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Greater Brookland LGBT Happy Hour This Thursday At Brookland’s Little Ricky’s

LGBT Event at Little Ricky's Earlier This Year
LGBT Event at Little Ricky’s Earlier This Year

There is an established and ever-growing LGBT community in Brookland and surrounding neighborhoods like Eckington, Edgewood, and Woodridge. These good folks get together about once a month to socialize and all are welcome. The next event will be a happy hour for the LGBT community at Little Ricky’s. The happy hour will be on Thursday July 25th from 6:00 – 9:00 pm. Little Ricky’s is located at 3522 12th St. NE.

Get A Sneak Peek Of Little Ricky’s New Menu Items And Artwork This Friday Night

A Little Ricky's Happy Hour Last Fall
A Little Ricky’s Happy Hour Last Fall

Some of you may have noticed that popular 12th Street NE restaurant Little Ricky’s was closed last weekend. We caught up with owner Chase Moore to find out what’s up. Turns out that they have been planning bit of a re-boot for a while now. They have been open since November, and by now have gotten a better sense of what needs to be tweaked. They have some interesting ideas for providing an even better dining experience, and are seriously considering opening for additional nights. For now, Chase wanted me to share that he will be “hosting a happy hour and art opening on Friday, June 7th at the restaurant. Happy hour will be at the bar from 5-8. We will also have many new menu items.” For those of us who admired the pin-up-girl-meets-communist-state artwork by Cuban artist Ahmed Gomez , get ready for something new. Ricky’s crew is busy hanging all new artwork, and Chase added  “this time it is going to be an exhibition of various Cuban artists”. Little Ricky’s is located at 3522 12th St. NE. They are open Thurs – Sat from 11: 30 – 3:00, 5:00 – 10:00 and Sunday for brunch from 10:00 – 5:00.

Brookland/Ward 5 LGBT Fundraiser For Councilmember McDuffie’s Pride Parade Participation

CM McDuffie-LGBT HHFor this year’s Capitol Pride Parade, many of us are out to show the rest of DC that Ward 5 has a strong LGBT community and that it is a gay friendly place to live. For about three years now, a Brookland-based  group of LGBT residents have been getting together about once a month to socialize and  by now the group has expanded to include folks from Eckington, Edgewood, Woodridge and beyond. For this month’s event, the group is teaming up with Ward 5 Councilmember  Kenyan McDuffie and Lateefah Williams (former President of the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club). Besides having a great time and meeting neighbors, the happy hour will have a voluntary fund raising element to contribute toward CM McDuffie’s Pride Parade entrance fees and other parade costs. There will also be a sign up for those who would like to march with CM McDuffie in the Pride Parade. The event will be on Tuesday May 28th from 5:30 – 7:00 pm at Little Ricky’s located in Brookland at 3522 12th St. NE. For more information and to RSVP, check out the Facebook Event Page for this happy hour.

Brookland Liquor Licenses – Menomale, Little Ricky’s And Brookland’s Finest

Given a lot of the chatter around Brookland these days about new restaurants, we thought readers would appreciate information regarding some of Brookland’s newer restaurants  and their liquor licences.

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We learned from an ANC 5B-04 meeting on Saturday April 27th that Menomale’s liquor licence was up for renewal. ANC 5B-04 Commissioner Caroline Steptoe spoke to immediate neighbors of Menomale and received only one very minor complaint. The deadline to protest their license renewal came and went without any issues on Monday April 29th, because they are viewed as good neighbors. Menomale is a craft pizza restaurant that just celebrated one year of being open and is  located at 2711 12th Street NE.

Little Ricky’s, has been open since November 2012 and its liquor licence is currently up for renewal. We spoke with Chase Moore, co-owner of the Cuban restaurant and he stated “Lola and I have worked hard to not just be in the community but to build community- a lot of that is being a good neighbor. To date there haven’t been any noise concerns expressed and certainly there have been no violations. We think most of the neighbors enjoy knowing there is a place they can go where everyone behaves responsibly and all are welcome.” As regular patrons, we couldn’t agree more! The deadline to send a letter in support of or protest their license renewal is Friday May 24th. Let’s hope all goes well there. Little Ricky’s is located at 3522 12th Street NE .

