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Ward 5 Councilmember McDuffie To Host Roundtable Discussion On MPD And Crime Thursday

This Thursday November 3rd, Ward 5 Councilmember  Kenyan McDuffie and the MPD  will host the The State of the Metropolitan Police Department: Crime, Community Policing, and Selecting the Next Police Chief. Residents are invited to share their thoughts, questions, and concerns about MPD. The event will start at 5:00 pm and take place at Room 412, John A. Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. See the flier below and this announcement for more info.

mcduffie MPD Meeting Nov 2016

BNCA To Offer Neighborhood Safety Training This Saturday

FoRIA BNCA Cleanup 007With the weather turning warmer, we wouldn’t be surprised if there were a spike in neighborhood crime. If you are interested in getting Neighborhood Safety Training, check out the class the Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association will be hosting on Saturday May 14, from 10:00 am – 12:00 noon, featuring one of MPD’s Citywide Neighborhood Watch Trainers.  The training will be held at the Brooks Mansion, 901 Newton Street, NE.  For information on the BNCA check out their website, BNCA Facebook page, and follow at @brooklandcivic on Twitter.

CM McDuffie To Host Violent Crime Roundtable Wednesday

Ward 5 Business Washington DC
CM McDuffies greets Ward 5 Business Leaders at a Brookland event.

We learned about an upcoming violent crime meeting from a press release from Ward 5 Councilmember McDuffie’s office.  Here is the info from the release:

Councilmember Kenyan R. McDuffie (D – Ward 5), Chairperson of the Committee on the Judiciary, announced that he will hold a public hearing on rising violent crime in the District of Columbia The hearing will be held on Wednesday, September 16, in the Council Chambers, Room 500, at the John A. Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., at 5:00 p.m.

On Saturday, August 22, 2015, the 100th homicide of the year was committed in the District which represents a 36 percent increase, to date, over last year. “These homicides, and other violent crimes, have devastated families and communities across the city. The purpose of this hearing is to discuss the steps that the city is taking to prevent and respond to violent crime, and to address the underlying causes,” McDuffie said.

The hearing will also consider Bill 21-0261, “The Sale of Synthetic Drugs Amendment Act of 2015”.

Councilmember McDuffie has been discussing strategies to combat crime in the District with Mayor Muriel Bowser, Chief Cathy Lanier, residents, representatives from the Department of Justice, and national and local organizations. As a result of those discussions, and additional research by his office, Councilmember McDuffie will be introducing legislation to address the spike in violent crime when the Council reconvenes in September. More information on the legislation will be forthcoming.

Ward 5 Councilmember McDuffy To Host Safety Summit Monday

We received the message and flyer below about a safety summit coming up this Monday, hosted by our Ward 5 Councilmember. While I appreciate these types of meetings, after attending so many of them, I am starting to wonder what real benefit they provide. Many readers may remember that a rash of high profile crimes on 12th Street prompted to us start a petition last February, and resulted in one of these big community meetings. At the time, many asked for a plan to deal with crime in a comprehensive area-wide way, not just on a case by case basis, but I have yet to see a lot of movement in this direction. To MPD’s credit I, and other neighbors have noticed more foot patrols around the neighborhood. However, I am pretty sure this meeting was called in response to a new “wave” of crime I have heard about anecdotally from neighbors, the listervs and the media- a car break in here, a home burglary there, a lady “jumped”on the Met Branch Trail, and Silvestre’s held up twice. Oh, and an ax-wielding man attacking a police officer.  I don’t mean to sound so pessimistic, but after 5 years of attending these meetings, it will be disappointing if we are just told again to stop using our smart phones in public and call 911 anytime we see something suspicious.

Councilmember McDuffie along with 4th District Commander Missouri and 5th District Commander Porter invites you to attend a Public Safety Summit on Monday, November 17, 2014 at Turkey Thicket Gymnasium from 6:30 pm-8pm. Please see attached flyer for more information.

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Crime Safety Meeting McDuffy

Police Officer Injured In Brookland – Struggled With Man Who Attacked Cruiser With Ax

NBC4 reports about a scary incident that happened last night in an alley in the area of Perry and 13th Street NE.


