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The January Ward 5 Happy Hour Goes Healthy At Excel Studios

This month’s Ward 5 Happy Hour will take place on January 3rd from 6:00-8:00 pm. For a little twist on the usual, it will be a “Healthy Hour” at Excel Movement Studio. We did a post on the Excel Studio this summer, which you can find here. The ladies at the studio are really excited to have us come see the studio and explore around. Come check out this long-standing neighborhood amenity. The address is 3407 8th Street NE. (Jennifer, the W5HH let us know that those who want a stiffer drink afterwards are welcome to gather at San Antonio Bar and Grill at 3908 12th St. N.E.)

Housing Town Hall To Discuss Ward 5 Affordable Housing Needs, Solutions

There will be a Town Hall meeting to share affordable housing success stories and learn about how to advocate for more within Ward 5. The meeting is sponsored by Open Arms Housing,  the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development, and MANNA. The goals of these organizations are to encourage first-time homeownership, assist tenants in purchasing their current homes, and support residents with special needs. The Town Hall meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 5th,  from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at the Woodridge Library, 1801 Hamlin St. NE. Refreshments, Spanish translation and childcare will be provided upon request. For more information, contact Elizabeth Falcon at (202) 745-0902 ex 205.

Call To Action – Testify At The DC Council To Improve Rhode Island Avenue – It’ll Be Easy And FoRIA Will Hold Your Hand!


Rhode Island Avenue Development Brookland NE Washington DC
2218 & 2220 Rhode Island Ave., NE. Photo Credit rockcreek via flickr

Rhode Island Avenue NE and North Capitol Street were designated “Great Streets” a number of years ago. So what does that mean? The Great Streets Program is a long-term effort to “transform nine under-invested corridors into thriving and inviting neighborhood centers”. The central idea is to use public actions and tools to spur private investment. For example, H St. NE is one of these Great Streets, as well as parts of Columbia Heights. So, great news then, right? Not really – there was never any funding set aside for RIA and North Capitol St. Enter our new Councilmember McDuffie and CM Brown. They have introduced the Retail Incentive Amendment Act of 2012. The purpose of the bill is to insure funding for Great Streets projects within Ward 5. We need this legislation to pass if we are ever to get our fair share of funding for things like infrastructure improvements. The hearing for this bill will take place on Thursday, Nov 8, starting at 11am. So, how about taking a stand and testifying on behalf of RIA and North Capitol Street? “But Shani”-  you say – “I’ve never testified. I have no idea what to say!” No worries. Sign up to testify via the good folks at the Friends of Rhode Island Avenue  (FoRIA) and they will follow up with all the information you need on how to sign up to testify, what to expect at the hearing and what talking points to mention during your testimony. You can do this. “But Shani”-  you say – “I have a job/kids/etc.! I can’t make it to the hearing!” Ok then, how about submitting written testimony? FoRIA will help you out with that too. When it comes to how government dollars are invested, things don’t happen by accident – the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Brookland’s Wolhfarth Galleries To Host November’s Ward 5 Community Happy Hour

Brookland NE Washington DC
Wolhfarth Gallery Photo Courtesy of the Ward 5 Happy Hour

How about some post-frankenstorm good times? November’s Ward 5 Happy Hour will take place Thursday, November 1st at Brookland’s Wolhfarth Art Gallery. The gallery is donating its space and some very light apps, so please bring a bottle of wine and/or beer and a light snack item. The Happy Hour will be from 6 – 8 pm and the Wolhfarth Gallery is located at 3418 9th Street Northeast.

The Ward 5 HH is a great way to meet friends and neighbors, and Thursday’s should be a blast. For more info check out the Ward 5 HH Facebook Page. Please do pass this along to neighbors and help spread the word!

Last Nights Ward 5 Happy Hour At Menomale – Good Times And Great Neighbors!

Last night over 40 Ward 5 residents showed up for the Ward 5 Community Happy Hour at Brookland’s own Menomale. As usual, it was a huge success. It was great to see old friends and meet new neighbors. The Ward 5 Community Happy Hour takes place on the first Thursday of every month at alternate locations. Check back  here for announcements, visit the Ward 5 Community Happy Hour Facebook page or find announcements on one of the many Ward 5 listervs. Many thanks to Jennifer, the organizer and Menomale for hosting. A great time was had by all.

