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Local Healthy Fast Food Restaurant, Hälsa, Quietly Closes

Halsa ClosedWe thought readers would like to know that local healthy fast food restaurant, Hälsa, has closed. As you can see from the picture, the windows have been papered-over and there is simply a sign saying “closed, sorry for inconvenience”. A posting on their Facebook page (below) indicates that there were ‘facility issues’ and that they are hoping to relocate. We wish the owners and staff the best and we will let you know when we hear anything new. Hälsa was located at 655 Michigan Ave NE in the Monroe Street Market development.

Washington Post Neighborhood Guide Profiles Brookland


Yesterday, the Washington Post ran this story on Brookland,  calling our neighborhood “the place to go right now”.  The feature, which is accompanied by a  handful of cool photos, is the most comprehensive write up I think I have ever seen on Brookland. The story covers local eateries Smith Public Trust, Brookland Pint, Brookland’s Finest, Brookland Cafe, Hälsa, and Menomale. The story also explores local stores Bartered Threads and Scrap DC, and Arts Walk studios Analog, Wild Hand Workspace, and Stitch and Rivet as well as Dance Place. This is a good article to bookmark for the next time a friend or family member asks about where you live!

hälsa, A Healthy Fast Food Restarant, Is Coming To Monroe Street Market

We recently learned that hälsa, a healthy fast food dining concept is coming to Monroe Street Market this fall.  The two driving themes behind the hälsa concept is healthy eating (hälsa translates to “health” in Swedish) and locally sourced food. The restaurant has committed to sourcing  80% of their ingredients from D.C. based farms such as 3 Farmers, Tree and Leaf, Next Step Produce and Ecofriendly Foods. The restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For more in depth information about the restaurant and its owner, DC area entrepreneur Emily Gaines, check out this story over at the wework website. Check out this tweet from Monroe Street Market:

hälsa also posted this on Instagram:



Hey #Brookland! We are Halsa. We’re bringing nourishing food that’s good for the planet and good for you this Fall. We want you to #knowyourfood #satiatenotsaturate and #eatclean. #eatHalsa #dcfood #eatraw #dceats View on Instagram