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Development Update: St. Paul’s College Historic Designation

The Chancellor’s Row development was built on St. Paul’s land and completed a number of years ago.

The last time we checked in on the St. Paul’s college development was in May. At that time, ANC5E was about to vote on whether to support, oppose or provide no input to the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) about the special zoning exception requested by the development. (As a reminder, this development at nearby St. Paul’s campus, has already been developed into the Chancellor’s Row  community and has two charter schools operating in the old Paulist Seminary. The new aspects include a new seminary building and 60 townhouses.)

The ANC Commissioner for the SMD where the proposed development is, ANC5E01 Commissioner Garnett, recently posted this update for the development. From his newsletter:

On December 19, ANC5E will review the proposed design for the new Paulist building, which is part of the proposed Boundary / Elm Street development the ANC reviewed in May. The design, which you can see here, meets the standard of our resolution, which was to set the building 75 feet back from the existing homes in the area.

On November 16, The HPRB Board designated St. Paul’s College, 3015/3025 4th Street NE, a historic landmark in the D.C. Inventory of Historic Sites with the modified boundaries recommended by HPO, and recommended that the relevant historical information in the two nominations be combined and archaeological potential be addressed in the final nomination for forwarding to the National Register of Historic Places for listing as of local significance. You can see the staff report and proposed boundaries here.

On October 17, ANC5E voted to support the historic designation application 17-14 and opposes the historic designation application 17-21. You can see the resolution here. For more background, see here.

Commissioner Garnett also reached out to us via Twitter to add:

ANC5E is reviewing the design of the new seminary building Tuesday for feedback to HPRB. Already supported the overall project but BZA hearing not until March to allow for HPRB process to play out.

St. Paul’s College is located at 3015 4th St NE. We will let you know when we hear anything new. (This blog post was updated from it’s original posting with some corrections from Commissioner Garnett.)

More Details Of St. Paul’s Campus Development Emerge

Chancellor's Row
Chancellor’s Row

Earlier this month we wrote about the coming development at nearby St. Paul’s campus, a large portion of which has already been developed into the Chancellor’s Row  community in 2012. According to this recent story in the Washington Business Journal the development will:

…retain the college building for use by a pair of charter schools — Lee Montessori and a start-up high school — and for teacher housing. The Paulist Fathers will be relocated on the campus to a new building, likely in the range of 15,000 to 20,000 square feet. The northwest portion of the property will be developed, in partnership with Elm Street Development, as roughly 80 large, family-friendly townhomes. And the remainder of the site will be left as open space in perpetuity, to preserve the viewshed across Fourth Street.

As with most large developments like this, there will be many hoops to jump through (zoning, etc.). St. Paul’s College is located at 3015 4th St NE. We will let you know when we hear anything new.

More Development Planned For St. Paul’s Campus

Chancellor's Row
Chancellor’s Row

Back in April 2014 we wrote about the potential sale of St. Paul’s College.  While we don’t have an update on whether the college has actually sold yet, or to whom, we have heard that there are potential plans for the development of the remaining grounds of the campus. Area residents may remember that a large portion of the campus was developed into the Chancellor’s Row  community in 2012.

Thanks to reader Ed who passed along a meeting notice from ANC 5E01 Commissioner Steiner, which read, in part:

Please be advised that the Developer, Boundary Companies, who intends on developing the rest of St. Paul’s property is on the ANC’s Public Monthly Agenda for March 15th.

The meeting location is Friendship-Armstrong Public Charter School in the cafeteria – 1400 1st Street NW [1st & P Street]; we start at 07:00 pm.

St. Paul’s College is located at 3015 4th St NE. We will let you know when we hear anything new.

Real Estate Watch – Brookland Spring/Summer Outlook From Abbott-Klar

For Sale Sign on IrvingIt has been a long time since we have posted anything about real estate. As most people probably suspect, Brookland continues on an upward trend of increased property values. We learned from this article in the Washington Business Journal that expected tax revenue increases based on escalating home values across DC were third highest in Brookland, at a rate increase of 16.69%.  We also recently learned from Urban Turf that the Chancellor’s Row development, just over the tracks, is over 90% sold, with only 20 units left. We caught up with Shemaya Klar, an agent from Brookland-based real state firm Abbott Klar and asked him for his take on the Brookland real estate market in 2013 and looking ahead. Here’s what he had to say:

The Brookland real estate market remains extremely strong and desirable. Our ‘little town’ in the city has been discovered! 2013 was a record year for Brookland with housing prices increasing by over 13% to an average sales price of $480,473 – a five year high!