Thank goodness the police officer was not injured with the ax, but this is frighting and appalling nonetheless. If you see or hear anything that might be related to this attack, please contact the police immediately.

WTOP also reported about this incident here.

Photo courtesy of WTOP


Brookland Crime Meeting Well Attended – Action Plan Still Needed

Eddie Johnson, GBBAWard 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffieCommander Diane GroomesIMG_0814Commander PorterIMG_0816

Brookland Crime Meeting 2.11.2014, a set on Flickr.

Readers may recall that there was a meeting about the increase in neighborhood crime hosted by Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie recently. At that meeting over 60 neighbors attended as well as a handful of 12th Street business owners. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners (ANC) for Single Member District (SMD) 5B03, Michael Morrison and 5B05, Janese Jones were present as well.

Ward 5 Councilmember McDuffie kicked the meeting off by declaring “I am solutions oriented person” and that he is interested in hearing the communities concerns. Eddie Johnson from the Greater Brookland Business Association (GBBA), a co-host of the meeting, noted that with new developments in the Brookland area, police forces will be stretched.

There were many representatives from the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) including Commander Diane Groomes, (Assistant Chief in charge of the Patrol Services and School Security Bureau) new District 5 Commander Diedre Porter , and many other MPD officers from the 5th and 4th Districts.Commander Porter gave an update on recent crimes. The Silvestre’s armed robbery is still open and under investigation. The CVS “smash and grab” is still open, they are working with Maryland peers, and actively investigating. She also addressed the topic of complaints of Luke C Moore Academy students using pot and loitering around 10th and Monroe NE. The Commander met with the school’s principle and increased officer patrols around Turkey Thicket and the 10th Street area. So far there have been no new complaints. The Commander discussed crime statistics in comparison to last year at this same time. Overall crime is up especially along the 12th Street corridor, for example, theft from autos is up from 6 last year at this time to 9 this year. The Commander plans to add foot or bike patrols as resources are available, especially this summer.

The meeting was then turned over to the community for a question and answer session. I tried my best to capture the conversation below. All in all it was a good meeting. I think I speak for the community members present in that we appreciated MPD’s and Councilmember McDuffie’s community engagement. In the end though, I can’t say that we walked away with any kind of “Action Plan” or concrete next steps. Quite frankly, I think it is up to the community to determine what types of steps we would like to see taken and bring them forward. I spoke to ANC Commissioners Jones and Morrison and Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association (BNCA) President Tom Bridge afterward, and all were on board with coming up with a unified set of actions the community would like to see taken. Tom Bridge offered that the BNCA could organize community watch or walks. MPD representatives wanted the community to know that they can send texts to 50411 which is an anonymous tip line, if you see something out of the normal, or call 911. Also, they offered practical advice such as making sure your home’s exterior lights are on, not to leave valuables like purses and laptops in cars and don’t use electronic devices or earplugs when walking.

