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Americans For Self Rule Host DC Gun Safety Event At Steel Plate Thursday

Americans for Self Rule, is an organization dedicated to protecting DC from Congressional overreach and promoting DC’s right to self-governance. This Thursday they will be hosting an event at 6 pm at Steel Plate about DC gun laws. From the event page:

Please join us for a discussion about DC Gun Safety and the legislation currently proposed that impacts it. Learn how to help fight for our local rights, to make our own Gun laws.

Steele Plate is located at 3523 12th Street NE.

DC Statehood Team Needs Your Help To Get To Netroots Nation 2014

DC Statehood
DC Statehood

We have been sharing updates about the DC Statehood movement on a regular basis.

Today we are forwarding a request from Brookland activist Josh Burch, who has been working absolutely tirelessly for the District of Columbia to be awarded statehood, and it’s residents to get the same representation rights as all other US residents.

We hope you take a minute to review the following call to action from Josh:

Hi Friends,
As you may know a group of fellow statehood activists and I will be attending the Netroots Nation Conference in Detroit and serve on a panel about statehood to an audience of activists from around the country. We are presently do a small fundraiser to help cover our costs for getting to and taking part in the conference. I know we all have busy lives but I just wanted to send a quick reminder asking for a small (or large) contribution to this effort. I am asking supporters to donate $10, $25, or the symbolically appropriate $51 to help us get there and back. Any contribution, even $1 would be appreciated. As you know, statehood is a cause I feel passionately about and commit a lot of time and effort to it but it is a volunteer venture so any help you provide will help defray the costs of getting to and from the conference in Detroit for myself and fellow panel members.
To learn more about the Netroots Nation 2014 Conference, our panel, and to donate to help us please follow this link below. Every single dollar you donate is an investment in building a national coalition to push for statehood. It’s a fantastic panel, I’m honored to be on it, and we promise we’ll do you and the cause proud.

Statehood DC – Let’s Continue The Effort To Fight For Equal Respresentation

DC Statehood
DC Statehood

The tireless efforts of the DC Statehood Team is admirable. One of their most important goals is to create awareness in the 50 States that do have full and equal representation rights in the U.S. Congress. Therefore they ask that you contact your friends and family who live in other States to encourage them to contact their Senators or Congressmen/-women.

This can be done directly, or by using a petition platform that was created online: SUPPORT STATEHOOD FOR THE 646,000 CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, DC.

DC Statehood Banner

Here is he call to action from the Neighbors United for D Statehood facebook page:

As we begin a new year let’s renew our efforts to get both District citizens and our friends and family around the country to sign this pro-statehood petition to demonstrate that DC statehood is important locally and nationally. Please sign it and share it:

Thank you,

Neighbors United for DC Statehood

Brookland’s Own Josh Burch featured in “Washington City Paper”

Photo courtesy of Josh Burch's twitter accout
Photo courtesy of Josh Burch’s twitter accout

If you have followed our blog for a while, you know the name Josh Burch. This Brookland resident is committed to the mission of DC Statehood with tireless efforts and incredible tenacity. His efforts definitely caught my attention, and like so many of our neighbors, led me to support the movement.

The Washington City Paper profiled 20 people who they think make D.C. what it is. Having witnessed how much of his personal time Josh invests in the Statehood movement, I think he definitely deserves to be included in this group.

Here an excerpt what the City Paper has to say about Josh (you can read the entire article here):

D.C. native Josh Burch has become one of the leading grassroot statehood activists in the city. He founded Neighbors United for DC Statehood and uses his group to educate the public about statehood and lobby the cause on the Hill. He wants to make sure that by the time his daughter turns 18 and votes for the first time, she’ll be treated as a full citizen and vote for her own senator. He has 15 years to make it happen, and he thinks it can be done. —Perry Stein

When did you first become aware of the issue of statehood?

I was a page in the Senate in high school for Sen. Ted Kennedy. The only way you get to be a page is if you have a senator appoint you, and it was kind of like, “Oh, I don’t have a senator because I’m from D.C.” That was sort of around the time I started making the connection. You get to the Senate and all the other states have senators, and all the other pages were from around the country, and none of them were from D.C. And that’s when I really started putting it together: There’s something messed up about the fact that we all pay taxes and we don’t have representation.

If you see Josh walking through Brookland, or meet him at a Statehood D.C. event, thank him for his amazing work and his passion trying to achieve what many before him attempted to do.

Updated Post – “I’m Essential” / DC Statehood T-Shirts Now Available Online!

On Thursday we shared the information from Brookland’s DC Statehood activist Josh Burch about his design for a t-shirt that, in light of the looming government shutdown, would express that “All District citizens are essential, all District citizens have value, and all District citizens should be treated equally with our neighbors in the 50 states…”

T-shirt Image courtesy of Neighbors United for DC Statehood.
T-shirt Image courtesy of Neighbors United for DC Statehood.

Unfortunately, he had a tight window with which to order the shirts. But, due to overwhelming demand, he is making the shirt available for purchase:

Here is the link to order Statehood shirts online:

Here you find not only shirts and apparel, but also coffee mugs, stickers and other products.

