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Askale Cafe Soft Opening This Saturday – Here’s A Sneak Peek!

Askale Cafe Sneak Peek 6.9.2013Askale Cafe Sneak Peek 6.9.2013Askale Cafe Sneak Peek 6.9.2013Askale Cafe Sneak Peek 6.9.2013Askale Cafe Sneak Peek 6.9.2013Askale Cafe Sneak Peek 6.9.2013
Askale Cafe Sneak Peek 6.9.2013Askale Cafe Sneak Peek 6.9.2013Askale Cafe Sneak Peek 6.9.2013Askale Cafe Sneak Peek 6.9.2013Askale Cafe Sneak Peek 6.9.2013

Askale Cafe, a set on Flickr.

Many Brooklanders are eagerly awaiting the opening of Askale Cafe, Brookland’s newest restaurant. Lucky for us, we were treated to a sneak peek of what’s to come, and let me tell ya, it was delicious! Owners and husband and wife duo, Asratie Teferra and Askale Shiferaw were so kind to welcome us and share their amazing Ethiopian cuisine. We started with a cup of Harrar coffee, made from beans grown in the Eastern highlands of Ethiopia. It was dark and strong, yet smooth and rich.

One of the things we have so enjoyed about getting to know Askale and Asratie is their enthusiasm for sharing their culture. Before we dove in, they gave us an explanation of not only what we were eating, but how it ties into Ethiopian culture and traditions. For our meal we had smashed yellow split peas – very yummy with just a hint of sweetness, my favorite was the chicken curry with rice, it had the perfect level of spiciness, red lentils seasoned with garlic and ginger, and brown whole lentils, with a touch of fresh herbs that brightened this hearty dish. All this was scooped up with lots of yummy, tender, gluten-free injera. They also offered a crisp salad that had a light lemon vinaigrette, a perfect side dish. One of the driving themes of the restaurant is healthy eating, so they plan on serving a lot of vegetarian dishes and vegetables like kale and cabbage.

Askale and Asratie have been working really long hours to get the place ready. For example, after hearing the community feedback on disposable plates and cutlery, they immediately changed their plan and ordered a dishwasher, plates and silverware.  Other elements are starting to fall into place, new furniture has been ordered and they are working on getting free wi-fi set up for patrons. They are eager to get going, so the soft opening will be this Saturday, June 15th, opening their doors at 9am. The grand opening date and details will be announced soon.

For now, the plan is to offer casual breakfast, lunch and dinner food service. They have bigger plans though, including traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremonies for the community, applying for outdoor seating and renewing the beer and wine liquor license that lapsed under the previous owner. I assured them that the Brookland community will stand behind them as they get situated and improve over time. Askale Cafe is located at 3629 12th St. NE (between Otis and Newton St.). Website coming soon. Until they receive their wine and beer license, their opening hours will be:

Monday: 7am to 7pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wed to Sat: 7am to 7pm
Sun: 10am to 6pm

The Ethiopian Coffee ceremony will be scheduled on Sunday afternoons after the Grand Opening.

Get A Sneak Peek Of Little Ricky’s New Menu Items And Artwork This Friday Night

A Little Ricky's Happy Hour Last Fall
A Little Ricky’s Happy Hour Last Fall

Some of you may have noticed that popular 12th Street NE restaurant Little Ricky’s was closed last weekend. We caught up with owner Chase Moore to find out what’s up. Turns out that they have been planning bit of a re-boot for a while now. They have been open since November, and by now have gotten a better sense of what needs to be tweaked. They have some interesting ideas for providing an even better dining experience, and are seriously considering opening for additional nights. For now, Chase wanted me to share that he will be “hosting a happy hour and art opening on Friday, June 7th at the restaurant. Happy hour will be at the bar from 5-8. We will also have many new menu items.” For those of us who admired the pin-up-girl-meets-communist-state artwork by Cuban artist Ahmed Gomez , get ready for something new. Ricky’s crew is busy hanging all new artwork, and Chase added  “this time it is going to be an exhibition of various Cuban artists”. Little Ricky’s is located at 3522 12th St. NE. They are open Thurs – Sat from 11: 30 – 3:00, 5:00 – 10:00 and Sunday for brunch from 10:00 – 5:00.

New Ethiopian-American Restaurant, Askale Cafe, Coming To Brookland In Early June

Many neighbors have asked me what happened to Cafe Sureia, and what will be replacing it. Cafe Sureia unceremoniously closed last summer and by mid-March, signs announcing “Askale Cafe, Coming Soon” appeared on Sureia’s papered-over windows. We met the new owners of Askale Cafe, husband and wife duo, Asratie Teferra and Askale Shiferaw. They were very warm and  welcoming, and very excited to tell us about the new place.

