Brookland Pet Of The Week – Janet!

Brookland Pet of the week NE Washington DC









This week’s POTW is Janet the cat. Not only is she too cute for words, but she is soooo playful and friendly with humans, even complete strangers. Janet really digs anything nice and soft, like cuddly fabrics. We find it hilarious that her dad was trying to find the most “non-pet like” name for her when he got her. Yep, I’m all about Janet.  If you would like your pet featured here, contact us via the contact page.

BNCA Meeting Saturday- DC Zoning Changes And Updates On Noyes, Turkey Thicket Renovations

 The November Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association (BNCA) meeting will have two special guests:

  • Dan Emerine, DC Office of Planning – discussing chnages to DC’s zoning regulations, such as land use, development, building heights, parking, sustainability, neighborhood character and preservation, and the role of community groups and residents in development decisions.  Learn about how these changes are likely to affect Brookland.
  • Jackie Stanley, DC Department of General Services with an update on Noyes Park and Turkey Thicket Playground Renovations

Meeting Info:

Date:     Saturday, November 10, 2012
Time:     10:00 AM
Location:     Howard University School of Divinity, 1400 Shepherd Street, NE

Union Market – Getting Better Week By Week

This Coffee Has MY Name Written All Over  It

We thought we would follow up on Joe’s post about Union Market’s opening in September. Astrid and I have visited a number of times since then, and every time there is something new and improved. I simply love going there. Everything about the place is so fresh, bright and inviting. If you haven’t checked it out, I recommend stopping by. There are activities and events happening all the time. For example, the Crafty Bastards Arts and Crafts Fair is relocating there on Saturday November 10th. Salt & Sundry will open their doors on Novembr 9th. Also, Union Market will be open 5 days a week after next weekend. One of the nicer improvements over time is the increase in prepared food vendors, such as several food trucks turned food stands like DC Empanadas, Curbside Cupcakes, and TaKorean; making it a great place to eat and shop. The one downside is that I find it quite pricey. But, I’ll qualify that by saying that I think this is due to the very high quality and craftsmanlike/artisanal approach of the vendors.  For example, the meats are so fresh and come from “happy” free range animals, not mass production facilities.  Because of this, we have generally stuck to our regular grocery shopping routine, we simply can’t afford to use Union Market as our weekly stock-up spot, plus a lot of the mundane basics you need in life, think – canned goods, breakfast cereal – simply aren’t there. So,thus far, the market has fallen into 3 categories of use for us 1) a source for amazing dinner party menu ideas and ingredients. The meats, spreads and flowers will make any guest or host super impressed 2) a few “splurge” items like a nice hunk of fine cheese, or the oh-so-incredible smoked salmon bagel sandwich pictured below and 3) a great place to wow your out of town guests, especially those coming from far away places, like NW Washington DC. Union Market is located at 1309 5th Street NE. Check out their website here.

Local Election Results – DC Council, Ward 5 ANCs, Maryland Gay Marriage

Washington DC Flag Brookland NE Election CoverageSo we know that President Barack Obama has won his reelection. (YAY!) But what about our local elections? Here is a rundown of DC election results you may be interested in:

Delegate, House of Representatives – Eleanor Holmes Norton

At-Large Council Members – Vincent Orange, David Grosso

 Chairman of the DC City Council – Phil Mendelson

Ward 5 ANC Races:

5A01 – Frank Wilds, 5A02 Michael Williams, 5A03 Adrian Jordan, 5A05 Ronnie Edwards, 5A06 Albrette “Gigi” Ransom, 5A07 Sandra “Sandi” Washington, 5A08 Angel Alston, 5B01 Shirley Rivens Smith, 5B02 Ursula Higgins, 5B03 Tiffany Bridge, 5B04 Carolyn Steptoe, 5B05 Jenese Jones, 5C01 Antonette Russell, 5C02 Karla Butler, 5C03 Bob King, 5C04 Jacqueline Manning, 5C05 Regina James, 5C06 Marjorie D. Thomas-Brown, 5C07 Nolan Treadway, 5D01 Peta-Gay S. Lewis, 5D02 Vonetta Dumas,  5D03  India Henderson, 5D04 Bernice Blacknell,  5D05 Kathy Henderson, 5D06 Tina Laskaris, 5D07 David Hooper, 5E01 Debbie Smith-Steiner, 5E02 Christy Davis, 5E03 Tim Clark, 5E04 Sylvia Pinkney, 5E05 Joyce Robinson-Paul, 5E06 Teri Janine Quinn, 5E07 Wanda Foster, 5E08 Mark Mueller, 5E09 C. Dianne Barnes, 5E10 Angela Blanks.

Also, Maryland Question 6 – to approve same-sex marriage passed 🙂

To see full DC votes go here.

Brookland’s Optimism Lounge – Election Night Party, Free Wings, Drink Specials

Brookland NE Washington DC BarsLooking for a place to watch the election results? Consider the Election Night Party at Optimism Bar & Lounge. Specials:
Free Wings – 7:00 PM until 8:00 PM
Discount Drinks – 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM and $6.00 Corzo Silver Shots all night.

