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Franciscan Monastery Annual Photo Contest Is Back

Franciscan Monastery Brookland NE Washington DC
Brookland’s Franciscan Monastery. Photo courtesy of RANdom Walkway Tumblr.

The 2015 Franciscan Monastery annual photo contest is  underway. Amateur photographers are invited to submit up to 3 photos of the Monastery, shrines or gardens.  Submissions are due by June 30th in order to be in running for the grand prize, and of course, bragging rights.  Check out the Monastery website for more details and additional rules of entry. The Monastery is located at 1400 Quincy St. NE.

Brookland In Photos: Laminated Street Art Is Back

Last October we wrote about some cool street art near the Metro, but then it disappeared. We were happy to see two new pieces in the pictures below, that appear to be from the same artist, since they are also coated in plastic and screwed to street sign poles. One is on Monroe Street and 8th Streets NE, near the entrance to the Arts Walk, the other is on Monroe Street between 9th and 10th Streets NE along side the 901 Monroe development site. If you are on Monroe street anytime soon, check out them out.

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Brookland In Photos – Neighborhood Transformation

It’s been a while since we did a “Brookland in Photos” post. Actually too long. When we started the blog over two years ago (!!) one of the driving concepts behind it is that we saw the neighborhood transforming before our eyes (for better, or for worse), and we felt a need to document that. As life’s  demands and circumstances have ebbed and flowed, it has been harder to meander the streets of our neighborhood and take photos like I used to, and I regret that. But, I digress, here is a pic of the transformation going on at the corner of 12th and Jackson Streets NE. Three longtime businesses have relocated, and a  small apartment building and an empty lot have all made way for the new Jackson Place Flats development, which will bring 34 condo units to Brookland. To see what this corner used to look like, check out our blog post from December 2013.

Brookland Jackson Place Flats Development Pic