  • Q) The CVS And Silvestre’s robberies seem to be professional. A) We don’t know if the thieves are “professional”, but each crime was clearly coordinated.
  • Q) There was a discussion about the MPD 2011 – 2012 crime report, it appeared that crimes in many categories are going up  – what is MPD going to do? A) While there was an overall increase, there was a decrease in violent crime. Theft from robberies and property crime are up. Generally MPD looks at the previous 30 days and year to date statistics and adjusts resources and tactics accordingly.
  • Q) We need community policing/community involvement and relationships, not just car patrols. A) Commander Porter agreed that we should have more police walking. Also, the police would be happy to walk with organized neighborhood patrols/watches.
  • Q) There was a discussion of “close rates” of crimes. A) Commissioner Groomes said they do a number of activities to solve crimes for example, note crime trends and deploy plain clothes officers, look at neighboring /PG County trends, cracking down on second hand dealers of stolen goods, and partner with METRO police. DC’s closure rate is higher than most cities.
  • Q) Is there any news on the shooting at 22nd and Lawrence? A) Actively investigating.
  • Q) Do you have enough resources? If not how can we push for more? A) Commander Groomes – we have 100 more officers in the Academy. The Academy is full. DC is becoming a 24 hour city so that is an adjustment we are making.
  • Q) What steps are being to make the Metropolitan Branch Trail more secure? A) We made 8 to 10 arrests on MBT last year. We have a bike patrol.
  • Q) What is the long-range strategic plan for the area, factoring in the new developments and population increases? A) CM McDuffie said he is working on filling the gap between resources and need. He noted a strategic plan that he requested for the Trinidad neighborhood. Actions like increased patrols were implemented, but we can’t leave everything at foot of MPD. He said he is working with other agencies to try and connect young men with resources. He meets with the Deputy Mayor who is very interested that neighborhoods receive adequate policing for new developments. Also MPD looks at areas with developments and strategically deploys resources.
  • There was discussion from residents about cleaning up our own neighborhood and getting to know each other. We shouldn’t assume unemployed people are not invested in the community. Let’s take control of our community.  No one wants to hire kids with no skills, they need opportunity and skills.
  • Q) I see kids smoking pot at Turkey Thicket or the gas station at 8:30 – 9:30 every morning and walk toward Luke C Moore. I didn’t  know if they are students or not, but if they are, this is a problem because they cannot focus on school. We need plain clothes cops. A) Commissioner Porter promised to re-visit the Luke C Moore issue.
  • ANC Commissioner Janese Jones noted that she has gotten a lot of feedback from residents that she could share. An ongoing issue is that Turkey Thicket is the 5th District and the Neighborhood across from it is the 4th District. This causes issues when the two districts aren’t coordinated or calls where police don’t respond because of district borders.

Stand Up And Demand Real Action At Brookland’s Crime Meeting On Tuesday

Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie is hosting a meeting in a response to a series of high profile and brazen crimes on 12th Street in Brookland, which prompted to us to start an online petition for increased police presence. Many thanks to the over 300 folks who signed, but now we need to follow through and demand a real action plan to keep our neighborhood safe. The meeting will also give the public a chance to meet new District 5 Commander Dierdre N. Porter (you can read her bio here). The meeting will take place on Tuesday February 11th at 6:00 pm at the Turkey Thicket gym. We strongly encourage everyone to come out.

McDuffy Public safety meeting

New District 5 Police Commander And CM McDuffie To Hold Crime Meeting

Overview map of the Fifth Police District (Washington, DC)
District 5 Map courtesy of the DC Metropolitan Police Department.

Yesterday we learned that MPD District 5 Commander Solberg was given a new position, and District 5, which covers Brookland, will be getting new Commander, Dierdre N. Porter. This move comes amid a series of high profile and brazen crimes on 12th Street in Brookland, which prompted to us to start an online petition for increased police presence. We wish Mr. Solberg the best in his new position and are looking forward to getting to know Commander Porter.

We spoke with a representative from Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie’s staff on Monday about the response from his office and MPD to the 250+ Brookanders who signed the petition. His team assured me that they are in the process of scheduling a community meeting about the crime issue and that MPD representatives would be there. The meeting will take place on Tuesday February 11th at 6:30 pm. The location has not been announced yet, we will let you know when we know. We strongly encourage everyone to come out. You can read and sign the petition here, or on the top right of our home page.

Here is a message from Commander Porter to the community, and you can read her bio here:

Good Morning Community Members,

As a native Washingtonian, it is with anticipation and pleasure that I have been selected to serve as the Commander of the Fifth District. I am familiar with the Fifth District, as I previously resided in the Woodridge area for approximately nine years. I am excited to be working with my fellow Metropolitan Police Department members and returning to the Fifth District community.

I have 23-years of service with the Metropolitan Police Department. During my tenure, I have been previously assigned to the First, Second, Sixth and Seventh Patrol Districts, as well as various administrative assignments. My most recent assignment was in Patrol Services and School Security Bureau.

I look forward to seeing you in the community.

Dierdre N. Porter, Commander
Fifth District Commander
Metropolitan Police Department
1805 Bladensburg Road, NE
Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (202) 698-0150
Fax: (202) 727-8453
E-mail: Dierdre(dot)Porter(at)dc(dot)gov