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Amazon Lockers Offer Brooklanders Another Package Delivery Option

Amazon lockers in the 7-11 at the 12th and Otis location

Having packages stolen off your front porch is a frustrating experience, and it’s compounded by the reality that there really isn’t much you can do about it once it happens.

That’s why we were happy to hear about the Amazon lockers located in and around our neighborhood.  Obviously, there are limitations – you have to order from Amazon.com and your order  must be picked up within three days.  But still, it is a great option when the current

Amazon locker touchscreen

delivery situation can be a crap  shoot. We have seen the Amazon lockers in the 7-11 at 12th and Otis NE (pictured above), and at the 7-11 at 1233 Brentwood Rd NE (in the strip mall behind Home Depot. Lockers are outside). We have also heard that Amazon lockers are available at the 7-11 at Hawaii and Taylor NE.

Another 7-11 Planned For Brookland On Rhode Island Ave NE

FullSizeRender (21)
Corner of Rhode Island Ave NE and 14th

Thanks to readers Frank and Lexi for asking about the Metro Laundromat at 1400 Rhode Island Ave NE that was torn down late this summer. Currently there are construction vehicles on the property and a sign that says  “Laundry Closed For Renovation, Re-Open Summer 2016”.

According to the DCRA website, there was a zoning review for a proposed “6,534 sf laundromat/retail building” and in May 2015 there was a “zoning approval for an one-story addition to an existing laundromat…for a new retail addition. total gfa of proposed building: 6,534 sf…a total of 23 parking spaces provided .” In October 2015 the site was also approved for “a prepared food shop”.

We also reached out to the ANC Commissioner for that area (5B03), Michael Morrison and Kyle Todd, Executive Director at RIA Main Street NE who both confirmed that current plans call for re-building the laundromat with a 7-11 alongside it. We will let you know when we hear anything new.