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DC Lottery Scratchers Series Feature Brookland (And Other Neighborhoods)

The DC Lottery has a series of instant scratch-off game cards featuring DC neighborhoods, including Brookland. Of course we had to get our hands on one. So, we found ours at the DC Lottery store at Union Station. The ticket, featuring nearby performance venue  Dance Place was a bit pricier than we expected at $10, but also bigger and nicer looking than expected as well. We are now even thinking about framing it.  Even if you aren’t interested in the tickets, check out the advertisement for the Brookland lottery scratch-off ticket below, featuring shots from around the neighborhood:

TONIGHT: Public Safety Meeting At Brooks Mansion

Although widely published via listserve, ANC  and Civic Associations email lists, here a quick reminder about a community meeting at the Brooks Mansion this evening.

As a combined effort of the Metropolitan Police Department, ANC Commissioners and Brookland/Woodridge Cicic Associations a meeting has been organized to address the topic of Neighborhood Watch initiatives. This is a wonderful opportunity for all residents, who would like to make a difference in their neighborhood.

Here the official flyer and invitation:


Bergami’s Pizza Will Celebrate It’s Grand Opening on Saturday June 21

Bergami’s Pizza is the latest Eatery that opened it’s doors in the Rhode Island Row. Check out what they have to offer this Saturday between 10am – 1pm.

It wll be interesting to see how yet another pizza place will hold up against the variety of pizza restaurants and services our neighborhood has to offer ready.

Here is how the founder Mark Bergami describes the concept and philosophy of his business:

Raised in a hardworking family, with immigrant traditions, I was taught the value of hard work; and food was always the center of every family get-together.

I grew up near New Haven, Connecticut, which many consider the pizza capital of the world. From Friday Pizza Night, to the impromptu ‘Mom or Dad didn’t have time to cook’, to rewards (bribes) from the varsity football coach for success on the field. Pizza was always present. Even if it wasn’t always pizza from the nearby famed Wooster Street, it was pizza that stood up to the scrutiny of some of the most demanding critics anywhere.

As much as it was a part of my life growing up, I still never considered pizza as a career. I studied Environmental Science in college with dreams of designing Green Buildings and Water Treatment Plants.

Because of a limited budget, and a passion for good food, I spent much of my free time learning to cook.

When I completed my degree at Uconn I found myself in a position that many young people do. I had some knowledge, but no experience. To get that real business world experience I decided to investigate the franchise world of pizza.

I spent several years, working my way through some of the most densely populated cities in the North East, trying to learn as much as possible about the pizza business. And on my last stop, of the franchise tour, I found myself with a strong desire to taste and serve that wonderful pizza upon which I was raised.

I soon returned home to Connecticut to make pizzas on Wooster Street, and draft a plan to open my own business.

With several years under my belt, and experience in almost every aspect of the pizza market; I began designing Bergami’s. I set my goal to serve artistically crafted pizzas, salads, and coffee drinks. I wanted to use only fresh natural ingredients. I wanted to interact with each customer. And because today’s world is demanding, I wanted to serve customers fast; at a pace accommodating to our 21st century lifestyles.

Our goal at Bergami’s is to prove that it is possible to eat healthy enjoyable meals, while keeping up with the pace of society, at prices fit for any budget.



Casey Trees Wraps Up Season With Celebration

Today was the last community planting event of the 2012 Casey Trees planting season. The Wangari Gardens, a public community garden near Brookland,  just west of the Washington Hospital Center, was the location of today’s event. 27 trees were planted all around the perimeter of the garden with a great variety of trees, most of them blooming species. This will definitely look beautiful in the spring and summer. If you would like to find out more about the Wangari Gardens, or even actively participate check out their website.







It took dozens of volunteers only a little bit over 2 hours to plant all the trees.

















All  Citizen Foresters volunteers were treated to a wonderful lunch at the Kangaroo Boxing Club on 11th Street NW.  Some of us, including myself,  graduated to Citizen Planters after having participated in 3 plantings and a planting workshop this season. Citizen Planters are qualified to lead a group of volunteers at a planting event. I can’t wait for the spring season to start, so I can share all I have learned.

Casey Trees sure knows how to take care of their volunteers. They serve breakfast and lunch at every planting, and participants of workshops and classes do not go hungry either. So I encourage everybody who is interested in trees, or who wants to get active and help planting trees, to check out the Casey Trees website and see what they have to offer.