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Michigan Liquor Reopens After Renovations

Back April in we wrote about Michigan Liquors closing for a renovation. We are pleased to write that they reopened Friday August 25th. We stopped by and spoke with store owner Neale Goodman and took the following pictures. The renovation was a complete overhaul of the store and its layout. Now the store is bright, well organized and stocked and has been modernized in crisp white and black tones. (You need flash to see the pictures.If you can’t see them, click here.)

Neale wanted us to convey that  they are “so proud to open the store in the wonderful Brookland neighborhood” and be a part of the community. He explained that a parent company bought the store and building more than a year ago and brought him on board because of his 40 plus years in all facets of the liquor sales business.
Neale clearly loves the business he is in. He spoke passionately about making people happy, which he plans to achieve via his 3 principles 1) “bend over backwards” customer service 2) great selection and 3) reasonable prices.

We also spoke with Justin, the General Manager of the store. He explained that while the store carries everything from wine, beer, hard liquor, cordials, mixers and ice, his focus will be providing curated experiences for customers interested in wines. However, they were clear to point out that the store is very approachable and that they are definitely not “wine snobs”.

Currently the store is interested in hearing what Brooklanders would like them to order and stock. They have already begun taking orders from neighbors and  adding more inventory. They are also working on getting a lottery licence and are seeking permission from ABRA to host wines tastings on Saturdays. They are also working on getting their website and social media accounts up and running. Store hours will be 9:00 am – 9:00 pm Monday through Saturday and 12:00 – 6:00 pm Sundays. Michigan Liquors is located at 3934 12TH Street NE.

Development Update: A New Chapter For Michigan Liquors

Back in January, we wrote about Michigan Liquors’ closing. Lately there has been some neighborhood buzz about renovations and activity going on at the location. So, we decided to check recent permits for the location for any clues. According to the DCRA website, in late September 2016, a demolition permit was issued to:

Remove all non-load-bearing interior doors, appliances, and plumbing fixtures. Remove existing entry door and soffit. Demolish furring around columns. Existing front window openings and detailing to be maintained and repaired as needed. Existing stairs remain. Remove sales counter and shelving.

Then in February 2017 an Alteration and Repair Permit was issued for the following work:

Alteration, within a 1,665 sf work area, on the retail beverages sales floor of an existing 2,871 gsf mixed use storage and mercantile building. Work includes refurbished walls, new fur-out at existing masonry, space reconfiguration with new partitions, all new finishes, light fixtures, and plumbing fixtures, replacement of the HVAC system, and new electrical receptacles with sub panel. Millwork includes checkout counter and wine display shelving and furniture.

We figure that the work and “checkout counter and wine display” pretty much indicate some sort of updated wine/liquor store. We will keep our eyes on this one and let you know when we learn anything new. Michigan Liquors is located at 3934 12TH Street NE.

Michigan Liquors For Sale, Zoned For Mix Use Development

Back in October, we saw chatter on the Brookland Listserv that Michigan Liquor had closed. We stopped by a few times to see what is up, but it just looked closed, with all the bottles still on display. Then in early January we heard that all the inventory was gone and then we learned that the property is on the market. According to this website the asking price is $1,200,000. The property is zoned MU-3, which according the DC Zoning website means:

  • Permit low-density mixed-use development; and

  • Provide convenient retail and personal service establishments for the day-to-day needs of a local neighborhood, as well as residential and limited community facilities with a minimum impact upon surrounding residential development.

Michigan Liquors is located at 3934 12TH Street NE.