If you feel like us that DC deserves equal rights and the same status as all other States in the US, show you support and spread the word about DC Statehood.

Are You Essential? Stand Up For DC Autonomy – Order Your Statehood T-Shirt Today by 3:30

T-shirt Image courtesy of Neighbors United for DC Statehood.
T-shirt Image courtesy of Neighbors United for DC Statehood.

Our Brookland neighbor, Josh Burch, continues to lead the charge for DC Statehood. We learned today that he designed a T-shirt to make a statement regarding the impact on the District of Columbia in the event of a Federal Shutdown. Contact him immediately if you would like to order (a) shirt(s). He needs your info by 3:30 pm today to get the order in before the weekend. Josh will email you with pick up info once he has received the shipment.

Here is the t-shirt design and Josh’s message via his blog, The 51st State:

As I wrote in a previous post the Mayor’s move to declare all District Government workers as ‘essential’ is not just a reflection on them and their work but it’s a statement about all of us. All District citizens are essential, all District citizens have value, and all District citizens should be treated equally with our neighbors in the 50 states and the only path to full and permanent equality is as a state. This is an opportune time to tell the nation that we’re tired of being the unfinished business of American democracy and we want full participation in it. Last night thanks to the nifty design work of CreateDC we created this T-Shirt for all District citizens and others who want to stand with us to wear next week on October 1st as a sign of solidarity with the bold move the Mayor and Council are taking.

Wear this t-shirt to not just stand with our elected leaders but to stand up for ourselves and to stand up for a cause: statehood.

I’m working on selecting a printer and getting pricing but it’s estimated at $15/shirt now so send me an email ( if you want one and let me know your size and I’ll follow-up when I have delivery information ready.

Support DC Statehood Today – Rally At The March On Washington And Statehood Petition

DCStatehoodSign-small-whitebackHere at the Bridge we are proud that Brookland is a hotbed for the growing DC Statehood movement. As part of the festivities marking the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington today, there will be a statehood rally at the WWI Memorial near the Tidal Basin & the Lincoln Memorial.  The concept behind the rally is to “send a clear visual signal that the neighborhoods around the city are getting organized and focused on statehood.”  If you can’t make it to the rally, consider signing this pro-statehood petition and share it with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter and email.

DC Statehood Update – March On Washington And Other Activities

Here is an update on the DC Statehood Movement from our Brookland neighbor and passionate DC Statehood activist Josh Burch:
DC Statehood Banner
I am very happy to inform you that on August 1st, Senator Chris Coons and Representative George Miller both signed on to the statehood bills. Our group met with both offices this year and we’ve stayed in regular contact with their staff since our meetings. While we can’t take full credit for getting them to sign on to the bill our work certainly played a role in their co-sponsorship. Our good work and that of others within the statehood movement is paying off and now is the time to ramp up our work and expand our numbers. Back in 1993 the statehood bill in the House had 83 cosponsors and the Senate bill had 18 and I do believe that we can exceed both of those numbers this Congress (HR 292 has 53 cosponsors & S 132 has 11) if we continue to bring new people into the movement and continue to educate and pressure offices on the Hill. Fittingly, based on a recommendation made by group members back in March our upcoming meeting is an action oriented meeting and we need you all to take part.
On Saturday, August 10th at 3pm, Neighbors United for DC Statehood will have our monthly meeting at a private residence in Brookland. This month’s meeting will be an action oriented meeting where participants will: 1) email key Senate offices about the statehood bill; 2) contact friends and family around the country asking them to contact their members of Congress; 3) circulate a petition in support of statehood; and 4) prepare signs for the statehood march during the March on Washington’s 50th Anniversary celebration later this month.
This meeting will have something for everyone to do and newcomers are encouraged to join us to share your own ideas, learn about the work we’ve been doing, and to take action to help further the statehood cause. If you have a laptop please bring it as it will help more of us do electronic outreach during the meeting. Our meetings usually last 2 hours and we will be working throughout. This is a great way to meet new people and help grow the grassroots movement for statehood.
For the exact location or further details please email us at unitedforstatehood (at)gmail(dot)com. For those planning on attending I’ll have a brief assignment for you to do prior to the meeting, if possible, so let me know about your availability to attend as soon as you can.
Hope to see you all on Saturday,
Josh Burch

Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association Adopts DC Statehood Resolution

DC Statehood BannerThe Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association (BNCA) adopted the pro DC Statehood Resolution below at its regular monthly meeting last Saturday. Josh Burch, Brookland resident and leader of  Neighbors United For DC Statehood spoke about the importance of the resolution and statehood in general. Neighbors United is a grassroots movement whose strategy is to work across DC,  neighborhood by neighborhood, to galvanize and organize smaller groups in order to  build a larger and more sustainable movement for statehood. As part of this effort, they are asking neighborhood based organizations like the BNCA to adopt pro-statehood resolutions.