There has been quite a bit of discussion about the liquor license application of a new restaurant hoping to open in our neighborhood, Brookland’s Finest. The Brookland’s Finest team has applied to DC’s Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) for a “Tavern” license. My wife and I actually live pretty close to the proposed Brookland’s Finest location, so we wondered what a Tavern license means for the immediate neighbors. An article in the Ward 5 Heartbeat, which posted a copy of the Brookland’s Finest liquor license application indicated that it will allow the restaurant to “operate from 7am to 2am Sunday through Thursday and 8am to 3am on weekends”  with minimal food requirements.  Having said that, the sample menus as part of their business plan  indicates that they will offer substantial food service. However, this license will allow them to forgo keeping the kitchen open late as it would with a “restaurant” liquor license. Thus, if they do so, later hours will be for drinking only. Tyler Nelson, Editor of the Brookland Avenue Blog shared the following liquor license information about Brookland restaurants with us for comparison:

Menomale – Restaurant license
San Antonio Grill  – Tavern license
Optimism – Tavern license
B’Cafe – Restaurant license
Little Ricky’s – Restaurant license
We thought readers would be interested to know that the immediate neighbors to this location have been drawn into a debate about what this restaurant will mean for us. A Yahoo! Group in support of the restaurant has popped up here, ANC 5B-04 Commissioner Caroline Steptoe went door to door over last weekend asking us our opinion in a “for or against” format, while neighbors also received a letter from Tony Tomelden, a Managing Member of Brookland’s Finest and longtime Brookland resident. Mr. Tomelden’s letter described his commitment to the community and encouraged feedback from neighbors so they can work out any concerns ahead of time. His letter also addressed concerns that he is already aware of. As this process has unfolded, my wife and I have had many conversations with neighbors and the major concerns seem to boil down to noise, trash, and parking. As we talked to neighbors, we were also surprised to hear a lot of misinformation being spread about the restaurant. This prompted us to share the business plan distributed at the an ANC 5B-04 meeting on Saturday April 27th with neighbors and start a petition in favor of the restaurant. While we are generally in favor of the restaurant, we still feel that productive, civil, and reasonable discussions need to take place between immediate residents and the Brookland’s Finest team to make sure everyone is heard and happy. Brookland’s Finest liquor license application was submitted to ABRA over three weeks ago, but the placards have not been posted on the building yet, which means there is still time to have this constructive dialogue with the restaurant’s management team. We will keep you posted as to any new developments as they occur. The proposed location of Brookland’s Finest is 3126-3128 12th Street NE.

Brookland’s Little Ricky’s Gets A Mixed Review From The Washington Post

Brookland New Restaurants NE Washington DC
Little Ricky’s Masas de puerco with black beans, rice, and platanos maduros

We thought our readers would like to know that the Washington Post recently reviewed Little Ricky’s, our neighborhood’s newest and most upscale restaurant. The review has high praises for the decor and service of this popular Cuban restaurant, while calling the rest of 12th St. “bereft of art and vision”. Ouch. But after reading a Little Ricky’s Yelp! reviewer from Arlington call Brookland “sketch”, I guess we all have our opinions. (Speaking of which, the restaurant fetches 4.5 out of 5 stars by Yelp! standards.) The Post’s review of Little Ricky’s food was less glowing, essentially saying that some menu options are bland and that the kitchen can be hit or miss.  Again, we all have our opinions. Having dined there pretty much weekly since they opened in November, and being Latina, I am pretty biased towards this menu full of my comfort foods. I happen to think their food is always very tasty and has gotten more consistent over time. So, there. Hey, at least we have a second restaurant worthy of being reviewed by the Post, which is a lot more than I could have said a couple of years ago! Little Ricky’s is located at 3522 12th St. NE. Their website is here. They are open Thurs – Sat from 11: 30 – 3:00, 5:00 – 10:00 and Sunday for brunch from 10:00 – 5:00.

Greater Brookland LGBT Happy Hour Hosted This Wednesday At Little Ricky’s

Photo from a recent LGBT Happy Hour
Photo from a recent LGBT Happy Hour

There is an established and ever-growing LGBT community in Brookland and surrounding neighborhoods like Eckington, Edgewood, and Woodridge. These good folks get together about once a month to socialize and  all are welcome. The next event will be a happy hour for the LGBT community at Little Ricky’s! How awesome is that? The event will be on Wednesday March 27th from 6:00 – 9:00 pm. Little Ricky’s is located at 3522 12th St. NE.

January’s Ward 5 Happy Hour Hosted By Brookland’s Little Ricky’s This Thursday

Friday Night Crowd At Little Ricky's
Friday Night Crowd At Little Ricky’s

This month’s Ward 5 Community Happy Hour should be a great one. If you haven’t attended one yet, it is a great way to meet your Ward 5 neighbors and support local venues. This time around the Happy Hour will be on Thursday, February 7, 2013 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m at Little Ricky’s Restaurant in Brookland. The address is 3522 12th Street NE. If you haven’t checked out this amazing restaurant yet, now is the perfect time! For questions or comments about the Happy Hour, contact the organizer, Jennifer at: Jennifer(dot)parker3(at)yahoo.com . You can follow the Ward 5 Happy Hour on Facebook  here.

Little Ricky’s Soft Opening Brings Out Large Crowds And Rave Reviews

Brookland New Restaurants NE Washington DC
Masitas de puerco with black beans, rice, and platanos maduros

The long anticipated opening of Little Ricky’s, Brookland’s new Cuban sit-down restaurant occurred the weekend of Friday Nov 9 – Sunday Nov 11th. For now, they will be open weekly Friday though Sunday; and as part of their soft opening, will be serving up different 4-course fixed priced menus each night. The idea is to refine the items that they plan to offer on their full, regular menu in December. The price for these meals is $24.50. We stopped by on Friday, and again on Sunday to check it out.

