Little Ricky’s Re-launches With New Southern Cuisine Concept

Brookland restaurant Little Ricky’s opened about a year and half ago, and has been tweaking and improving both the food and service concept ever since.  After a mixed review from the Washington Post, they debuted a new menu last June that combined both Cuban and southern American elements. We recently learned that on May 1st, Little Ricky’s will do a “re-launch” featuring a new, southern cuisine based concept. We got a sneak peek of the menu and sampled some dishes, and while we are slightly disappointed to see a departure from the Cuban menu, everything we have sampled was delicious. Here is what co-owner Chase Moore had to say:

little ricky's ribs
We sampled Ricky’s new St. Louis BBQ Ribs – delicious and falling off the bone!

Very soon you are going to see some changes at Little Ricky’s, not the least of which will be the menu. As with a great many things we tire of repetition and long to shake things up. Food is no different, so with that, Little Ricky’s will be shaking things up in the coming month reorienting our focus from Cuban cuisine to a pointedly Southern, albeit diverse, offering.

Now, everyone in the restaurant industry has said we are nuts, and while we are certain they are correct – we’ve never been much for convention nor for playing it safe. Some will love the change, some will hate the change…to that point we are certain that those who hate it will tell us just how much on Yelp. That’s cool. Chef Miguel, who is coming on as a partner in the venture, is working on a fun menu that frankly we are super excited about. A section of the menu will be dedicated to constant items and many more “take out” friendly options, like a host of Po Boys, while the entrees portion will be more flexible and draw inspirational from the Carolinas to Texas, and points in between….with even the occasional nod to the Caribbean and South America. The new menu will be rolled out on May 1st.

Brooklanders who dine at Little Ricky’s regularly will be familiar with some of the southern dishes that have been on the menu for a while – like the catfish bites, shrimp and grits, and fried green tomatoes. Some new standouts include crabmeat “sardou” and a “low country boil” consisting of shrimp, potatoes, corn on the cob, sausage, and more, boiled with spices and served with french bread and butter. Chase added that as they get more situated with their new menu, they will up step up their offerings by adding specials that include wild game and other surprises. In addition to the new menu, Chase was quick to point out that he recruited new kitchen staff that is more experienced and will turn out a more consistent product going forward. We wish this local business the best of luk with their new vision! Little Ricky’s is located at 3522 12th St. NE. Their website is here.

3 thoughts on “Little Ricky’s Re-launches With New Southern Cuisine Concept”

  1. Don’t know if thats the best decision given Carolina Kitchen down the road. I would have just refined the Cuban menu, and offered portions more in line with the American consumer…maybe even extended the menu to other Caribbean fare (would love to have seen some pernil, and mofongo…)

  2. I am not pleased about this menu change. I have already tried it out, and while it was very good food, I think the Cuban menu was much more unique. There are plenty of places to get southern foods including the Carolina Kitchen, future Brookland’s Finest, and a number of the smaller places (Brookland Grill) on 12th street. Optimism also seems to serve some southern favorites like the shrimp and grits. Also, the whole “Little Ricky’s” concept was so much better thought out. I wish them the best, but this gives me much less reasons to go to Little Ricky’s.

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