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The couple have a great story. They raised a  family, and now, all grown up, with their adult kids out in the world, they finally decided to make Askale’s dream – an Ethiopian influenced Cafe –  a reality. They moved from Northern Virginia to nearby Hyattsville in search of the perfect place to set up shop. They found the now defunct Cafe Sureia and decided to go for it. For now, the plan is to offer casual breakfast, lunch and “light dinner” food service infused with the flavors of Ethiopian cuisine. As they get situated, and the business grows, they would like to expand their offerings. Long term plans include applying for outdoor seating, a more robust dinner service and renewing the beer and wine liquor license that has since lapsed as part of the property. Asratie acknowledged that while their primary focus is to have a “family friendly” atmosphere, they know  many patrons may want to have a glass of wine or beer with their dinner, and over time, they would like to make that happen.

Asratie proudly spoke about the origins of coffee, while Askale poured us a strong cup of the caffeinated stuff, carefully asserting that their coffee will be more authentic than what they hand on hand.  He asked us if we knew that coffee had its start in Ethiopia. As a daughter of a Colombian immigrant, this was news to me! I sipped. The coffee in my cup was strong, smooth and rich. He went on to explain that they will have monthly traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremonies for the community to participate in; how traditional Ethiopian coffee service  is one of the most recognizable parts of Ethiopian culture, and how they wanted to share this with their new Brookland neighbors. They explained that according to Ethiopian culture, coffee is offered to visiting friends, during festivities, and a daily staple of life. Asratie also spoke passionately about an organization, Books For Africa, that  he is on the board of. After Googling around we found out that he grew up “in a one-room grass-covered hut in rural Ethiopia”. Wow! We were humbled that he didn’t even mention this to us during our interview. We look forward to all that this local upstart promises, and hope the neighborhood supports this new business. Askale Cafe will be located at 3629 12th St. NE (between Otis and Newton St.) and will be open Tuesday through – Sunday. They hope to to have a “soft opening” by June 1st and have a Grand Opening shortly soon thereafter. Stay tuned for more info.

Brookland Liquor Licenses – Menomale, Little Ricky’s And Brookland’s Finest

Given a lot of the chatter around Brookland these days about new restaurants, we thought readers would appreciate information regarding some of Brookland’s newer restaurants  and their liquor licences.

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We learned from an ANC 5B-04 meeting on Saturday April 27th that Menomale’s liquor licence was up for renewal. ANC 5B-04 Commissioner Caroline Steptoe spoke to immediate neighbors of Menomale and received only one very minor complaint. The deadline to protest their license renewal came and went without any issues on Monday April 29th, because they are viewed as good neighbors. Menomale is a craft pizza restaurant that just celebrated one year of being open and is  located at 2711 12th Street NE.

Little Ricky’s, has been open since November 2012 and its liquor licence is currently up for renewal. We spoke with Chase Moore, co-owner of the Cuban restaurant and he stated “Lola and I have worked hard to not just be in the community but to build community- a lot of that is being a good neighbor. To date there haven’t been any noise concerns expressed and certainly there have been no violations. We think most of the neighbors enjoy knowing there is a place they can go where everyone behaves responsibly and all are welcome.” As regular patrons, we couldn’t agree more! The deadline to send a letter in support of or protest their license renewal is Friday May 24th. Let’s hope all goes well there. Little Ricky’s is located at 3522 12th Street NE .

There has been quite a bit of discussion about the liquor license application of a new restaurant hoping to open in our neighborhood, Brookland’s Finest. The Brookland’s Finest team has applied to DC’s Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) for a “Tavern” license. My wife and I actually live pretty close to the proposed Brookland’s Finest location, so we wondered what a Tavern license means for the immediate neighbors. An article in the Ward 5 Heartbeat, which posted a copy of the Brookland’s Finest liquor license application indicated that it will allow the restaurant to “operate from 7am to 2am Sunday through Thursday and 8am to 3am on weekends”  with minimal food requirements.  Having said that, the sample menus as part of their business plan  indicates that they will offer substantial food service. However, this license will allow them to forgo keeping the kitchen open late as it would with a “restaurant” liquor license. Thus, if they do so, later hours will be for drinking only. Tyler Nelson, Editor of the Brookland Avenue Blog shared the following liquor license information about Brookland restaurants with us for comparison:

