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Brookland Bridge’s 2016 Year In Review

Wow neighbors was 2016 bonkers or what? Lucky for many of us, our neighborhood community provided respite for the craziness going on out in the world. For the blog, we had some ups and downs. Notably, we took a much needed ‘blogging break’ from late summer through early fall. But still, we grew to almost  2,500 Twitter and over 1,100 Facebook followers. Most important to us was that despite posting a bit less than in 2015, we didn’t lose the 350 – 400 of you that check in daily on a consistent basis -thank you so much! Running into neighbors who appreciate the blog, and the comments left here and on Twitter and Facebook has pushed us to keep going. Thank you readers!

As we all know, Brookland is constantly evolving, so we thought readers would appreciate a run down of our most popular stories and the big events that shaped life in our neighborhood in 2016:

  • The year started out with Snowzilla! Remember that? We took a bunch of pics of the big Brookland dig out.
  • As usual, our stories about new restaurants and watering holes got the most hits. Far and away our most popular post was about
    Primrose – coming 2017

    the new French restaurant, Primrose, coming to the corner of 12th and Hamlin in 2017. The openings of Vietnamese restaurant Pho 12, Indian/Afghani Restaurant, Spice of Bukhara, and Huacatay, a Peruvian chicken spot brought much needed diversity to the local dining scene. Other 2016 openings were Salumeria 2703, Brookland’s new Italian deli from the owners of Menomale, Chipotle and the huge stand alone Starbucks at Monroe Street Market. Brooklanders were also excited to learn that NoMa Indian favorite, Indigo, will be opening a location here in 2017. Conversely, the neighborhood also said goodbye to popular chicken spot Silvestre’s, Serendipity coffee house/jazz bar and healthy fast food restaurant, Hälsa. Lastly, we were happy to see that San Antonio’s finally got their patio seating approved by the city.

  • Lots of other big box stores will join Lowe’s at Dakota Crossing

    After restaurants, development stories were next most popular with posts about NewCityDC,  RIA NE,  and The Violet. Even further beyond Brookland, readers were also excited about  the Trader Joe’s coming to nearby Trinidad, the development at Dakota Crossing and the massive Eckington Yards development.

  • This March we were heartened by the outpouring of neighborhood support for a young family who needed a helping hand during a tough time, the neighborhood response was remarkable.
  • Real estate prices keep going up in 2016 to no surprise. As we
    Monroe Street Bridge Rendering Courtesy of DDOT

    noted in our recent real estate update a home sold for $1,405,000 recently. Yikes!

  • We welcomed Brookland’s first yoga studio, Bluebird Sky, DDOT unveiled their plans to re-do the Monroe Street bridge, and who could forget when Michelle Obama and Ban Ki-moon came to the neighborhood?

So here’s to 2017! We look forward to supporting our longstanding businesses and welcoming new ones and new neighbors. Mostly, we hope to keep enjoying and supporting the fabulous neighborhood camaraderie that makes Brookland special.

The Break Is Over – We Are Back To Blogging!

cropped-IMG_3471.jpgHi Neighbors and daily readers! It has been a while since we have posted, and a lot has happened since then. We have been to all kinds of places and seen all kinds of things, from European capitals to the poorest pockets of America. And now we are back. Maybe not exactly the same as we were before, but still committed to bringing you, our neighbors, the latest scoop on what is going on in Brookland and the immediate area. So, bear with us as we post some stories some of you may already know about, but maybe some of you don’t, as we get caught up.  In any case, we are grateful to call Brookland our home, and you, our neighbors. Let’s do this! We love Brookland!

Taking A Break, Be Back Soon

No Sleep Till Brookland NE Washington DC Street ArtHi Readers,

To announce to regular/daily readers that I am taking a break for the summer is a bit “after that fact” since I haven’t had a blog post in about a month.  After 1,479 blog posts since August 2012,  I just hit a wall. I rarely post about my/our personal life. Over the last 4 years, my wonderful wife (and sometime co-blogger) Astrid and I  have powered through the loss of loved ones, crazy work schedules and other challenges to deliver the latest happenings in and around Brookland.

This summer has presented another confluence of events – personal, national, and local that have drawn our attention and time away from blogging. Rest assured that we aren’t going anywhere, we just need some time to get refreshed and get back on our feet. Expect to see more blog posts starting September. Until then, enjoy the rest of summer and be good to your neighbors.


Shani (and Astrid)

Brookland Bridge – 2015 Year In Review

No Sleep Till Brookland NE Washington DC Street ArtWell neighbors, we made it through another year. For the blog, it was a year of milestones. We hit over 2,000 Twitter and over 700 Facebook followers. More importantly, we have upped our average daily hits by about 20%, with roughly 400 readers checking in daily on a consistent basis -awesome! Running into random neighbors who appreciate the blog has pushed us to stick with our goal of posting one story a day. Thank you readers!

As was to be expected, Brookland continued to see a lot of change in 2015.  We thought readers would appreciate a run down of our most popular stories and the big events that shaped life in our neighborhood.

Sometimes it is difficult to keep things going, but we are committed to the blog and sharing  neighborhood news. One note on crime – yes, we know…the 2015 spike in crime really sucks. We have thought about this for years, and even tried to organize to make a difference. We have come realized there are no easy answers, and periodic public meetings and temporary stepped up neighborhood patrols haven’t accomplished much – so sorry to all who have urged us to write about it more.

So here’s to 2016! We look forward to supporting our longstanding businesses and welcoming new ones and new neighbors. Mostly, we hope to keep enjoying and supporting the fabulous neighborhood camaraderie that makes Brookland special.

The Brookland Bridge Blog Takes A Break And Local News Rundown

Brookland Sign Monroe Street MarketDear Readers,

We have decided to take a break. When we started the blog a year and a half ago, we set a goal of posting one blog post a day. For the most part we have been able to do so, despite challenges like a death in our family, and fun distractions like vacations. But right now we have some new demands on our time that have made it hard to keep up with writing about all the happenings in and around Brookland. So, instead of leaving you guys hanging, and feeling guilty for not posting stuff, we have decided to just take a break, regroup, and get back to blogging when we find our “new normal”. A few posts may appear here and there during this break, but we are thinking it may take a few weeks before we get back to full throttle blogging again.

Check out the links below about recent events/developments we have been meaning to post about, but just haven’t had the time to.

Thanks for reading, following, and commenting!
All the best,
Shani and Astrid

PS – Stories we would have loved to written about!

Happy New Year From The Brookland Bridge!

Hi Readers, it’s been a while since we posted anything new. All is well, we are just taking an end of year break from blogging to recharge our batteries. We’ll be right back soon with more posts about development, the antics of our ANC Commissioners, and the general happenings around the neighborhood. Hope you and yours have a safe, happy and warm start to 2014!

Photo courtesy of RANdom Walkway Tumblr.
Photo courtesy of RANdom Walkway Tumblr.