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DDOT Brookland/Edgewood Livability Study Kicks Off Soon

road closure brookland monroe Street MarketDC’s Department of  Transportation will be conducting a Livability Study in Brookland and Edgewood. Here is your chance to get involved and give feedback of things like bus stops, intersection safety, increased green spaces, improvements to signage, etc. During the study period, there will be three public meetings  and social media outreach to gather community feedback. The kickoff meeting for the study will be on Thursday, April 9th from 6:00-8:00 at Trinity Washington University’s Main Hall, O’Connor Auditorium, 125 Michigan Avenue, NE.  For more information, check out the study’s website.

Here is an excerpt from a press statement on the study from DDOT:

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is kicking-off a six month livability study of the Brookland and Edgewood neighborhoods. DDOT’s livability studies seek to improve daily quality of life by take a big picture look at the street network and by identifying concrete actions to increase safety and improve transportation connectivity and accessibility. The study area boundaries are Michigan Avenue and South Dakota Avenue to the north; 18th Street, NE to the east; Rhode Island Avenue to the south; and Lincoln Road and Franklin Street to the west.

We Want Your Input and Ideas!

During the study period, there will be three public meetings, in addition to a project website, social media, and community outreach efforts to garner feedback from residents and stakeholders. We invite you to participate in the meetings and also share your input and ideas online and with the project team throughout the study.

Enclosed Bike Lockers Available For Rent At Brookland/CUA Metro Stop

WMATA Bike Locker at the Brookland/CUA Metro
WMATA Bike Locker at the Brookland/CUA Metro

This may be old news (or not), but just the other day I noticed that there are now enclosed bike lockers that commuters can rent from WMATA. I think it is a pretty cool idea for those who are serious bikers and want more protection for their bicycle than the standard U-lock. The Brookland/CUA Station has 16 lockers.I looked into it and here are the details about locker rental from the WMATA website:

Bicycle Lockers

Bicycle lockers safeguard your bicycle by providing protection from theft, vandalism, and inclement weather. The lockers are designed to hold one bicycle each as well as bicycle gear. Metro currently owns and operates about 2,400 bicycle lockers.

Each locker has a unique lock and key. The space inside is approximately: 4′ high x 6′ 5″ deep x 3′ wide at the door and narrows toward the back of the locker. Most standard bicycles will fit inside. Longer bicycles such as tandem bikes or some recumbent bikes will not fit into the lockers.

To rent a locker at one of our stations, send us an email providing your name, address, contact phone number, email address, and station of interest. All locker rentals cost $120 per year, and are subject to availability.

Expect Metro Delays All Weekend – 5 Red Line Stations To Be Shut Down

If you have plans to use the Metro this weekend, you should check out this announcement from WMATA. Beginning Friday at 10:00 pm there will be major trackwork done that will require shutting down the Red Line between NoMa and Dupont Circle (meaning Farragut North, Metro Center, Gallery Place, Judiciary Square, and Union Station will not have Red Line service). There is also work being done on the Orange Line so that will add to Metro train delays. Free shuttle buses will be available, but in my experience, you are better off finding some other form of transportation because the delays will be really long.  This is a real bummer for those who were expecting to ride Metro to check out the Union Market, opening this Saturday.

Expect Red Line Delays This Weekend Between RIA And Ft. Totten Stations

This is for those of us stuck in town for the labor day weekend. From the WMATA website:

Red Line trains will single track between Rhode Island Avenue and Fort Totten to allow for platform reconstruction.  Throughout the weekend, Red Line trains will operate between Shady Grove and Glenmont every 15 minutes in each direction. On Saturday and Sunday, between 9:30 a.m. and 9 p.m., additional trains will operate between Shady Grove and NoMa-Gallaudet U stations, providing service an average of every 7-8 minutes between these stations.  Red Line customers traveling through the work zone should allow about 10 minutes of additional travel time.  

Brookland Is Blessed With Buses

I live close enough to Metro that I can walk, but far enough for a walk to be annoying when I’m in a hurry or there’s bad weather. That’s why I looked at the bus stop just steps from my house with a mixture of hope and suspicion shortly after I moved to Brookland from Virginia. I mean, it was an urban bus, bound to be uncomfortable and dirty, right?

Then one day the issue was forced on me by having to wear a suit and tie to work and facing the prospect of walking to Metro on a 100+ degree day. No. I decided to brave the bus, and I realized then how silly I’d been all along.

Brookland is blessed by Metro buses that are comfortable, always air conditioned, and reasonably clean. Most of the lines criss-crossing the neighborhood debark at either the Brookland-CUA or Rhode Island Avenue metro stops, making just about any corner of Brookland easily accessible to Metrorail and other points. Some important lines are:

  • brookland dc wmata busThe H8 bus corridor, running from Brookland-CUA to Rhode Island Avenue metro stop by way of 12th Street, and which goes as far as Mount Pleasant.
  • The 80 bus, coming down 12th Street on the north side of the neighborhood, turning on Monroe, down Michigan Avenue and ultimately going to Metro Center and points beyond by way of North Capitol Street.
  • The G8 bus, coming from Michigan Park down Monroe and debarking at Brookland-CUA metro stop, and also heading downtown by way of Rhode Island Avenue.
  • The H6 bus, serving most of the 14th Street corridor and stopping at Brookland-CUA.
  • The E2/E3 buses, serving Brookland’s eastern border along 18th street and heading to the Fort Totten metro stop for connection to the Green and Yellow lines.

You can view a city wide WMATA bus map or a route-specific bus map to figure out where to go.

What about catching the bus in the nick of time? For Android users, there’s a fantastic app called DC Metro Transit  that lists all DC bus lines and informs you when the next one will arrive at your stop. It is accurate down to the minute about 98% of the time, but once in a long while there seems to be a glitch somewhere (probably on WMATA’s end). I don’t know what the equivalent iPhone app is, if you know then please list it in the comments.

So enjoy your buses, Brookland, they’ll take you just about anywhere you need to go from just about anywhere in the neighborhood!