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Large Mixed Use Development On Rhode Island Ave NE Has Zoning Hearing Today

802-810 Rhode Island Avenue NE is the blue building in center.

Back in August we wrote that the owners of 802-810 Rhode Island Avenue NE applied to rezone the property from commercial and industrial use to medium-density commercial and high-density residential usage. We recently learned that the Zoning Board will hold a hearing about the request Thursday February 1st at 6:30 pm. According to the public notice, the property is about 21,677 square feet and you can get a better idea of the proposed zoning change via this slide deck.  Those familiar with the building know that it is a part of the Mt. Calvary Church group of buildings near the Rhode Island Metro. We will keep our eyes on this and let you know when we hear anything new.

63 Unit Senior Housing Development Planned For Rhode Island Ave NE

The site for the development as it looks today, a recently closed used car lot.

Development is slowly but surely coming to Rhode Island Avenue NE, so it is great to see that there is a project on the horizon at 18th and RIA (across from the Woodridge Library)  that will provide some much needed affordable senior housing. Here is what it will look like when complete.

1736 Rhode Island Avenue. Rendering courtesy of Lock 7 Development.

The location was recently a used car lot, that by now has been closed and surrounded by construction fencing. The developer is Lock 7. From the project page:

 1736 Rhode Island Ave NE is a 63-unit affordable housing project located in Brookland. The project is selected to receive funding from the Housing Production Trust Fund (HPTF) through DC’s Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). Over half of the units (32) will be set aside for senior tenants and 13 units for Permanent Supportive Housing.

The project is supposed to be completed by Fall 2019. We are always happy to see affordable housing projects, hopefully all goes well.

Long Time Brookland Non Profit, Mary House, Seeks Expansion Near Metro


Rendering Courtesy of Mary House via Curbed DC

Mary House is a Brookland based non-profit organization in operation for over 35 years. Their mission is helping families from at-risk immigrant communities, such as refugees, in a way that promotes their dignity. They do this by providing shelter, resources and a sense of community.  Mary House is run entirely on donations and grants. We recently learned from this article  in Curbed DC that they are looking to expand their building at 1005 Bunker Hill Road NE (near Turkey Thicket/10th and Michigan NE). From the article:

…there are designs for a three-story addition connected to an existing two-story building by a one-story pedestrian walkway and entry. The new building will add 12 residential units to the six existing units in the current building. There are also plans for a bicycle storage room, three new parking spaces, and a new rear patio.

At this point a Zoning application has been filed. Fingers crossed for this great organization that all goes well with their development plans.

Development Update: Monroe Street Market’s Final Phase

Rendering courtesy of Monroe Street Market via Urban Turf

The impact the Monroe Street Market development has had on Brookland is remarkable. Besides bringing over 500 apartments and a big fancy Starbucks, it has been a catalyst for development all over the area. Still, there has been one last parcel,  Block E, that has remained undeveloped for all these years. Long hoped to house a grocer, the empty lot between 7th and 8th Streets and Monroe Street NE may finally be lurching towards completion. We learned from this article in Urban Turf that Monroe Street Market is planning on some changes to the mixed use six-story building. From the article:

In addition to having a different color palette and materiality, the new design by Maurice Walters Architect also includes the following modifications:

  • The addition of a second residential lobby on Monroe Street;
  • The creation of a larger landscape buffer abutting the adjacent property on Lawrence Street;
  • Altering the design and size of windows, the design and quantity of dormers, and the design of railings and balconies.

Because demand for parking at the already-delivered buildings has been low, leaving 285 unleased spaces available, the applicant is seeking to remove the second level of parking…

It will probably be a good while before construction is underway, since a zoning hearing has not been scheduled yet. Neighbors interested in learning more about this development should attend the ANC 5E meeting on January 16th at 7:00 pm for a presentation on the changes. The meeting will be at the Friendship-Armstrong Public Charter School in the Cafeteria at 1400 1st Street, NW (1st & P St). We will let you know when we hear anything new.

Development Update: 12th Street Eyesore No More?

Rendering courtesy of Lock 7 Development

Long time readers know that we have been writing/griping about the eyesore building at 3018 12thStreet NE (between Hamlin and Irving) for about 4 years now. Back in August we wrote about how an “Emergency No Parking” sign appeared in front of the former barbershop and work looked be picking up. Later that month we learned that Lock 7 development purchased the property, and since then, work has been moving forward at a steady pace. Now we have a better idea of what it will look like. According to the project page, it will be 3 unit development, to be completed in Spring 2018. Hopefully all goes according to plan, and we will have one less vacant eyesore on 12th.  In any  case, we will let you know if we learn anything new.

Development Update: Long Awaited Marriott Hotel Development May Be Moving Forward

Image courtesy of Buchanan Partners and Pinkard Group

We have been following the potential development of a  hotel/conference center at the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Irving Street NE for a few years now. We recently learned from this article in Bisnow that the development could finally be moving forward in the next 12 to 14 months. The first phase would deliver a Residence Inn/Courtyard Marriott 260-room hotel with 5,000 square feet of meeting space and a restaurant. Approvals for the conference center have expired and appear to be scrapped.

The second phase of the development would be a 600,000 square foot mixed  use project with ground-floor retail topped by residential units. Additionally, there may be additional phases with residential,  hotel or office space.

