Potomac Pastry Launches In Brookland – Off To A Strong Start

Photo courtesy of Potomac Pastry's Facebook Page.
Photo courtesy of Potomac Pastry’s Facebook Page.

We were delighted to learn that a new homegrown business, Potomac Pastry, launched here in Brookland just one month ago.  One of the frequent complaints I hear about our neighborhood is that it is difficult to find high quality local baked goods such as birthday cakes. Well, the wait is over! We caught up with chef and owner Jamila Minniks to find out more about this great new addition to the neighborhood.

Jamila has been baking all of her life, and began learning French pastry techniques about six years ago.  She says “at first, I thought of it as a hobby.  If you can be full on obsessed with a hobby, that is.  I ordered every obscure cookbook that I could find, brushed up on my French, and thought “if I could just learn to make a perfect croissant, I’d be happy.”  Little did I know that I would still be on that journey six years later, and the journey has been all of the fun.” Right now Potomac Pastry does not have a “bricks and mortar” storefront, but her delicious goods are not hard to find. You can place orders for her pastries and desserts via phone, email or through her website and she is selling at the Tuesday Brookland Farmer’s Market*. She says “Michael and Ester from Licking Creek Springs Farm were so welcoming to our little shop, and we are so thrilled to be there!”  You can also find Potomac Pastry Tuesday through Sunday at Zeke’s Coffee on Rhode Island Ave**. She provided the pastries for a coffee pairing event there on July 12th, and they sold out very quickly, check out the Tweet from Zeke’s:

Photo courtesy of Potomac Pastry' Facebook Page
Photo courtesy of Potomac Pastry’s Facebook Page

I asked Jamila why she chose Brookland to base her business, and she said “about two years ago, I began dreaming about opening my own little pastry shop in Brookland.  We are Brooklanders (her, her Boyfriend and dog), and it was just the perfect fit for us.  So I began the long process of developing a business plan, conducting viability analyses, and recruiting a team of tasters.  My dream is to be a great Brookland pastry shop…I want to build something that we can be proud of right here in our own neighborhood.” Well that sounds awesome! I am not surprised to hear from Jamila that “the response from Brookland has been amazing!…I am constantly humbled by the outpouring of support that we’ve received.  People seem genuinely happy to see us becoming a part of the neighborhood.  I even have a few customers who are vying for us to open a physical space close to where they live so that they can visit us regularly!  I’m so thrilled to have the chance to open something special right here in the neighborhood.”

Jamila’s last word: “At the end of the day, I love doing this because I love making pastries, and because those pastries that I love so dearly seem to make people happy.” We are delighted to have Potomac Pastry in the neighborhood and wish Jamila the best of luck with her new business!
Keep up with Potomac Pastry though Facebook, Twitter, and their website.
Phone: 202.864.9627
Email: jamila(at)potomacpastry(dot)com
*The Brookland Farmer’s Market takes place every Tuesday afternoon from Spring – Fall under the Drew Bridge by the Brookland Metro Stop.
**Zeke’s Coffee of DC is located at 2300 Rhode Island Avenue NE.

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  1. I had one the other day at Zeke’s. Delicious! We have an extra room in our house if Jamila wants to open her shop here! 🙂

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