I’ll start with the vibrant ambiance. From the salsa music lilting through the air, to the fine artwork by Cuban artist Ahmed Gomez , the owners have clearly taken a lot of time and effort to create a wonderful atmosphere that is a step above anything we have seen in the immediate area. The beautiful craftsmanship of the  hand-made shelving behind the bar is an example of the investment the owners Chase and Lola have made.

On to the food and service. The first night they were open, Friday, the food was very good, but the service was a bit disjointed. Having worked in the restaurant industry for a number of years, I knew to expect that the first night would have a few bumps. I decided to return Sunday night for another go-round. This time the pace of the service was much more smooth, and I already noticed improvements, for example, the portions were tweaked for the better and the side dishes were much more consistent. The management bounced around from table to table, making sure everyone was taken care of. I spoke with roughly 20 guests between the two nights, and to a person everyone raved about how delicious the food was, and how happy they were with the experience.  

Standouts on the menu were:

  • Croquettas – delicious little appetizers, crunchy on the outside and soft yummy fillings on the inside, like ham or fish.
  • Gambas al Ajillo – perfectly sautéed shrimp with a garlic sauce, a classic tapa and perfect way to start a meal
  • Sopa de Mariscos – a flavorful tomato based  soup chock full of seafood and potatoes
  • Lechon Asado – slow roasted pork, oh-so-tender and de-lish
  • Grilled Fish (I think it was tilapia) – perfectly cooked with a hint of lime & garlic
  • Masa de Puerco – fork tender sautéed pork chucks with a nice caramelized seer with onions
  • Mango Ice Cream – soooo soooo good,

(To see the full menus that were served over the weekend, check out our earlier post here.)  

 A head’s up – I would strongly recommend making a reservation. They have been flooded with walk-in customers, eager to get a taste of the Cuban fare. So, you want to be sure you get a seat. Brooklanders, having lived in a culinary no-man’s land for years are beyond eager to support this new business. (Those of us who stood in line at Menomale in their first few days know what I mean.) I spoke with Chase about that and he appreciates the outpouring of support. We expect that with each passing week, things will continue to get better and better – so far off to a great start. Welcome to the neighborhood Little Ricky’s!
Little Ricky’s is located at 3522 12th St. NE. Click here for their website.

Little Ricky’s Update: Reservation System Up And Prix Fixe Menus Announced

Brookland Opening NE Washington DC

Hello fellow Little Ricky’s enthusiasts. On Wednesday we posted that Little Ricky’s would have a soft opening and begin serving up a 4 course fixed priced menu on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Since then, they have launched a reservation system and announced the menus for their opening weekend on November 9 – 12. As part of their soft opening, they will continue to serve the fixed price menus until they have worked through the items that they plan to offer on their full, regular menu in December. The price for these meals is $24.50. Never have I been so happy to be a guinea pig! So without further ado:

Friday Nov 9th Pre-Fixe Menu
Appetizer Course – Croquettas (Ham or Bacalao), Black bean Hummus with Plantain chips, or Gambas al Ajillo
Soup Course – Green Plantain Soup or Caldo Gallego Soup
Main Course – Pollo Navarro (1/4 roasted chicken with hell’a good mojo), Lechon Asado or Grilled Fish (lime & garlic marinade)
Sides – (choice of 3) Black beans & rice, Tostones, Maduros, Yuca con Mojo, Tater Tots or Grilled veggie medley
Dessert Course: Flan – Ice Cream of the day or Arroz Con Leche
Saturday Nov 10th Pre-Fixe Menu
Appetizer Course – Tostones with Chicharrones, Ropa Vieja Sliders, and Half Baked potato with Picadillo
Soup Course –  Green Plantain Soup or Lental Soup~ Havana Style
Main Course – Chicharrones de Pollo, Boliche or Shrimp Enchilado (no not enchiladas)
Sides – (choice of 3) Black beans & rice, Tostones, Maduros, Yuca con Mojo, Tater Tots or Grilled veggie medley
Dessert Course – Guava Cheesecake, Ice Cream of the Day or Cuban Bread Pudding
Sunday Nov 11th Pre-Fixe Menu
Appetizer Course –  Garbanzo Refrito con Chorizo, Croquettas, or Picadillo Sliders
Soup Course –  Sopa de Marisco or Caldo Gallego Soup
Main Course –  Tio Pio’s Grilled Chicken, Grilled Fish of the day or Masa de Puerco
Sides – (choice of 3) Black beans & rice, Tostones, Maduros, Yuca con Mojo, Tater Tots and Grilled veggie medley
Dessert Course – Guava and Cream Cheese Rolled cake, Ice Cream of the day or Flan
Little Ricky’s is located at 3522 12th St. NE. Their website is here.