Interestingly, according to the Bisnow article:

Instead of going forward with the PUD plan, the team decided to file a map amendment to rezone the property to MU-5-B, which allows for commercial and multifamily uses and building heights up to 75 feet. The team then plans to build by-right under that new zoning, avoiding the PUD process all together. McAdam said it chose to do this in part to avoid the appeals that have delayed more than a dozen approved PUDs throughought the District, but the primary reason was to allow more flexibility for the project’s future phases.

This is similar to the 13 acre development next to the Rhode Island Metro that decided to change plans and go with by-right zoning, as we posted back in June. As always, we will keep an eye on things and let you know when we learn anything new.

Development Update: Armed Forces Retirement Home Seeks 80 Acre Mixed Use Development (Again)

Zone A, in grey, is the area to be developed. Image courtesy of the General Services Administration (GSA).

It’s been almost two years since we have had an update on the potential development 80 acre plot on the property of the nearby Armed Forces Retirement Home (also known as the Old Soldiers’ Home).  We recently learned from this article in the Washington Business Journal that:

The AFRH is gearing up to issue a solicitation to develop, under a ground lease, a mixed-use project on about 80 acres of its 272-acre campus by North Capitol and Irving streets. It hopes to use funds from the effort — a development perhaps approaching 5 million square feet — to shore up its budget.

The federally owned property provides over 400 units of independent living for military retirees and has been attempting to develop this land for a number of years now. While not in Brookland, the development would be nearby enough and large enough to have impacts on our neighborhood. We will keep an eye on this latest try and let you know when we learn anything new. You can check out the solicitation documentation here.

65 Unit Rental Development Planned At Old Flip-It Location On Rhode Island Ave.

Back in August, we wrote about how a raze permit was filed for the building at 1544 Rhode Island Avenue NE, which most readers know as the old Flip-It location. We have been keeping our eye out to see what will happen next, and we recently noticed that now there is a large sign on the property from developer/contractor Dila. We checked out their website and found the following information:

Coming Summer 2019. 65 rental units. 1,2, and 3 bedrooms

We will check back periodically to see if there is an updated picture or additional information.

Development Update: St. Paul’s College Historic Designation

The Chancellor’s Row development was built on St. Paul’s land and completed a number of years ago.

The last time we checked in on the St. Paul’s college development was in May. At that time, ANC5E was about to vote on whether to support, oppose or provide no input to the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) about the special zoning exception requested by the development. (As a reminder, this development at nearby St. Paul’s campus, has already been developed into the Chancellor’s Row  community and has two charter schools operating in the old Paulist Seminary. The new aspects include a new seminary building and 60 townhouses.)

The ANC Commissioner for the SMD where the proposed development is, ANC5E01 Commissioner Garnett, recently posted this update for the development. From his newsletter:

On December 19, ANC5E will review the proposed design for the new Paulist building, which is part of the proposed Boundary / Elm Street development the ANC reviewed in May. The design, which you can see here, meets the standard of our resolution, which was to set the building 75 feet back from the existing homes in the area.

On November 16, The HPRB Board designated St. Paul’s College, 3015/3025 4th Street NE, a historic landmark in the D.C. Inventory of Historic Sites with the modified boundaries recommended by HPO, and recommended that the relevant historical information in the two nominations be combined and archaeological potential be addressed in the final nomination for forwarding to the National Register of Historic Places for listing as of local significance. You can see the staff report and proposed boundaries here.

On October 17, ANC5E voted to support the historic designation application 17-14 and opposes the historic designation application 17-21. You can see the resolution here. For more background, see here.

Commissioner Garnett also reached out to us via Twitter to add:

ANC5E is reviewing the design of the new seminary building Tuesday for feedback to HPRB. Already supported the overall project but BZA hearing not until March to allow for HPRB process to play out.

St. Paul’s College is located at 3015 4th St NE. We will let you know when we hear anything new. (This blog post was updated from it’s original posting with some corrections from Commissioner Garnett.)

11 Unit “Pop Up” Development, The Brookland, May Be Coming To 12th Street

The Brookland at 3614 12th Street NE., rendering courtesy of Lock 7 Development

You’ve seen them in other neighborhoods, and now Brookland too – “pop up” developments – that add a number of floors to a building and in the process dwarf their surrounding homes/buildings.  The practice has become so common, and extreme in some cases, that DC’s Zoning Commission issued new rules  a couple of years ago to bring some order to the situation.

So, we thought neighbors would be interested in knowing about The Brookland, an 11 unit residential development planned for 3614-16 12th Street (within the row houses along the western side of 12th Street between Newton and Otis).  Right now, the rowhouses are not residential, they are all current or former businesses. We spoke to a business owner within that row of buildings and all he would offer up is that the project is “slow going”.

The developer is Lock 7, which also built the sold out Brooks Row development at 12th and Franklin. Coincidentally, just after we drafted this post, the buildings hit the market for $2 Million, from the listing:

Prime Brookland development site for sale. Over 3000 SF of MU-4 zoned land. Two adjacent parcels have been combined and plans convey for an 11-unit condo building with three parking spaces.

So, who knows what will actually happen? According to the project page, the development will be a mixture of one, two and three bedroom units. While it may be aesthetically jarring, there is no doubt that DC needs more housing, particularly close to the Metro. Also, we need more density on or near 12th Street if we want a vibrant main street. So, what do you think? We will keep an eye on this development and let you know when we learn anything new.