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Meeting To Discuss Proposed Ward 5 Homeless Shelter Monday

1700 Rhode Island Ave NE,the proposed site of the Ward 5 homeless shelter.

Back in July we wrote about how some neighbors have raised concerns about the proposed location of the future Ward 5 homeless shelter. (The proposed loaction is the former MPD Building at 1700 Rhode Island Avenue, NE.) Incoming commissioner for ANC 5B03. Henri Makembe, asked us to pass along information about a meeting Monday to discuss plans for the shelter. From the invite:

Join us to:
· View draft plans for the new buildings
· Provide input on the designs
· Learn more about family homelessness

Short-Term Family Housing facilities will be small, safe and dignified – with the services and supports that help families experiencing homelessness get back on their feet. These facilities will replace the oversized and outdated DC General Emergency Family Shelter. Each site will house no more than 50 families and include wrap-around services and supports including 24-hour staff to help families overcome barriers and move quickly into permanent housing.

For more detailed information on Short-term Family Housing, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions, please visit:

The meeting will be Monday, December 12 from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM at Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy, located at 1404 Jackson Street NE. For more information and to  register for the meeting, check out the event page here.

ANC 5B03 Meeting Wednesday – Public Safety, MPD On The Agenda

Michael Morrison, the ANC Commissioner for Single Member District 5B03 reached out to us and asked that we spread the word about his next meeting. Check out the flyer below. The meeting will be on Wednesday, October 29 at the Mary McLeod Bethune Public Charter School (MMB PCS – 1404 Jackson Street, NE) at 6:30 pm. The agenda for the meeting is safety concerns in regard to the Brentwood Road and Rhode Island Avenue Northeast intersection. MPD leaders and other District representatives will be in attendance. The entrance to the MMB PCS is on the 14th Street side of the campus between Irving and Jackson Streets, up the steps, through the courtyard, and via the purple doors. The meeting will be held in the school auditorium.

ANC 5B03 Commissioner To Lead Discussion With DC Fire Chief On Thursday

The story of the death of Medric Mills has rightfully sparked outrage and gotten widespread local and national attention. The 77-year-old Mills passed away after collapsing across the street in front of nearby Engine 26, whose firefighters did not respond to pleas to help him. If you missed the story, see the video from WUSA Channel 9 below. ANC Commissioner Michael Morrison, whose Single Member District, 5B03, includes the section of Rhode Island Avenue NE where Engine 26 is located is hosting a meeting with DC Fire Chief Ellerbe. We reached out to Commissioner Morrison about the meeting and why he is having it. He said: “In the wake of the Medric Mills incident that occurred outside of Engine Company 26, it is important that Chief Ellerbe address the Rhode Island community and clarify the level of service we can expect from our Fire and EMS professionals.”

The meeting will take place Thursday April 3rd from 6:30 – 7:30 at Mary McLeod Bethune School at 1404 Jackson Street NE. SMD 5B03 boundaries are Monroe Street NE to the North, 13th Street NE to the West, Rhode Island Avenue to the South, and 19th and 18th Street NE to the East. You can reach Commissioner Morrison by email at anc5B03(dot)morrison(at)gmail(dot)com and on Twitter at @anc5B03.

ANC 5B03’s New ANC Commissioner To Hold Meeting Thursday

You may recall that there has been a vacancy in the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC) seat for Single Member District (SMD) 5B03 for a while. That was rectified in November when Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie swore in Michael Morrison as the new commissioner.

Not wasting any time, Commissioner Morrison  has already called his first meeting for this Thursday night, his message is below. SMD 5B03 boundaries are Monroe Street NE to the North, 13th Street NE to the West, Rhode Island Avenue to the South, and 19th and 18th Street NE to the East. We wish Commissioner Morrison the best in his new position.

I will be holding my first SMD 5B03 meeting this coming Thursday Dec. 19 in the auditorium of the Mary McLeod Bethune School from 6-7pm. The address of the school is 1404 Jackson St NE, Washington, DC 20017. However, the main entrance (denoted by its purple doors) is off 14th Street and is toward the center of the block.

There is no set agenda for this first meeting. I plan to introduce myself so that everybody can get to know me a bit, and to also give everybody in attendance a chance to communicate to me what issues that I can be of help with.

Thanks and see you there !!

Michael Morrison,
ANC 5B03 – anc5B03.morrison (at) gmail

SMD 5B03 ANC Commissioner Steps Down – Why And What Happens Next

SMD 5B03 ANC Vacancy AnnouncementAdvisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC) for Single Member District (SMD) 5B03 Tiffany Bridge recently stepped down from her ANC Post. SMD 5B03 boundaries are Monroe Street NE to the North, 13th Street NE to the West, Rhode Island Avenue to the South, and 19th and 18th Street NE to the East. We reached out to her to inquire why she stepped down, and she provided us with the following statement:

The short version is, I have a very different opinion from the other commissioners about what, at a practical level, constitutes openness and transparency in local government. Which wouldn’t be a problem by itself (we’re all accountable at the ballot box for the kind of elected official we are, after all, and I don’t believe in telling other elected officials how to represent their districts), but the practical upshot had turned out to be: a lawsuit filed against the ANC for not honoring a FOIA request that should have been a no-brainer, to which I am a party simply because I was on the ANC at the time; my total lack of confidence that I wouldn’t get dragged into those kinds of shenanigans again by continuing to be part of that body; and personal abusiveness leveled at me from other commissioners because of my belief that our constituents are entitled to know what we’re up to and why.
I’m sorry to not complete my term- I hate being a quitter more than almost anything- but I could no longer ignore that being confident in the principles guiding my own behavior wasn’t going to be enough to keep me from getting dragged into nonsense I don’t want to be associated with. Not to mention that there can be real consequences for that kind of thing- While criminal penalties for FOIA violation are rarely applied, contempt of court is not uncommon, for example. It was no longer a risk I was comfortable taking.

The FOIA case Ms. Bridge is referring to is the one we covered here yesterday. So what happens next? Ms. Bridge tells us:

Once the seat is officially certified vacant, there will be a special election process. Candidates may collect signatures for an election, but if only one candidate returns a valid petition, he or she will automatically be awarded the seat. The person ending up with the seat will have to run for reelection (if they so choose) next year along with all other ANCs.

We assume this process is already underway as a DC Board of Elections ANC vacancy announcement was posted on August 23rd on the Brookland bulletin board at the corner of 12th and Newton Street, NE. We would like to thank Ms. Bridge for her service to the community.