The Brookland Bridge chronicles the happenings in Brookland, a neighborhood in Northeast Washington DC. Topics covered include architecture, gardening, quality of life, real estate, restaurants, retail, politics, transit, crime and other general observations.

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  1. Hi!
    My name is Mykalee McGowan and I am a reporter for the Howard university service! I am doing a story about what attracts homebuyers to Brookland. I just moved to this area so I would like to hear from a someone who’s knows a bit more about this area than I do. I would love to hear your input! Please contact me at mykie222@yahoo.com or 9177555485.

  2. Good afternoon.

    The Office of the Attorney General for DC is hosting a housing forum next Thursday to educate residents on consumer protection issues around home repairs, flipped houses, mortgages and foreclosures. This is largely in response to the issue of illegally flipped houses that was in the news heavily a couple weeks ago and the calls OAG has gotten since then. We wanted to forward this information to you because we know that this is an issue of real concern for many of your readers. So I hope you will help us publicize this event through your blog.

    If you have any question, please feel free to contact Sean Treanor at Sean.Treanor@dc.gov or at 202-715-7728.

    Thank you,
    Kenneil Cole

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