Menomale – Restaurant license
San Antonio Grill  – Tavern license
Optimism – Tavern license
B’Cafe – Restaurant license
Little Ricky’s – Restaurant license
We thought readers would be interested to know that the immediate neighbors to this location have been drawn into a debate about what this restaurant will mean for us. A Yahoo! Group in support of the restaurant has popped up here, ANC 5B-04 Commissioner Caroline Steptoe went door to door over last weekend asking us our opinion in a “for or against” format, while neighbors also received a letter from Tony Tomelden, a Managing Member of Brookland’s Finest and longtime Brookland resident. Mr. Tomelden’s letter described his commitment to the community and encouraged feedback from neighbors so they can work out any concerns ahead of time. His letter also addressed concerns that he is already aware of. As this process has unfolded, my wife and I have had many conversations with neighbors and the major concerns seem to boil down to noise, trash, and parking. As we talked to neighbors, we were also surprised to hear a lot of misinformation being spread about the restaurant. This prompted us to share the business plan distributed at the an ANC 5B-04 meeting on Saturday April 27th with neighbors and start a petition in favor of the restaurant. While we are generally in favor of the restaurant, we still feel that productive, civil, and reasonable discussions need to take place between immediate residents and the Brookland’s Finest team to make sure everyone is heard and happy. Brookland’s Finest liquor license application was submitted to ABRA over three weeks ago, but the placards have not been posted on the building yet, which means there is still time to have this constructive dialogue with the restaurant’s management team. We will keep you posted as to any new developments as they occur. The proposed location of Brookland’s Finest is 3126-3128 12th Street NE.

Optimism Lounge On Brookland’s 12th Street Now Offers A Great New Sunday Brunch Option

My wife and I have been to Optimism many times over the years and have seen how the owner, Jesse Brown, a longtime Brookland resident, has steadily changed the place for the better since taking it over about three years ago. It’s a great place to enjoy a happy hour drink along with their amazing chicken wings, or catch the game on their TVs. Now, Jesse has added yet another improvement. About six weeks ago Optimism started Sunday brunch, and we figured enough time had passed to give it a review. So we grabbed and friend and headed over.

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We were greeted with Optimism’s usual super friendly service, and decided to test drive the bloody mary. Zippy, tasty, and very good, ordered a second by mid-meal. The menu 0ffers classic brunch items at affordable prices (listed below). So, we decided to dive in and order a bunch of dishes to get a feel of the overall menu. By far the best item was the Blue Fish and Grits, which my friend ordered and I stole bites of. It was simply outstanding. The grits were so delicious and had a real depth of flavor. The fish was grilled and seasoned to perfection. I can’t wait to go back have a whole portion for myself! I ordered the pancakes, a generous stack of large, super- fluffy goodness. The only item that was a slight disappointment was my wife’s salmon cakes. While the flavor was good, we found them a little bit dry. For sides we sampled the home fries, eggs , toast , and bacon. All very good. The home fries were tender with a nice caramelization and seasoned nicely. The bacon was thick cut and good and crispy. The bread was whole wheat and a very good quality. All around it was a great meal and I am excited to have another brunch option in the neighborhood. Here is a rundown of the menu :

Blue Fish and Grits – $9
French Toast – $6
Pancakes – $5
Salmon Cakes – $6
Bacon – $4
Turkey Sausage – $4
Two Eggs – $3
Grits – $3

There are the usual brunch beverages like coffee, tea and orange juice, along with adult beverage like mimosas, bloody maries and bellinis, which range in price from $5 – $7. For thirsty folks, there is a bottomless mimosa for $15. Optimism is located at 3301 12th Street, NE at the intersection with Kearny. Sunday brunch is served from 11:00 a m – 3:00 pm.

Brookland’s Finest – Home Grown Restaurant To Establish A Quality Food, Bar And Coffee Spot

There has been a lot of excitement building in the neighborhood about a new restaurant coming to the intersection of 12th and Jackson Streets, NE. We got a tour of the proposed location and spoke with two of the Brooklanders behind the project – Scott Evans, who owns the building, and will build out the space, and Tony Tomelden, a Managing Member.

