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ANC 5B Meeting Tonight – Howard Divinity School Development

The next ANC 5B meeting will  be held on May 27, 2015 at 6:30 pm. The meeting will be held at the Perry Street Preparatory Public Charter School (1800 Perry St NE). The Howard University President will be there, and it is expected he will speak to widespread rumors about development at the Howard Divinity School at 1400 Shepherd St NE. (We haven’t seen any development plans, but we have heard that the Divinity School building will be renovated.) For more info about the meeting, see the flyer below.

ANC 5B May 2015 Meeting

Community Meetings This Week – Development, Metro Parking Garage, Etc.

We thought readers would like to know about three ANC meetings this week covering topics important to the future of our neighborhood.

ANC 5B05

The April 5B05 Single Member District (SMD) will be on Monday, April 13 , at 6:30 PM at Turkey Thicket Recreation Center. Agenda items are:

  • The massive 1492 space garage we wrote about here. Representatives from Douglas Development will respond to community input on the project and a resolution may be taken up.
  • The community liaison for the Brookland Middle School, will present a public art project associated with the school.
  • Current issues in the single member district, including zoning, development and liquor license applications.

ANC 5B03/5B04

Site plan for the future Brookland Manor from Mid-City Financial. Courtesy of Perkins Eastman.
Site plan for the future Brookland Manor from Mid-City Financial. Courtesy of Perkins Eastman.

There will be a joint 5B03/5B04 community SMD meeting  Wednesday April 15th, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Brooks Mansion, Brooks Room, 901 Newton Street NE.

The main agenda item is the Brookland Manor development were wrote about here. This is the development project coming south of Rhode Island Avenue at/around 14th Street NE. The development project, if approved, will eliminate 535 mostly affordable housing units and  will create over 2,000 residential units and over 200,000 square feet of retail, including a supermarket. The developer and his architect will be in attendance. ANC 5B will be considering a resolution that addresses tenant relocation issues, traffic, and community amenities at the April meeting so this will be an opportunity to provide feedback on those or other issues too.

 ANC 5E01

ANC 5E01 is the SMD just over the bridge that covers the area including Monroe Street Market. The next 5E01 meeting will be on Wednesday, April 15th at the Edgewood Arts Center (3415 8th Street NE) from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

The main agenda item is the  new development on 8th Street NE we wrote about here. This phase of the Monroe Street Market development is bordered by Lawrence, Kearney and 7th Street NE and will be 45 Town homes with 2 parking spots each. 

ANC 5B04 Meeting Thursday – A Fresh Start!

For many readers following the ins and outs of Single Member Distric 5B04, the recent election was a welcome break from the past. Now it’s time to look ahead to the future of this important section of the neighborhood that includes 12th Street NE commercial corridor from Monroe Street to Rhode Island Ave. Come out and meet your new ANC Commissioner Joe Barrios.ANC 5B04 Barrios

ANC 5B Special Meeting Tonight To Discuss The 805-809 Channing Place NE Project

Sorry for the short notice,but unfortunately we just learned about this meeting, which was announced at the last ANC 5B meeting but as far as we know was only published on a Ward 5 Google group. This Google group is only used by a very small group of people and does not reach many ANC 5B residents. It would be helpful if the ANC Commission would take advantage of more social network tools that would assure a much wider readership and outreach. Here is the flyer for tonight’s meeting. Please share this information with your neighbors. The development that will be the only topic of this meeting will occupy a large piece of land north of Rhode Island Ave. and west of Reed Street NE. All who would like to be informed prior to the construction phase, should attend, ask questions, and get an understanding of the details of this project.

ANC 5B Meeting Dec 3

Election Results Round Up For Brooklanders

ANC 5B Boundries 2013
ANC 5B Boundries

Sure, we have a new mayor and all…but here are the results we really care about here at the Bridge. (View the results at the DC Board of Elections website.)

  • Predictably, Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie cruised to an easy victory, with 86%  of the vote for another term.
  • The winners for ANC Commissioner in ANC 5B are as follows:
    • (5B-01) Gayle Hall-Carley
    • (5B-02) Ursula Higgins
    • (5B-03) Michael Morrison
    • (5B-04) Joe Barrios
    • (5B-05) — Undetermined (this was a write-in campaign, so results are not yet known.)

Congrats to those who won, and thanks to all who ran. To see where you live in the ANC 5B boundaries, see the map to the right.

