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Raze Permits Requested At Flip-It Restaurant And Studio202DC Locations On RIA

Flip-It II with Sale Sign in December 2016

The building located 1544 Rhode Island Ave, NE has gone through a few incarnations over the years, lastly as Flip-It, a beloved, affordable family restaurant. Back in December, we wrote that the 14,097 square feet of property that the restaurant sits on was for sale, based on signs that appeared on the property. We recently noticed a few weeks ago that the ‘Land Sale’ sign was taken down. Now we have learned that according to DC’s Raze Permit Report – August 18, 2017, a raze permit has been filed for the property.

Studio202DC – 1522 Rhode Island Ave NE

Also, a raze permit has been filed for 1522 Rhode Island Avenue, NE,  on the other side of the apartment building next to Flip It. That property  is home to Studio202DC, a media company, which hosts BLIS.FM, an online streaming radio station. We will let you know when we learn anything new about these properties.