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Many neighbors know Tony already as the owner of the popular H Street NE watering hole, The Pug. Tony has teamed up with two other owners of successful DC restaurants – John Solomon of Solly’s U Street Tavern and Frank Hankins of Sova, a coffee house. Together, this trifecta of restaurant expertise wants to bring a “neighborhood friendly, casual dining, and community bar atmosphere in Brookland”. I asked how this restaurant will compare to The Pug and Solly’s, which are known for their “dive bar” atmosphere and cheap beer. Tony, who has lived in Brookland for 10 years, just one block from the future restaurant location, and has young children, emphasized that this will be a family friendly restaurant. In deed, one of the first things we noted was that the restaurant will have a real Kid’s Menu complete with Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. (See sample menus in the slide show.) He added that their beer concept will be entirely different from the other locations, centered on craft microbrews at higher price points and – my favorite part – will only have local DC beers on tap. He envisions the clientelle as the Brookland resident who will walk to the restaurant to start the day with a great cup of coffee and wind down the work day over a beer with neighbors.

Tony wanted to clarify that “Brookland’s Finest” is the name of the restaurant’s company, and that the name of the actual restaurant may be something entirely different. He noted that friends are helping research the history of the property to hopefully tie in a historical aspect to the name. Tony spoke at length about how important Brookland’s  history and neighborhood character is to him – his father and grandfather both made Brookland their home. Whatever the name, this place will fill many of the voids we have in the Brookland dining scene. For example, Frank Hankins will be pulling from his Sova experiences to establish a strong coffee program, something we are in dire need of. For now, Tony plans to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner all week long. This is a welcome development for those of us who work in Brookland and have extremely limited breakfast and lunch options, especially Monday through Wednesday.

Scott Evans is a friend of ours, and a stand-up guy. He lives a stone’s throw from the restaurant location and told us he “will work his heart out” to make the restaurant something his fellow Brooklanders will be proud of. The restaurant, once complete, will have about 2,500 square feet of indoor space. There will be 45 -50 dining room seats, including booths along one wall. There will be 16 – 18 indoor bar seats. Then – ready for this? There will be a sweet garage door opening to the patio where diners can belly up to about 6 outdoor bar seats and 25 outdoor dining seats. So what kind of decor can we expect? Lots of natural light from the large windows, skylights, and garage door, and lots of exposed brick. We happen to know that Scott is a fan of cool repurposed elements, so don’t be surprised to see some upcycled design features. For a good example of Scott’s handiwork, check out the work he did for The Pig restaurant on 14th Street NW. So far the only work Scott has done on this shell of a building is to make it stable, safe and secure, and as you can see, a lot of work needs to be done. I know it seems like the building has sat for a long time in disrepair, but we give Scott a lot of credit for waiting for the right tenant to do the build out. Without going into details, for months he has taken the longer, harder road by turning away proposals from businesses that would not improve the neighborhood. We are glad he held out for Brookland’s Finest! We will track the progress of the restaurant and bring you updates as they are available.

Many readers have reached out to us asking how they can support the Brookland’s Finest team and make this restaurant a reality. A member of the community created a Yahoo! Group in the support of the restaurant  – you can join here. Really though, to be profitable, a restaurant like this needs a liquor license. The Brookland’s Finest team has applied to DC’s Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) for a “Tavern” license. One of the most important things you can do is contact your ANC Commissioner and let them know you support this restaurant and their liquor license application. Most of Brookland is divided into 5 Single Member Districts (SMDs), each represented by a Commissioner. As a whole, it is called ANC 5B. The ANC 5B Commissioners will vote at an upcoming meeting about whether they recommend the restaurant be allowed to have their liquor license. ABRA will take the ANC 5B vote result into consideration, along with other factors. You may also write to ABRA directly expressing your support. The ANC 5B Commissioners are as follows and the mailing address of ANC 5B is: ANC 5B Office, 1322 Irving Street, NE Washington DC 20017.

(5B-01) Shirley Rivens-Smith –
(5B-02) Ursula Higgins –
(5B-03) Tiffany Bridge  –  5b03@anc.dc.goc
(5B-04) Carolyn C. Steptoe –
(5B-05) Jenese L. Jones –

Here is a map of ANC 5B so you can figure out who is your ANC Commissioner. ABRA can be contacted at: 2000 14th Street, NW, Suite 400S  Washington, DC 20009. Email: Phone: (202) 442-4423.

