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Brookland In Photos: The Sheds Of Brookland, Part 3

This installment of our ongoing photo series of Brookland sheds should be Shed #4 Washington DCcalled the “mystery edition”.  I saw this group of “sheds” while I was walking down the alley next to Yes! Organics. I was so intrigued! I can’t tell if they are actually sheds, obviously they are very old. I wish I knew what their function was/is. They are too narrow to be garages, besides the doors are not garage doors. They seem to be associated with one (vacant) lot – so why not one big shed instead of 6 distinct “sheds”? 3 of them are still numbered – so perhaps they were assigned to a person – or my guess – they were horse stables? I don’t know a lot about stables, so I could be way off with that guess. Anyone out there know anything about them, or have a better guess?

Brookland In Photos: The Sheds Of Brookland Part 1

One of the great things about Brookland is our ample, lush backyards. In addition to the vegetation, I  just love the unique, colorful sheds found in our neighbor’s yards. So, I decided to start a photo series of them – let’s see how many great ones I can find. If you know of any – by all means let me know. I have passed the pair of sheds below a million times as I have walked the stretch of 12th st between Jackson and Kearney. Admiring  them as I walk transports me momentarily to a country road.

Brookland In Photos – CUA Artswalk Development

If you have been near the Brookland Metro lately, it is pretty hard to miss the construction going up at a rapid pace. Still, it has been a little difficult for me to visualize how the end product of the CUA/ABDO development would look, until today. As I was driving north on 8th St. NE I snapped this picture of the future Artswalk. For me, it was a turning point. Check it out in comparison to the ABDO drawing below. More drawings of the future development here.

CUA / Abdo Arts Walk Construction