ANC 5B03 Commissioner To Lead Discussion With DC Fire Chief On Thursday

The story of the death of Medric Mills has rightfully sparked outrage and gotten widespread local and national attention. The 77-year-old Mills passed away after collapsing across the street in front of nearby Engine 26, whose firefighters did not respond to pleas to help him. If you missed the story, see the video from WUSA Channel 9 below. ANC Commissioner Michael Morrison, whose Single Member District, 5B03, includes the section of Rhode Island Avenue NE where Engine 26 is located is hosting a meeting with DC Fire Chief Ellerbe. We reached out to Commissioner Morrison about the meeting and why he is having it. He said: “In the wake of the Medric Mills incident that occurred outside of Engine Company 26, it is important that Chief Ellerbe address the Rhode Island community and clarify the level of service we can expect from our Fire and EMS professionals.”

The meeting will take place Thursday April 3rd from 6:30 – 7:30 at Mary McLeod Bethune School at 1404 Jackson Street NE. SMD 5B03 boundaries are Monroe Street NE to the North, 13th Street NE to the West, Rhode Island Avenue to the South, and 19th and 18th Street NE to the East. You can reach Commissioner Morrison by email at anc5B03(dot)morrison(at)gmail(dot)com and on Twitter at @anc5B03.

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