In 2013, 93 houses sold in Brookland (up from 84 in 2012). A few exceptional homes, all listed by Abbott Klar Real Estate Group, including 3714 13th Street for $957,983, 1335 Lawrence Street for $790,000, and of course the Round House at 1001 Irving Street for $760,000 helped pull that number higher

2014 will be a great year for the Brookland real estate market and will be the year we see the first million dollar sale in Brookland. The spring market will bring much needed inventory and a slightly slower pace of growth in prices.

Even with such growth, Brookland still remains affordable relative to other desirable neighborhoods in DC.

Thanks Shemaya! Lastly, we thought readers would like to see  some examples of these higher-end recent sales:

  • This 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath  home at 1217 Upshur NE sold for $672,500
  • Another 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home, this one a rowhouse at 3404 15th Street NE sold for $650, 750
  • 1333 Lawrence Street NE, a 4 bedroom, 2 bath home  sold for $575,000
  • 3008 12th Street NE, a row house with 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths sold for $573,000

Welcome new neighbors!

Greater Brookand Area LGBT Party This Saturday- Bangers, Mash And More!

Brookland LGBT Get Togethers, Always a Good Time
Brookland LGBT Get Togethers, Always a Good Time

There is an established and ever-growing LGBT community in and around the greater Brookland area (including Eckington, Edgewood, Woodridge, etc.), that meets about once a month to socialize. All are welcome. The next gathering will be a pot luck party on Saturday February 9th, starting around 7:00 pm. Our gracious hosts will provide Bangers and Mash (bratwurst and mashed potatoes), beer, and soft drinks. Please bring food or drink to share. The address is 580 Regent Place NE (Chancellor’s Row Development). Any questions? Ask via our contact page.

Congrats To Marc, Our Chancellor’s Row Buddy, As He Approaches The Finish Line!

This is part 5 of a story following Marc, a new Brookland resident, as his home at the EYA Chancellor’s Row development is being constructed.

Now that is one happy guy!
Now that is one happy guy!

For our previous installment, we checked in on Marc and the construction of his new home in early December, and at that time, a lot of design elements were starting to fall into place. Well, the big day will be upon him soon – he is going to closing this Wednesday! So we wanted to make sure we got to see the finished product. As if closing on a new home wasn’t enough stress, he also recently started a new job and closed on the sale of his condo. (Don’t worry though, he isn’t exactly homeless, he has been living with a friend in Brookland for a while, which has helped him get familiar with the area.) Lately, he has been spending time checking out Union Market and thinking about how he will furnish his new place. And of course, fending off all the questions about when there will be a housewarming party. The biggest changes since the last time we dropped by are a really nice, plush, carpeting that was installed in the home office, guest room, master bedroom and fourth floor. Also the protective coverings on the floors, kitchen counters and appliances were removed, so now we can really check them out. A lot of the finishing touches were installed, like landscaping, bathroom hardware, closet shelving, the washer/dryer and molding. Overall, we were really impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship and materials. One of my favorite features is the two-sided fireplace on the top floor, we gave it a test run and were surprised by how much heat it gave off. Marc’s choices for the carpet, cabinets, granite, and master bath, together convey a masculine, sleek, modern vibe. We will check in on Marc for the final installment of this series when he is all moved and settled in. Congrats Marc, you’ve come a long way , baby. The house looks great!

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Real Estate Watch – Prices Go Up At Chancellor’s Row And A 12th St. Home Hits The Market For $579,900

2821 12th St NE Brookland NE  Washington DCThis colonial at 2821 12th St. NE just hit the market for $579,900. We watched this home being renovated over the last few months and it looked like they removed and remodeled everything from soup to nuts, and completed an addition to boot. This is the third renovation job on this block in recent memory. It has 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths and lots of nice touches. I especially like the french doors that open to the backyard.

Brookland Development NE Washington DC
Chancellor’s Row Rendering Courtesy of EYA

In other news, two models at the Chancellor’s Row development have gone up in price recently. The Barton model increased from $616,900 to $634,900 and the Dupont Model jumped more than $20,000 from $704,900 to $724,900. The development really seems to be selling well, as there was an increase in price for these two models in August.

