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Brookland In Photos – Neighborhood Transformation

It’s been a while since we did a “Brookland in Photos” post. Actually too long. When we started the blog over two years ago (!!) one of the driving concepts behind it is that we saw the neighborhood transforming before our eyes (for better, or for worse), and we felt a need to document that. As life’s  demands and circumstances have ebbed and flowed, it has been harder to meander the streets of our neighborhood and take photos like I used to, and I regret that. But, I digress, here is a pic of the transformation going on at the corner of 12th and Jackson Streets NE. Three longtime businesses have relocated, and a  small apartment building and an empty lot have all made way for the new Jackson Place Flats development, which will bring 34 condo units to Brookland. To see what this corner used to look like, check out our blog post from December 2013.

Brookland Jackson Place Flats Development Pic

Brookland In Photos: Valentine’s Street Art

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We hope everyone out there is enjoying this Valentine’s Day. We spotted these “sweet” street art pronouncements on 10th Street and Irving. If you like these, check out the street art from last year’s Valentine’s Day post.

Brookland In Photos – Spring Has Sprung!


Spring in Brookland 2013, a set on Flickr.

We are so happy to see how the neighborhood is coming back to life, it seems like we have finally turned the corner on the cool, grey, early spring we had. For this slide show, we decided to focus on the beautiful flowering trees that adorned the neighborhood recently. These pics are from Hamlin, Irving, Jackson, the Brookland/CUA Metro station and 12th, Streets, NE.