The Brookland Bridge Blog Takes A Break And Local News Rundown

Brookland Sign Monroe Street MarketDear Readers,

We have decided to take a break. When we started the blog a year and a half ago, we set a goal of posting one blog post a day. For the most part we have been able to do so, despite challenges like a death in our family, and fun distractions like vacations. But right now we have some new demands on our time that have made it hard to keep up with writing about all the happenings in and around Brookland. So, instead of leaving you guys hanging, and feeling guilty for not posting stuff, we have decided to just take a break, regroup, and get back to blogging when we find our “new normal”. A few posts may appear here and there during this break, but we are thinking it may take a few weeks before we get back to full throttle blogging again.

Check out the links below about recent events/developments we have been meaning to post about, but just haven’t had the time to.

Thanks for reading, following, and commenting!
All the best,
Shani and Astrid

PS – Stories we would have loved to written about!

6 thoughts on “The Brookland Bridge Blog Takes A Break And Local News Rundown”

  1. You and Astrid do a phenomenal job with the blog. I don’t know how you have kept up the pace. It’s truly impressive and very much appreciated. Enjoy your break, it’s definitely very well deserved!

  2. This blog is the best our community has and you both are amazing neighbors! Enjoy the break and let us know if we can help! Thanks for all you do to keep us informed and connected.

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