Why The Brookland Bridge?

So here we are….why the Brookland Bridge?

That question can really mean two things: Why is the blog called the Brookland Bridge? And….why have another blog?

As to the first question, Shani and I really wanted a name that captured the spirit of what’s happening in Brookland right now. We brainstormed a lot of different ideas. The Bridge seemed like a great idea because, well, we do have our own Brookland Bridge in the neighborhood (the Monroe Street Bridge) and it is one of the neighborhood’s most identifiable landmarks.

But the idea of a bridge goes further than just a physical location. Brookland is changing very rapidly. There are lots of new residents, restaurants, stores, development, and general excitement as DC’s premier “up and coming” neighborhood. There’s also a lot of “old” stuff here–stately old Victorian homes, well-established institutions, and residents who have lived here all of their lives. There’s a lot of value in both the new and the old. Our hope is that our blog can serve as a bridge between the two, highlighting the best of both and proving that both together can make for a fantastic neighborhood.

As to whether there should be another blog, we obviously think so. We want to capture some of the day-to-day details and news that make Brookland so special. From ANC meetings to “The Round House” remodeling, from Casey Trees to the Garden Club, there is so much going on that we would like to be a part of–as participants, as photographers, as reporters.

We hope you will join us on this journey!

One thought on “Why The Brookland Bridge?”

  1. Thank you for your blog! My fiance & I are relatively new to the neighborhood (we lived in the Fort Totten area in 2011, our first year in DC) and love to learn about the areas we live in. Thanks to the information you’ve posted in this blog, we’ve made many historic houses and sites the focus of our daily jogs. The Northeast quadrant of DC is full of charm, and we’re very glad to live here. We hope to be good members of the community!

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