Ward 5 Happy Hour To Meet Thursday At Menomale In Brookland

Ward 5 Happy Hour Brookland NE Washington DC
MMmm MMmm Menomale

Last month’s Ward 5 happy hour was a great time. This month the event is returning to Brookland. This is from the Ward 5 Happy Hour Facebook page:

It’s official! Menomale will host Ward 5 Happy Hour – October 4th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm! And I am sure they would welcome you to stay and drink/eat afterwards too 🙂
Menomale is located at 2711 12th Street, NE. As the Ward 5 Happy Hour folks say: Meet Your Neighbors – Support Local – Share a Few Laughs – Why Not?

CM McDuffie Meets With Ward 5 Small Business Leaders In Brookland

Business Networking Brookland NE Washington DC
CM McDuffie Greets Ward 5 Business Leaders

Last night over 50 Ward 5 business owners, entrepreneurs and community leaders met at San Antonio Bar and Grill in Brookland. The meeting was organized by Coucilmember Kenyan McDuffie’s office to offer a platform for networking, mingling and idea sharing. CM McDuffie gave a short speech in which he stated that small businesses are a top priority for him. He stressed the importance of striking a balance between helping sustain old businesses while attracting new ones as well, and  helping small businesses benefit from new developments across the ward. Mc Duffie noted the need to diversify Ward 5 business offerings in order to stop dollars from flowing across DC borders to Maryland and Virginia. He also made a point to acknowledge major retail corridors such as Rhode Island Avenue and North Capitol Street as targeted areas to focus resources on. Lastly, he stated that the DC government needs to change the dynamic of disproportionately supporting big developments over small businesses. There were several guest speakers, notably, a representative from the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation (GWHCCF). Their Small Business Assistance Program offers small grants and funding for small business, one-on-one assistance and workshops. This meeting will likely be the first of a series of meetings for small business owners.

Business Leaders Brookland NE Washington DC

Ward 5 Happy Hour – Bringing Neighbors Together, Supporting Local Businesses

On the first Thursday of every month neighbors across Ward 5 come together under the motto of “Meet Your Neighbors – Support Local – Share a Few Laughs – Why Not?” We caught up with Jennifer Parker, the organizer of the Ward 5 Happy Hour to get the scoop on the event’s origins and happenings. It all started when Jennifer, a Brookland resident, began to miss the neighborhood camaraderie of her hometown, Austin, TX. She thought, “if I feel this way, other’s might too. So, I decided to start the happy hour as a way to bring the neighbors together.” The first event drew 22 people and was held at San Antonio’s. Now, at least 35-40 regularly turn out and she  has expanded beyond Brookland to support as many Ward 5 venues as possible.

Like many of us, Jennifer’s favorite thing about Brookland and the extended community is the people. She pointed out proudly that the happy hour has attracted “young Catholic University students, new neighbors just moving in, young families, established neighbors who have been here for generations and went to the movies when Brookland CVS was a theater and everyone in between.” Politicians like CM Kenyan McDuffie and ANC members show up periodically as well. She adds that the most rewarding part has been meeting “so many amazing people, from all walks of life, who we established very tight friendships with”.

For the September happy hour Jennifer is teaming up with the Menkiti Group and Art Enables for an evening of art and mingling for a great cause.  Art Enables is an entrepreneurial art studio for self-taught artists with developmental disabilities. The Menkiti Group is graciously providing wine and light refreshments. The event will be at their offices; 2600 12th Street NE on September 6, 2012, from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

An exciting side effect of these gatherings is the networks it has created between neighbors that expand beyond the monthly gatherings. Neighbors that previously didn’t know one another are forming smaller groups that socialize independently and are creating an even greater sense of community for themselves. Several neighbors that considered leaving the area have actually stayed because of the friendships they were able to finally establish via the happy hour. It’s no wonder then, that the community has also given back to Jennifer, surprising her in June with a birthday party and the “Social Butterfly of Ward 5” award. She says “it was very touching…(the award) is displayed on my fireplace mantel today.” Great job building bridges Jennifer!

If you would like to keep up with the happy hour, check out the Ward 5 Community Happy Hour Face Book page, look for posts on all of the Ward 5 listservs or get on the email list by emailing Jennifer at .