Update – Jackson Place Flats Development

Jackson Place Flats rendering courtesy of the Jackson Place Lofts website.
Jackson Place Flats rendering courtesy of the Jackson Place Lofts website.

In December we posted about a new development coming to the corner of 12th and Jackson Streets, NE. The  development plans call for a 34 unit housing development called Jackson Place Flats. We recently noticed that the future construction site is now surrounded by fencing, so we reached out to the development team to see if they had an update. They responded “As of right now I can let you know that ground breaking is planned for March 1, with the first units becoming available hopefully in November of this year.” Wow!

For a re-cap: each condo unit will have 2 bedrooms and 2.5 baths and will be two floors each – one floor for living and dining and another for bedrooms and baths. There will also be an option of terrace or penthouse units, with the penthouses coming with a roof deck. You can see the floor plans for these units here. The development is advertising high-end finishes such as granite counter tops and will also include gated parking.

We will let you know when we learn anything new.

9 thoughts on “Update – Jackson Place Flats Development”

  1. They look nice, and will bring some vibrancy to that corner. Maybe I am very different, but I do not understand why so many developers – and home buyers – want so much space devoted to bathrooms. If you look at the bedroom areas, the bedrooms look so squeezed because they each have a bathroom. Is it really that bad for 2 bedrooms to share 1 bathroom? That is definitely what I would prefer – it would give more space for the bedrooms, or to add a little den/ office area??

  2. I am sure they are building these with the idea in mind that buyers may rent them to nearby students, in this 2 separate bathrooms are a draw.

  3. When you have 2 people trying to get ready for work, etc. at the same time, having two bathrooms is a definite bonus!!! I’d much rather have an extra bathroom than a den, or more bedroom space. It would get more use!

  4. Happy to see something in that space, but between the short development timeline and the very vague pictures (What material is that on the outside? Wood paneling and concrete blocks?), I wonder about the quality. Also, who puts surface parking in a new condo development in the city? Hopefully it ends up being nice… the roof decks will certainly have lovely views of the Basilica.

  5. I agree with Kristen. The design looks, to be frank, ugly and uninspired. It would be nice if developers would build handsome classically inspired buildings that embrace the history of a neighborhood rather than “trendy” disjointed designs that will look dated in ten years.

  6. It would have been nice if the developer considered incorporating space for retail, at the very least in the corner unit. 12th St south of Monroe could use a few more storefronts in my opinion.

  7. I like the modern design and think it will stand the test of time. And it adds a nice counterpoint to the other styles around the neighborhood. Agree with Bryan about a retail space on the corner. I’d welcome a little more business activity there.

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