Write-In Candidate, Anita Hairston, Emerges In Uncontested ANC 5B05 Race

ANC 5B Boundries 2013
ANC 5B Boundaries

We had the pleasure of meeting Anita Hairston the other night and were happy to hear that she has launched a write-in campaign for the soon-to-be-vacant ANC 5B05 seat. As we posted back in August, current 5B05 Commissioner Jenese L. Jones is not running again and until now, no one else has declared a candidacy to fill the seat. We would like to thank Commissioner Jones for her service and are excited about the prospect of having this part of the neighborhood, near Turkey Thicket and the Metro represented after all. We caught up with Ms. Hairston and asked her a few questions about her campaign. If you live within 5B05 (see boundaries below and to the right), we encourage you to write her name in when you vote.

1) Why are you conducting the write-in campaign?

I am conducting a write-in campaign for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner of Single Member District (SMD) 5B05 because I would like to be a voice for the aspirations and concerns of my neighbors.  The current ANC 5B05 Commissioner, Jenese Jones, is not running in this election, and has endorsed me.  A write-in campaign requires initiative on my part to make sure that my neighbors in 5B05 have information about the upcoming election, about me, and how to vote for me.  The write-in campaign requires initiative on the part of 5B05 voters as well.  The ballot for this election does not include any names for the position of Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner of Single Member District 5B05.  Voters filling out a paper ballot will need to locate the section of the ballot for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, fill in the “write-in” bubble on their paper ballot, and then write in my name, Anita Hairston. Voters filling out an electronic ballot will need to locate the screen for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, select the “write-in” check box, and then key in my name, Anita Hairston.

2) Tell us a little bit about your background

Public service and civic engagement have been a driving force of my career as a public policy professional.  During my time working for PolicyLink and DC Office of Planning, I have played a role in shaping policies that revitalize neighborhoods and foster strong and inclusive communities.  Through that work, I have developed a deep appreciation of the role of authentic community voice in how priorities are set for cities and neighborhoods.   My public service / civic engagement activities include: Ward 5 representative for the DC Pedestrian Advisory Committee, member of the MoveDC transportation plan committee, and member of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Transportation Planning Board Citizens Advisory Committee.  I am currently active with Neighbors United for DC Statehood, which began as an initiative of the Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association.

3) If elected, what issues will you focus  on in your SMD?

I will focus on community safety, particularly pedestrian safety.  Our residents need to be able to travel safely and easily to Turkey Thicket Recreation Center, the Brookland/CUA Metro station, businesses on 12th Street NE, local schools, and other important destinations.  Additional attention to this issue by the city, particularly the District Department of Transportation could make these trips safer.  Given the expected development in the SMD and adjacent to it, I will focus on how residents can influence the development process to ensure that there are positive benefits to our community.  In addition, I will focus on community engagement, getting a broad range of residents to connect with one another and share information that will make sure we maintain a strong quality of life for all of us.  I will also look to pursue other priorities that 5B05 residents identify as important concerns during SMD meetings and neighborhood walk-throughs.

4) What do you love about Brookland?

When I moved to DC in 2003, I recall taking a walk down 12th Street NE and saying that this is a neighborhood where I would love to live.  It took me a few years before I could settle in the neighborhood, but since I moved to Brookland 7 years ago, I have felt so “at home”.  There are so many things that I love about Brookland.  I love that the people of Brookland are so diverse, and that we say “hello” to one another as we pass each other on the street.  I also love that once I step outside my front door I am a short walk from Turkey Thicket Recreation Center, the Franciscan Monastery, a grocery store, a hardware store, farmers markets, locally-owned restaurants, and the Brookland/CUA Metro.

5B05has the following boundaries – the railroad tracks to the west, Varnum and Taylor Streets NE to the north, 13th Street NE to the east and Otis Street NE to the south, see the map above.

ANC 5B03 Meeting Wednesday – Public Safety, MPD On The Agenda

Michael Morrison, the ANC Commissioner for Single Member District 5B03 reached out to us and asked that we spread the word about his next meeting. Check out the flyer below. The meeting will be on Wednesday, October 29 at the Mary McLeod Bethune Public Charter School (MMB PCS – 1404 Jackson Street, NE) at 6:30 pm. The agenda for the meeting is safety concerns in regard to the Brentwood Road and Rhode Island Avenue Northeast intersection. MPD leaders and other District representatives will be in attendance. The entrance to the MMB PCS is on the 14th Street side of the campus between Irving and Jackson Streets, up the steps, through the courtyard, and via the purple doors. The meeting will be held in the school auditorium.