Oxbridge Development Zoning Hearing On Monday May 19th – Info On Testifying

Oxbridge Development site at 10th and Kearny.
Oxbridge Development site at 10th and Kearny.

In November 2013 we posted about a meeting to introduce a project from Oxbridge Development for the property they purchased on 9th street between Kearny and Lawrence, Streets NE. Since then, the Oxbridge group has sought neighborhood feedback at several meetings including ANC and BNCA meetings. We videotaped an Oxbridge presentation to ANC 5B about the development, you can see it below. From what we have gathered, Brooklanders who attended these meetings think that it is a reasonable development that would fit in with the existing neighborhood.

Oxbridge Development submitted a Notice of Filing application of a map amendment to the DC Zoning Commission.  The map amendment application seeks rezoning of the property from a commercially zoned property to a residential zoned property. The developers are seeking a “downgrade” to R-4 Zoning, which would cap the development at 3 stories, or 40 feet tall, and it is clear from the filing that they intend to build “moderate density” attached rowhouses. We uploaded the Zoning change application as well as some other pertinent documents here. It is called a zoning “downgrading”, because under the current zoning, they could build something for commercial, industrial use, for example, and incinerator, as a matter of right without seeking any community input.

The zoning change request will come before the Zoning Board on Monday May 19th at 6:30 pm. See more information here. Here are the details if you are interested in testifying at this public hearing or providing a letter for the record:

The Commission also requests that all witnesses prepare their testimony in writing, submit the written testimony prior to giving statements, and limit oral presentations to summaries of the most important points.  The applicable time limits for oral testimony are described below.  Written statements, in lieu of personal appearances or oral presentation, may be submitted for inclusion in the record….

All individuals, organizations, or associations wishing to testify in this case are encouraged to inform the Office of Zoning their intent to testify prior to the hearing date.  This can be done by mail sent to the address stated below, e-mail (donna.hanousek@dc.gov), or by calling (202) 727-0789….

Written statements, in lieu of oral testimony, may be submitted for inclusion in the record.  The public is encouraged to submit written testimony through the Interactive Zoning Information System (IZIS) at http://app.dcoz.dc.gov/Login.aspx; however, written statements may also be submitted by mail to 441 4th Street, N.W., Suite 200-S, Washington, DC 20001; by e-mail to zcsubmissions@dc.gov; or by fax to (202) 727-6072.   Please include the case number on your submission.  FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, YOU MAY CONTACT THE OFFICE OF ZONING AT (202) 727-6311.

The hearing will take place at  the Jerrily R. Kress Memorial Hearing Room, 441 4th Street, N.W., Suite 220-South, Washington, D.C.  20001. Here is a presentation of their development concept:

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