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Masala Story Indian Restaurant Looks To Open Soon In Place Of Indigo

The exterior of Indigo Chapter 2 was painted in early June

Many neighbors have been eagerly anticipating the second location of popular Indian restaurant Indigo, set to open at the corner of 12th and Kearny by now. Unfortunately, things don’t always go according to plan as we learned from this article in Eater DC. The good news is that family members of the Indigo team are still working to open a new Indian restaurant at the 3301 12th Street NE location.  The new restaurant will be called Masala Story and from their Twitter feed and Facebook postings, it sounds like they are working hard to finally open up soon. We will let you know when we hear anything new.

Indigo Sneak Peek – And ANC 5B04 Meeting About Their Liquor License

This Wednesday we posted about an ANC Single Member District meeting about Indigo, a new restaurant opening soon at 3301 12th Street, NE (12th and Kearny). We went to the meeting, took photos and here is what we learned. (You need flash to see the photos. Click here if you don’t see them.)

The Indigo representative, Dinesh, stressed two things: family and fresh home cooked meals. He said said his wife cooks all the food by herself and everything will be made fresh every morning (there will be no freezers). It was noted that the Brookland location would be a big step up from their NoMa location being that the NoMa location’s indoor seating is about 1/3 the size of the Brookland location, although NoMa’s outdoor seating is larger.

The primary point of the meeting was to gauge support for Indigo’s liquor license and address any community concerns. ANC 5B04 Commissioner Woodland took a vote by show of hands, and there was unanimous support for Indigo’s liquor license. Indigo’s focus, it was explained, is not to promote liquor consumption, but to have it enhance the dining experience. Assuming there are no protests, their liquor license should be awarded August 14th and their final inspection should be soon. They are targeting September 4th for a grand opening, but are hoping to do a soft opening before then. The few neighbor concerns centered on potential parking issues, whether they will show sports events (not really, the one TV will mostly feature Bollywood music videos) and whether containers and cutlery will be biodegradable.

So what should you expect from Indigo? Clearly a family focused, casual business with a lot of  vegetarian options. The restaurant will not have table service, rather folks will order, pay, and find a spot to enjoy their food. Delivery is also a part of their immediate plans. Also, expect that their menu will change frequently and be posted via a chalkboard menu, much like in their NoMa location. Lastly, we appreciated  the yummy snacks provided  and look forward to Indigo’s opening.

ANC 5B04 Meeting Thursday To Discuss New Indian Restaurant, Indigo

The exterior of Indigo Chapter 2 was painted in early June

There will be a meeting of Single Member District ANC 5B04 this Thursday, August 10th at 7pm at Indigo, Brookland’s newest restaurant, opening soon (3301 12th Street, NE). From the community announcement:

ANC5B04 Meeting at new Indego Indian Restaurant (old Serendipity Jazz)

Restaurant Discussion
Community Concerns

I would urge all the folks out there who support new neighborhood businesses to attend and let the owners know that you appreciate them investing in our community.

Indigo To Open Later This Summer With Outdoor Seating And Full Bar

The exterior of Indigo Chapter 2 was painted in early June

Ever since we found out that Indigo, a popular Indian restaurant in NoMa is planning to open a second location here in Brookland, we have been keeping our eyes open for signs of progress. We were happy to learn additional details from this article in the City Paper. From the article:

Many know the NoMa location for its blackboard menu, comforting curries, wide array of vegetarian options, and relaxed outdoor tiki-like bar. The Brookland location will bring other things to the table, including an expanded menu of grilled meats and vegetables.

According to the City Paper, there will be a full bar and 80 seats inside and  20 to 25 seats outside and they will open “within the next two months”. Indigo Chapter 2 will be located at 3301-3305 12th St. NE.

Build-Out Of Indigo Indian Restaurant Moves Forward

Former Serendipity and future Indigo location.

Back in November we found out that Indigo, a popular Indian restaurant in NoMa is planning to open a second location here in Brookland. We haven’t seen much activity at 3301 12th Street, the site of the new restaurant (and former Serendipity location), but recently we noticed a dumpster at the curb. There are also now signs in the windows from the owners of Indigo with the following message:

This is Chapter 2

Indigo – Indian food on the go!

Bringing authentic Indian food to your neighborhood. Indigo chooses Brookland to be its new home. We are proud, yet humbled to be here.

Most importantly, there are recent demolition and building permits in the window, for the kind of things you would expect – plumbing, electrical, walls, flooring, seating, etc. We will keep our eyes open and let you know when we learn anything new.

Indigo Indian Restaurant Plans To Open A Location In Brookland

We recently posted that the location where Serendipity coffeehouse used to be might become a bbq restaurant. We followed up with the management of Brookland’s Finest and learned that those plans for the location fell through. Soon afterwards though, we noticed that the “For Lease” sign in the Serendipity window was gone, so we kept hope alive that something good would be coming soon. Then yesterday we got the great news that Indian restaurant Indigo is planning to open a location here in Brookland. Judging by the pictures, it looks a lot like it will be at the old Serendipity location. Check out Indigo’s Facebook post below with the announcement.

The current Indigo location in NoMa near Union Market seems to be popular – it has 4.5 stars out of 5 on Yelp. From the Indigo website:

Indigo is more than just your average Indian restaurant. Gone is sea of fat and excess salt usually found at other Indian restaurants. In it’s place are well-sized portions of flavorful, pleasantly spicy, fresh ingredients. Our kitchen prepares food in the way our mother, grandmother and the entire Tandon lineage has done before; simply put, good food and good family lead to a happy life.

Assuming this comes through, we are very excited by the news! Welcome to the neighborhood, Indigo. The Serendipity location is 3301 12th Street NE (at the corner of Kearney St).