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Ward 5 Councilmember McDuffie To Host Roundtable Discussion On MPD And Crime Thursday

This Thursday November 3rd, Ward 5 Councilmember  Kenyan McDuffie and the MPD  will host the The State of the Metropolitan Police Department: Crime, Community Policing, and Selecting the Next Police Chief. Residents are invited to share their thoughts, questions, and concerns about MPD. The event will start at 5:00 pm and take place at Room 412, John A. Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. See the flier below and this announcement for more info.

mcduffie MPD Meeting Nov 2016

Help Out Raphael, Fellow Brooklander In Need

We recently learned about Raphael, a neighbor who needs a helping hand right now, and thought we would pass along.  From a posting on Facebook:

This gofundme campaign is for one of our own Brookland neighbors. Their family van was stolen from right in front of their house in broad daylight which was needed for Raphael who is paralyzed. The van was recovered but so badly damaged it was totaled by their insurance company. If you can help this wonderful Brookland family get a new van which they need and deserve, please do.

The story was covered on Fox 5 News, you can check out the video below.

From what we understand the handicap accessible van was 18 years old, so the insurance company payout was negligible. If you have the means, please consider making a contribution.

Light Up RIA On Monday – Standing Up To Crime

Photo courtesy of RIA NE Main Street
Photo courtesy of RIA NE Main Street

Passing along info about a crime awareness event from our friends at Rhode Island Avenue NE Main Street. The event will take place Monday, November 2, 2015 from 6:30 to 7:30 PM and they ask that you bring you a light (flashlight, phone light, etc.). You can sign up for the free event here. From their Facebook page:

Please join us on Monday, November 2 for Light Up RIA, an event that is meant to call attention to the lighting problems on the Avenue.

Neighbors and businesses have witnessed an uptick in crime along the Rhode Island Avenue corridor and adjacent neighborhoods. This recent spate of crime saddens and angers us, and we are joining together to seek solutions to address this citywide problem.

And as Friends of Rhode Island Avenue/RIA Main Street, we have an interest in seeing all businesses thrive.

We feel that when other parts of DC are hit with crime waves, there is a strong proportional response. We have seen less of that here.

Civic Associations and concerned neighbors have voiced their concerns time and time again at district meetings and ANC meetings, but we aren’t hearing a plan to move forward.

As community member, we are invested in the safety of our communities, and we are all committed to being forces for good in our neighborhoods.

As leaders, neighbors, citizens of Northeast, together our voices can send a powerful message. There is strength in numbers; we need everyone to be the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.

We want to hear your concerns and your ideas for stopping the current crime wave and how we can prevent future ones.

We want to show our city that we too matter. Tonight, we stand here united and say – we will not be forgotten. Our neighborhood is a priority.

We want our local media to cover this crime wave like they do for other neighborhoods across the city.

The low to no lighting on the Avenue and other high-traffic parts of the neighborhood (such as Langdon Park) encourages crime as it makes the street look dark, forgotten and unattended (see recent shootings and robberies). We need a clear plan and timeline for when the city will answer our many requests for this increase in lighting. We also want to get on a path towards increased/better policing in these areas.

WHEN AND WHERE: Monday, November 2nd, at 6:30 pm in front of Art Enables (2204 Rhode Island Ave NE)

WHAT TO BRING: A light! We plan to “light up” this portion of the Avenue. We will have some electric tea lights on hand, but you can bring your own flashlight, phone light, or whatever light you have. You should also bring a neighbor. Bring 10. Bring everyone you know that is tired of all the crime.