What’s Up With Marc, The New Chancellor’s Row Homeowner?

This is part 4 of a story following Marc, a new Brookland resident, as his home at the EYA Chancellor’s Row development is being constructed.

Marc Posing At The Rough In Of His Future Wet Bar. Yeah, We Can Visualize The Drinks Too!

The last time we did an update on our good buddy Marc and his future home was just about one month ago. At that time a lot was starting to take shape, but his home was still, well, rough. By now a lot of finishing touches are starting to emerge, and wow, are they nice. Aside from having real, actual walls now instead of just drywall, one of the biggest steps forward was the installation of the mahogany finished hardwood floors – very, very nice. Really though, the star of the show so far is the kitchen. Marc was a little nervous about how his selection of  granite countertops and cabinet finishes would come together; since it was a little hard to visualize what the finished product would look like when completed just by looking at the samples. I was with him for the “big reveal” and we both breathed a huge sigh of relief – everything looks great! I love the light color of the cabinets, they really create a modern, clean look that will balance nicely with his eventual backsplash and the granite, which has interesting tones of color throughout. In total, Marc will have three full baths and one half bath. All the tile work, tubs and sinks are completed for those, and the master bath has a jaw droppingly gorgeous, and huge, shower – I swear five people can fit in that thing! Things should continue to move along quickly as he is scheduled to take possession of the home in January. When he has some spare time, Marc has been introducing his friends from Logan Circle and Adams Morgan to some of the Brookland area’s finer points such as growler hours with food trucks at Chocolate City Beer on Saturdays. Here are a bunch of pictures of the progress made on Marc’s home in the last month.

Catching Up With Marc, Chancellor’s Row Homeowner

This is part 3 of a story following Marc, a new Brookland resident, as his home at the EYA Chancellor’s Row development is being constructed.

Brookland Development NE Washington DC

The last time we caught up with Marc,  in mid October, his home was starting to really take shape. We did a walk through a little while back and were able to get an idea of how his new home is going to be laid out. (By now, the drywall is up, pics of that to come.) As you can see, the external brick work has been completed. Looking good Marc! The big highlight for me was the awesome top level with a two sided indoor/outdoor fireplace. Marc also has amazing views if the Basilica and, on a clear day, you can spot the monuments downtown – niiiiice.

So, right now, our friend Marc is a busy bee! There are lots of decisions to be made, for example, whether to list or rent his condo. Ultimately,  he decided to sell. Which meant a few weekends of hard work to get the place ready. He had an open house for his condo last weekend, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for him. He is also saving his pennies to furnish his new Chancellor’s Row digs, which includes commissioning some art work from a local Brookland artist. Since moving to his temporary pad here in Brookland, he has also been busy checking out the neighborhood’s amenities including Menomale, B’Cafe and the occasional “Kingdom Lord Pizza” from Pizza Kingdom. He was also excited to spread the word about Little Ricky’s to friends who live outside the area. So far he says he loving the genuine neighborhood feel of Brookland.


Small Business Grants Available To ANC 5C Businesses Through EYA Program

Brookland Development NE Washington DC
Chancellor’s Row Rendering Courtesy of EYA

EYA, the developers of the Chancellor’s Row community has established a Small Business Loan Fund in partnership with The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region. The fund will award small business grants  to ANC 5C businesses. If you are not sure of the  Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5C  boundaries, check out the map below. The grant awards will range between $2,500-$10,000 per business and will be issued until the total award pool of $50,000 is exhausted. So, if you are an ANC 5C small business, apply!  Or know a small business person in ANC 5C spread the word! From the EYA blog:

The application process is as follows:

  • Applicants should first verify that their principal place of business is located in ANC 5C.
  • Download the application and submit it along with a copy of the company’s W-9 and a detailed business plan describing how funds would be used.
  • Applicants will be selected based on how they plan to either “expand or improve operations” or “provide employee training”.

Applications are due by December 31, 2012. Awardees will be notified by January 31, 2013. Funds must be used within one year of award and documentation of the appropriate use of funds will be required.

For additional details, check out the EYA website or to submit a completed application, please contact:

Bomani Johnson
(202) 263-4770 (Phone)
(202) 955-8084 (Fax)

NE NW Washington DC ANC Map
ANC 5C Map Courtesy of Adivory Neighborhood Commission 5C