Community Forklift Annual Garden Party And Spring Sale Coming Saturday

Community Forklift Spring PartyOne of my favorite home improvement destinations is Community Forklift, located near Hyattsville MD. Community Forklift is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to reduce landfill waste by salvaging building materials. While it is not in Brookland, let alone DC, we thought their Annual Garden Party and Spring Sale would be of interest to readers since its not too far and sounds like a lot of fun! Anyone working to maintain the original character of their home or simply fond of antique and re-purposed items would enjoy a visit. Community Forklift is about a 15 minute drive to 4671 Tanglewood Drive, Edmonston MD 20781. See the flyer above for more details.

2 thoughts on “Community Forklift Annual Garden Party And Spring Sale Coming Saturday”

  1. Many of us love Community Forklift–even though they have become quite pricey of late. We can rarely afford to buy their stuff anymore but still want to support their mission to keep more construction and vintage, salvage-worthy house materials out of landfills. A noble, important goal. So we still donate things to them (and now can donate some things to Brookland’s own SCRAP DC as well–yes!) They provide employment to local craftspeople, a venue for a few artists to sell their crafts and antiques, and they keep the earth cleaner. An outstanding reuse/recycle resource. I bought a pitchfork for turning our compost pile there and we found orphan tiles to match our 1940s bathroom tiles there one year.

  2. Wow, Shani, thanks so much for mentioning our Garden Party! We really appreciate the help in spreading the news!!!

    Sandra, I really appreciate your kind words and ongoing support, as well as your honesty. If you have a moment to chat, I’d love to get more feedback from you about some of the pricing issues.

    I ask because our management team is in the middle of some planning, including discussions about our pricing structure and the mix of items available (to give just one example: prices on many standard building materials have changed very little over the years, but we’ve recently been receiving more valuable antiques as well as specialty surplus items from high-end suppliers. So you can still get a vintage panel door for $15-25 bucks, a brick for a quarter, or a 2’x4′ for 15 cents a foot – but that it’s hard to notice that if the first thing you see are stained glass arches for hundreds of dollars, or some fancy glass tile at $5 each!).

    It’s been difficult to balance our mission (creating green jobs, providing low-cost materials, providing education about reuse & sustainable living, etc) with our survival (being able to cover expenses for a huge operation). Therefore, we give a LOT of thought to pricing, and specific observations or thoughts from our long-time customers would be really valuable to our discussion.

    I’d be so grateful if you have the time – you could email me at Ruthie(at) or call me at 301-985-5180. We’ll also be sending out a survey to our mailing list soon.

    Thank you both so much for your support!

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