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Brookland Gets Another Capital Bikeshare Station At 18th And Monroe

We were happy to learn that Brookland got another Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) station at the corner of 18th and Monroe NE near Burroughs School. It seems like a great location, connecting the Metro and 12th Street with those  deeper in our neighborhood and in Woodridge. Time to get a CaBi membership if you don’t have one already.

New Brookland Bike Share Station At 12th And Irving Street

Brookland Bikeshare InstallationBrookland Bikeshare InstallationBrookland Bikeshare InstallationBrookland Bikeshare InstallationBrookland Bikeshare InstallationBrookland Bikeshare Installation
Brookland Bikeshare InstallationBrookland Bikeshare InstallationBrookland Bikeshare InstallationBrookland Bikeshare InstallationNew Brookland Bikeshare 12th And IrvingNew Brookland Bikeshare 12th And Irving

Finally, after almost a year and a half, the Capital Bike Share (CaBi) station at 12th and Irving Street NE has been installed. I would like to thank the following for supporting my efforts to get this location added to the CaBi network:

The Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association (BNCA)

The Greater Brookland Garden Club (GBGC)

Casey Trees

Abbott and Klar Realtor Group

Menkiti Realtor Group

First Time Computers (now merged with Byte Back)

I would also like to mention that despite the delays and push backs we experienced due to lengthy permit processes and equipment delivery back ups, it was a real pleasure to work with Chris Holben at the Capital Bike Share Division of DDOT. He was always responsive and never lost his patience even though I was constantly breathing down his neck.If you like to give him a shout out or thank him you can email him at chris.holben(at)dc.gov.

We are also excited for our neighbors in Woodridge, who also as of today have a CaBi station at 18th Street and Rhode Island Avenue. Here some information on the FoRIA website.

I think a HOORAY is in order !!

Updates: Brookland Capital Bike Share and Pepco Green Wall Projects

I am sure many of you are wondering what ever happened with two projects I solicited support for: the Capital Bike Share (CaBi) station on Irving Street and 12th and the Pepco Green Wall Project.

Capital Bike Share:

Capitol Bikeshare Station in Brookland near CVS at 12th and Newton Streets NE. Photo courtesy of Elvert Barnes via Flikr.
Capitol Bikeshare Station in Brookland near CVS at 12th and Newton Streets NE. Photo courtesy of Elvert Barnes via Flikr.

As we reported on December 17, the CaBi station on 12th and Irving Street NE was supposed to be installed with a long list of other locations by March 31. Obviously that didn’t happen. I have been bugging my contact at the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) over and over again to get some more information from him, but all responses are very vague. The most recent email from April 30 said:

“Hi Astrid, while other stations are going in around the city, we are waiting to install yours when we have a permit for the CaBi station at the Rhode Island Ave Metro station. Metro is working on it and should have it in the next couple of weeks.”

Well, that is the official version. Through the grapevine I heard though that since New York City has apparently contracted the same company for their new bike share stations, new DC stations have been delayed. So let’s just keep our fingers crossed, that we do not have to wait so much longer.

Pepco Green Wall:

Green Wall

Since meeting with Pepco in person in February, I have been in contact with VP of Pepco Donna Cooper via email. Although it sounds like the Pepco Team is working hard on our proposal, I can’t help but wonder what takes so long. Here are the most recent updates from Ms. Cooper:

March 8:   Astrid, How are you? I hope that all is well. We are reviewing your most recent proposal and plan to have our review concluded by the end of next week. We will then have an internal meeting to review the results and will schedule a meeting with you; thereafter.

April 9:   Astrid, We have been working on a conceptual planter box idea (design), as proposed in your e-mail. There is final review being conducted concerning vegetation options, related to the building integrity issues we referenced earlier. In addition, final reviews are underway concerning stormwater collection. The Civil & Structural Engineering Division is working to close out these two items and schedule a meeting; thereafter. The vegetation item is being addressed by the end of this week. I will update you after that meeting (internal).

April 22:   Astrid, I am awaiting the final analysis and upon receipt, I will update you. It is underway (the two areas referenced earlier).

Well, we are now in the second week of May and I yet have to hear from Ms. Cooper about their decision/offer. I will continue to respectfully press the issue with Pepco, and I will inform you about any updates.

For all those of you who are reading about this for the first time, please feel free to sign our petition in support of our efforts to make the large wall of the Pepco substation on 12th Street more appealing, more environmentally friendly and a little bit of a sound buffer. Thank you in advance for your support.

Brookland To Get Another Capital Bikeshare Station! Read How Astrid Made It Happen

Capitol Bikeshare Station in Brookland near CVS at 12th and Newton Streets NE. Photo courtesy of Elvert Barnes via Flikr.

About a year ago, Astrid, one of our bloggers here at the Brookland  Bridge started the application process to get a Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) station installed in Brookland at the corner of 12th and Irving NE. It seemed like a great location, being just across the street from Casey Trees, where over 30 people work daily and volunteers come and go. Plus, she thought it was important to bring a bikeshare station deeper into our neighborhood. We finally got word today that all her hard work paid off, as CaBi announced 12th and Irving as part of their next wave of new stations. Way to go Astrid! I sat down with her and asked her some questions about how she got it done.  New stations are also coming to the Chancellor’s Row development/St. Paul’s campus.

Why did you initiate the request for the bike share station at 12th and Irving?

I had been intrigued by the Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) system for quite some time. It is a wonderful alternative to other forms of transportation. It is environmentally friendly, fun, easily accessible, and an amenity that benefits local businesses and residents alike. I noticed that NE DC had very few stations and is not well-connected to the CaBi network yet. When I started the application process, the only NE CaBi stations were at Catholic University, the Brookland Metro, and the CVS on 12th Street. The station at 4th and Rhode Island was about to be installed as an amenity for the Mint condominium building. But the gap between these stations the rest of the network was quite big. I think it is important to have more stations installed in Brookland and NE in general, so many more DC residents have access to the Bikeshare system.

How did you go about getting the application together?

First I identified the department and team at DDOT that handles all matters related to CaBi. My primary contact was Chris Holben, who has been extremely supportive and helpful during the entire process. Once I knew where to submit my request, I started the ground work. I created a flyer which explained the CaBi program and membership, the benefits it would bring to our neighborhood, as well as a section for the  name and contact information of potential supporters. I went house to house in a 3 block radius around 12th and Irving. I made sure neighbors understood that I am not with CaBi, but just a neighbor who thinks that it is a great program. In the address field I added an option where supporters could identify themselves as being interested in becoming CaBi members, if a station would be installed in their immediate neighborhood. This added additional weight to my application. I also reached out to local businesses and asked them to write a letter supporting the new CaBi location. Many thanks to Casey Trees, First Time Computers, The Menkiti Group, Abbott Klar Realtor Group, as well as the Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association (BNCA)  for their immediate response to my request. I completed my application package with pictures of the proposed location and I hand delivered it to Mr. Holben at his office.

How long did the process take?

I submitted my application on January 31, 2012. All location suggestions go through a lengthy selection process including a site visit of a DDOT team or representative. I learned that CaBi experienced a back-order situation for some of the equipment, and therefore had to delay the installation for a several months. According to the announcement, we should have the new station by March 2013.

Anything else you would like the readers to know?

Spread the word about the Capital Bike Share system, become a member if you think you will benefit from it, because the more demand we can show for it in NE DC, the more stations will be added in the future.