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Community Police Meeting Hosted By M&S Barber Shop Owner Duane Johnson Monday

Mr. Duane Johnson, the owner of the M&S Barber Shop, has approached ANC 5B04 candidate Joe Barrios about his concerns on crime and safety in his neighborhood. Mr. Johnson is not the only resident who voiced his concern. In the many conversations with his clients he hears that many of them are worried about crime activities in Brookland. Joe Barrios encouraged Mr. Johnson to host a community meeting and contacted Fifth District Police Commander Dierdre Porter, who in return committed Lt. Durand to be available for a neighborhood meeting. Mr. Johnson generously agreed to offer his Barber Shop at 2900 12th Street for this meeting on October 6 at 7pm. It is wonderful to see Brookland business owners like him to actively engage in community outreach and problem solving. I hope that  many residents will take advantage of this opportunity made possible by Mr. Johnson to speak with Lt. Durand of the local police force and share their observations and concern. Also those who have missed the recent police meeting at the Luke C. Moore High School are given another opportunity to share their issues with MPDC.

police community meeting jpg