Whereas, the District of Columbia is the only political and geographical entity within the United States of America whose citizens bear the responsibilities of citizenship, including taxation and Selective Service registration, without sharing in the full rights and privileges of citizenship; and

 Whereas, over 192,000 citizens of the District have fought in our armed forces in service to our nation in every war and foreign conflict; and

 Whereas, in Fiscal Year 2012, District residents and businesses paid $20.7 billion in federal taxes; more than the taxes collected from 19 states and the highest federal taxes per capita; and

 Whereas, the District balanced its budget every year since Fiscal Year 1997; and

 Whereas, the Congress has recklessly fomented repeated fiscal crises, and a federal government shutdown would force the government of the District to close despite having a balanced budget; and

 Whereas, the Congress and the President have restricted the District from spending local tax dollars as our Council and Mayor have directed; and

 Whereas, the District government receives less federal funds as a percentage of its budget than Mississippi, Louisiana, New Mexico, and North Dakota; and is on par with Alabama, Montana, Vermont, and West Virginia; and eight states receive as much or more aid than the District; and

Whereas, the continuous intrusions of the United States Congress into the local municipal affairs of the District are affronts to a republican and federal form of government that occur nowhere else in the country; and

 Whereas, the Congress has final approval on all District laws, unlike any other jurisdiction in the country; and

 Whereas, District residents are subject to all of the laws of the United States, as well as treaties made with foreign governments, without ever having consented through Congressional representation to such laws; and

 Whereas, the District has a population of more than 632,000 people, which is a larger population than Wyoming and Vermont; and

 Whereas, the District has a larger population than most states when they joined the United States, which needed only 60,000 people under the Enabling Act of 1802; and

 Whereas, the Congress has bartered our freedoms and constrained our liberty through numerous appropriations bills, riders, and like instruments; and

 Whereas, the Congress can repeal the Home Rule Act of 1973 and our limited self-governance, but cannot redefine or repeal Statehood; and

 Whereas, in the only public referendum on the issue, the majority of District residents voted overwhelmingly in 1980 in favor of Statehood; and

 Whereas, Statehood is the only way to guarantee the citizens of the District our irrevocable and inalienable right to full citizenship;

 THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association demands Statehood for the residential and commercial portions of the District of Columbia, in order that our second-class citizen status be permanently abolished.

 Approved at a regularly scheduled meeting on May 18, 2013.

 Tom Bridge

President, Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association

DC Statehood Update – Successful Lobby Day, More Work To Be Done!

Here is the latest from the Ward 5 Neighbors for Statehood group shared with us by Josh Burch:

DC Statehood Banner

Hi All,

I wanted to let you know that we’ll forego a March meeting but that doesn’t mean we’re not working on statehood affairs. Our next meeting will be the weekend of April 13th & 14th and will confirm with our host soon the specific date and time. We have a big lobby day in the House and Senate coming up on April 16th and we need you to volunteer to join us. Just to keep you up to date here are a few things that we’ve accomplished in the last few weeks and what we have in front of us:

Recent Accomplishments:

·         Lobby Day on March 1, 2013: 16 citizens met with 11 Senate offices. Majority of the citizen group was from the Ward 5 Neighbors for Statehood team. It was an extremely productive lobby day.

·         Lobby Day Review: Several participants of the lobby day met at San Antonio Grille to review the strengths and areas for improvement for our lobby day. The group also came up with some ideas for future actions to get friends and family around the country involved in our cause.

·         Neighborhood Outreach: Joan Shipps spoke at the Woodridge Civic Assoc. and Josh Burch spoke at the Trinidad Neighborhood Assoc. recently about our mission and work. We still have more civic associations in Ward 5 to reach out to and speak with.

·         Grinnell Alumni Newsletter: Anne Anderson submitted a piece about DC Statehood to her alumni newsletter. This is a great model to replicate to spread the word around the country!

·         Lobby Materials: Thanks to the work of many people on our team we now and finalized lobby materials for anyone to download and use for contacting members of the 113th Congress. To download lobby materials view our site here.

Upcoming Actions:

·         April 16th Lobby Day: On the heels of a great March 1st Lobby Day on April 16th we’re expanding on our successful Emancipation Day lobby day from last year. Last year we only concentrated on the House side but this year, as our numbers are growing, we’ll be able to host lobby days in both the House and the Senate. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS so if you can join us please contact Josh (joshburch1(at)yahoo(dot)com). The lobby day will take place in the afternoon after Emancipation Day activities have finished at the Wilson Building downtown.


·         Statehood History Forum: Still in the conceptual stage group members would like to host a DC Statehood History Forum/Panel to help learn about the great work done in previous decades for statehood so we have a sense of what’s been done and accomplished to help guide where we need to be headed

  • Ward 5 House Parties: We still need more people in Ward 5 to host Statehood House Parties with your friends, family, and neighbors so that more people can learn about why statehood is important, understand why it is achievable, and learn what they can do to assist in our efforts.
We have a long way to go but we’re accomplishing a great deal. Let’s keep up the great work in the coming months. Many thanks to you all and please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or new ideas.