Optimism Bar & Lounge is located at 3301 12th Street, NE – at the corner of 12th and Kearney. (202)526-0100

Real Estate Watch – 6,954 Sq. Ft. Residential Open Lot Purchased For $197,340

Real Estate Brookland NE Washington DC

After a long stint on the market, the open lot at 3712 13th St NE recently sold for $197,340. I know this lot pretty well, good friends of mine live a few doors down.  One of the nice perks of this property is that it is directly across from the lovely Fort Bunker Hill Park. It is a pretty narrow, but quite deep property. I am really curious to see what will be built here. I’ll keep my eye on it. The seller’s realtors included this concept drawing.

Real Estate Bookland NE Washington DC
Home Concept Courtesy of: Jacob Abbott, Prudential PenFed Realty

Your Chance To Tell The Union Station Redevelopment Corp. What You Think Of The Planned Main Hall Remodel

How the Main Hall with Center Cafe Looks Now. Photo Courtesy of the Union Station Redevelopment Corp.

We recently learned that Union Station’s Main Hall is undergoing a redesign and that the general public is invited to comment on the design before it is finalized. While we try to stick to stories about the Brookland area; if there is one thing I know about us Brooklanders, it is that we love to share our opinions about how things should be designed, LOL. There are some renderings of the redesign below, and you can download a pdf with details and concept diagrams here. I know Union Station well. I worked next door to it for over 4 years and I love that building. The redesign of the hall will eliminate the Center Cafe, something I am not thrilled about. This will create a vast area for what purpose, I am not sure. I assume that most people would still rather wait for their train in the waiting areas near the Amtrak gates. (Speaking of which, if anything at Union Station needs a makeover, it is those cramped, dark  waiting areas, but I digress.) The cafe has been a nice meeting point, a unique little place for a meal, and breaks up the hall visually in a good way. The hall has such high ceilings, that removing the cafe – and not replacing it with something visually interesting and very vertical, will render the room  a big boring carven with a pretty ceiling. So if the cafe has to go, how about a statue in keeping with Downtown DC’s “monument theme”? Next, the design calls for creating  escalators to the lower level food court, which will require creating holes in the floor. I’m not exactly thrilled about this idea,  but am open to it because I think the flow of foot traffic in Union Station is a bit clunky now, so maybe it will work. From what I understand, the now defunct movie theatre will be transformed into a high-end mall area and the escalators will lead to that. Which is why the tall “shops” signs are placed there. This is a head scratcher for me. As the lone modern element, they look very out-of-place in context of the rest of the architecture. The hall is a beautiful space, I would hate to see it ruined by unnecessary changes. So, in this case, less is more. The deadline for comments is Thursday, November 15 at this comment page. The Main Hall redesign is part of a larger overhaul of Union Station and Columbus Circle, for more information on the larger project, check out the Union Station Redevelopment Corporation website.

Birds eye view of proposed main hall design. Rendering Courtesy of the Union Station Redevelopment Corp
View Looking Northwest. Rendering Courtesy of the Union Station Redevelopment Corp.
View looking northeast. Rendering Courtesy of the Union Station Redevelopment Corp.
View from entry. Rendering Courtesy of the Union Station Redevelopment Corp.

Police Arrest Suspect In Rhode Island Row Attack And Attempted Rape

The Prince of Petworth blog is reporting that MPD has apprehended the suspect in the break in and attack of a young lady living in the Rhode Island Row apartment Complex. The attack happened last Friday. Unfortunately, the suspect struck again, attacking a woman at a Howard University dormitory. The investigation into that attack lead to his arrest. According to the Prince of Petworth:

“The suspect, identified as 19-year-old Demarco Myles, of Northwest, DC has been charged with Assault with the Intent to commit First Degree Sexual Assault while Armed for the October 26th attack. He was charged with First Degree Sexual Assault while Armed for yesterday’s offense.”

We covered the Rhode Island Row attack earlier this week here.

Brookland’s Menomale Scores A Nice Review By The Washington Post’s Tom Sietsema!

Washington Post Menomale Best Pizza Washington DC Brookland NE Review
MMMM-MMMMM Menomale. Photo credit: Scott Suchman/The Washington Post

We Brooklanders already know that DC’s best pizza resides right here on 12th St. at Menomale. But, it’s great to see them get some credit where it is due. The restaurant was recently reviewed by Tom Sietsema of the Washington Post. If you don’t know who he is – this is kind of a big deal. He only has over 23,000 followers on Twitter, for example. So what did he have to say about our beloved Menomale?

Tip No. 1: Starters tend to be outsize, and little of what I’ve sampled — unwieldy marinated seafood, caprese salad with cottony tomatoes — is worth taking space away from Rusciano’s typically thin, lightly blistered and pleasantly yeasty pizzas. There are more than a dozen, including a zippy Diavola scattered with spicy salami and peperoncino. Tip No. 2: You’re missing half the fun if you don’t imbibe or at least listen to Estes expound on his favorite subject. Smashed Blueberry, a hybrid between a porter and a Scotch ale, smells like a warm fruit pie but tastes of chocolate and coffee; Baladin Nora Sour is an Egyptian-inspired brew from Italy that hints of coriander.

The only downside is that now everyone will know what a gem we have and it may become yet even more popular. Last night, there was an hour wait. An hour. For a restaurant in Brookland. Could you have imagined saying that a year ago? Congrats Menomale, well done!