Guest Blog: Brookland Dog Lovers – Scoop Your Poop!

From time to time, we are happy to have guest blog posts by Brookland neighbors. This time Diane Phillips is sharing her thoughts on a neighborhood issue. If you have ideas about a guest blog post, let us know! Thanks Diane!

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I am a dog lover, and I have it on good authority that the writers of the Brookland Bridge are, too. As the forgiving cover of fall leaves and winter snow dissipates, it is becoming very clear that not all Brooklanders have been minding their manners when it comes to their dogs. In fact, on a run this morning, I observed multiple “scenes of the crime” that I consider an egregious violation of not only manners, but common decency – the leaving of dog poop.

Scooping of dog poop is part of the deal when you have a dog. The dog has to eat, and therefore, it has to go outside to poop. And we, the humans, have to pick it up. This is not optional. It is the right thing to do in the name of sanitation, manners, and as we mentioned, common decency.

In response to the blight of dog poop soiling the landscape, some of our more clever neighbors have expressed their dismay with signs. Others have gone so far as to provide bags and a garbage can.

I love Brookland, and as our neighborhood grows and develops, it is my hope that we are as welcoming to dogs as our neighbors in Alexandria, Shirlington, and Dupont Circle. I dream of sitting outside at a café on 12th Street, basking in the sun with a cold beverage, and my beloved dog next to me. I want to see dog bowls filled with fresh water outside of Brookland’s businesses. Doggie happy hours – bring them on!

Here’s the thing – Brookland is a wonderful place to live.  If we don’t scoop our poop, and we don’t respect our neighbors’ yards and gardens, dog-friendly is not going to be part of our neighborhood curriculum vitae. #curbyourhuman

Respectfully Submitted,

Diane Phillips, Brooklander

2 thoughts on “Guest Blog: Brookland Dog Lovers – Scoop Your Poop!”

  1. It’s just as important to pick it up in our yards to keep the vermin who like it away. If you don’t have kids (other than the puppy kind) try “doody calls” and for a small fee they will come out once a week and clean up the yard. It’s a great service!!

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