and $525,550

For this Real Estate Watch we have two really large homes that recently sold in the neighborhood. Congrats to the new owners!

1437 Irving St NE Brookland Real Estate Home Listings NE Washington DC

This home, at 1437 Irving St. NE has that classic huge Brookland back yard and a whopping 6 bedrooms and 3.5 baths. This house looks very bright and airy, and perfect for entertaining. Nice french doors from the dining area to the back yard.

 Brookland homes for sale ne Washington, D.C.

This really large craftsman style home at 1843 Monroe St. NE sold recently for $525,550. It has a nice “openish” floor plan that maintains defined living and dining room areas. Love the floors and huge backyard. The listing said that the “bedrooms have bedrooms”.

Real Estate Watch – Brookland Homes Asking $775,000 & $549,900, Another Sells For $660,000

It’s been a little quiet on the real estate front lately, but alas, here are some interesting happenings.

We are seeing the upper reaches of Brookland’s residential market prices with this colonial style home at 1409 Kearny St, NE,  going for $775,000, but look at what you get for your money. Wowza –  a theater room, a 3-tier deck and loads of modern updates, including 2 master suites and a total of 7 bedrooms and 5.5 baths. Yes, you read that correctly. I literally gasped when I saw one of the master baths. It is the size of my bedroom. Kidding…sort of.  [An interesting note, this property is zoned C2A, which is a commercial type of zoning. This would allow low-density development, (like offices, a store or housing) up to a maximum height of 50 feet.  Update:  the listing mentions that the property is zoned C2A, which seems to be in dispute, please see the comments.] It also comes with a Certificate of Occupancy, meaning that the city of DC has approved the property for a rental unit(s). Something tells me this home is not likely to end up with a Brady Bunch family.

This nicely renovated end-unit rowhouse at 1328 Taylor St. NE just hit the market at $549,900.  I really love the brick fireplace, and the not-too-open floorplan. Very sunny and welcoming. This home has 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, and off street parking.

 We have kept our eye on this gorgeous, modern house at 3201 15th St., NE, since it hit the market back in early January, first listed at $649,000. It actually caught our eye when it was on the Garden Club’s Home and Garden Tour 2 years ago, and it is a beauty. Some lucky new neighbor snagged it for $660,000.