DC Statehood Team Needs Your Help To Get To Netroots Nation 2014

DC Statehood
DC Statehood

We have been sharing updates about the DC Statehood movement on a regular basis.

Today we are forwarding a request from Brookland activist Josh Burch, who has been working absolutely tirelessly for the District of Columbia to be awarded statehood, and it’s residents to get the same representation rights as all other US residents.

We hope you take a minute to review the following call to action from Josh:

Hi Friends,
As you may know a group of fellow statehood activists and I will be attending the Netroots Nation Conference in Detroit and serve on a panel about statehood to an audience of activists from around the country. We are presently do a small fundraiser to help cover our costs for getting to and taking part in the conference. I know we all have busy lives but I just wanted to send a quick reminder asking for a small (or large) contribution to this effort. I am asking supporters to donate $10, $25, or the symbolically appropriate $51 to help us get there and back. Any contribution, even $1 would be appreciated. As you know, statehood is a cause I feel passionately about and commit a lot of time and effort to it but it is a volunteer venture so any help you provide will help defray the costs of getting to and from the conference in Detroit for myself and fellow panel members.
To learn more about the Netroots Nation 2014 Conference, our panel, and to donate to help us please follow this link below. Every single dollar you donate is an investment in building a national coalition to push for statehood. It’s a fantastic panel, I’m honored to be on it, and we promise we’ll do you and the cause proud.

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