ANC 5B Boundries 2013
ANC 5B Boundries 2013

Menomale, Brookland’s Finest Liquor Licenses, 901 Monroe Development – All Topics At SMD 5B-04 Meeting

About 10 days ago, we posted about this Saturday’s Single Member District 5B-04 Meeting, where it was announced that the managers/owners of a new restaurant, Brookland’s Finest, would present their case for a liquor license. Yesterday, we learned through an updated meeting agenda that quite a bit a more is in store. In addition to the new restaurant, the liquor license renewal for the super-popular Menomale is up for discussion as well as an update on the 901 Monroe Development project. This should be a very interesting meeting and we encourage those that are interested in development in the neighborhood to show up and voice your opinion. Here is an image of the meeting’s updated flyer:

5B 04 SMD Meeting April 27 2013

New Brookland Restaurant Seeks Liquor License & ANC Commissioner Seeks Input

There are have been rumblings that “something is coming” at the South West corner of 12th and Jackson Streets NE for some time now. We noted last summer that the space was on the market for sale or lease as a build to suit property, and that some preliminary construction was underway. We have recently learned that this space may become a restaurant called “Brookland’s Finest Bar and Kitchen”, serving American comfort food. Many Brooklanders, like me, who live near this intersection couldn’t be happier that finally something is happening with the eye-sore of a building. Some quick history – the property was originally split down the middle; one side was a church that met sporadically, the other half was being used as storage space for some type of backhoe company. Needless to say, this corner generated no foot traffic and just looked sad, so much so, that my wife and I convinced the previous owner to let us plant two trees on the property.

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Back to the restaurant. We learned via a series of communications from Single Member District 5B-04 Commissioner Caroline Steptoe that Brookland’s Finest Bar and Kitchen has applied for a liquor licence. As to be expected, Commissioner Steptoe is very interested in the community’s “thoughts, issues, concerns and/or compliments about this proposed establishment.” Neighbors that live closest to the proposed restaurant received a flyer at their home indicating that she especially wants to hear directly from them. A different, more generic, flyer has been posted throughout the blocks surrounding 12th and Jackson, on the Brookland listserv, and yet another message went out to Steptoe’s email list of constituents. All communications indicate that there will be a meeting where the community can give their input and hear a presentation from the restaurant owners and the owner of the property. We applaud Commissioner Steptoe for so thoroughly getting the word out through various  modes of delivery. The following was taken from her email to her constituents:

Excerpts from Executive Summary: “The goal of Brookland’s Finest Bar & Kitchen (Brookland’s) is to provide a neighborhood friendly casual dining and community bar atmosphere in the Brookland neighborhood…The business itself sits at 3126-3128 12th Street, NE . . . The lot area is approximately 5,000 sq. ft., and the restaurant, once complete, will have over 2,500 sq. ft of indoor space.  Brookland’s mission is to establish a quality food, bar and coffee program. . . The restaurant will have approximately 90 total seats combines.  This includes 45-50 dining room seats, 16-18 bar seats, approximately 6 outdoor bar seats, and approximately 25 outdoor dining seats. . . Brookland’s aim is to provide a casual dining and drinking atmosphere that’s conducive to social and business networking as well as being family friendly.”   

The meeting will be held on Saturday, April 27  at the office of ANC 5B, demountable trailer at 1322 Irving Street NE, from 12:00 – 3:00 pm. The presenters will be the restaurant’s Managing Members Tony Tomelden, Frank Hankins and John Solomon and the building owner Scott Evans. It should be noted that Tony and Scott both live in Brookland, near the restaurant location, and are great neighbors. For me, this is a very important factor in my support for the restaurant. We will be following this one closely and will post any updates as we have them.

Brookland’s Little Ricky’s Gets A Mixed Review From The Washington Post

Brookland New Restaurants NE Washington DC
Little Ricky’s Masas de puerco with black beans, rice, and platanos maduros

We thought our readers would like to know that the Washington Post recently reviewed Little Ricky’s, our neighborhood’s newest and most upscale restaurant. The review has high praises for the decor and service of this popular Cuban restaurant, while calling the rest of 12th St. “bereft of art and vision”. Ouch. But after reading a Little Ricky’s Yelp! reviewer from Arlington call Brookland “sketch”, I guess we all have our opinions. (Speaking of which, the restaurant fetches 4.5 out of 5 stars by Yelp! standards.) The Post’s review of Little Ricky’s food was less glowing, essentially saying that some menu options are bland and that the kitchen can be hit or miss.  Again, we all have our opinions. Having dined there pretty much weekly since they opened in November, and being Latina, I am pretty biased towards this menu full of my comfort foods. I happen to think their food is always very tasty and has gotten more consistent over time. So, there. Hey, at least we have a second restaurant worthy of being reviewed by the Post, which is a lot more than I could have said a couple of years ago! Little Ricky’s is located at 3522 12th St. NE. Their website is here. They are open Thurs – Sat from 11: 30 – 3:00, 5:00 – 10:00 and Sunday for brunch from 10:00 – 5:00.