Brookland Pet Of The Week – Duncan

We are starting a new photo series here at the bridge – Brookland Pet of the Week! Meet Duncan, he was adopted from an animal shelter in North Carolina, six years ago, and became a city dog immediately! He loves running through Brookland and sitting on the front steps, greeting the neighbors. If you would like to see your pet featured here, email us on the Contact page.

Brookland Pets NE Washington DC

2 thoughts on “Brookland Pet Of The Week – Duncan”

  1. We don’t have a pet but this story is about animal life nonetheless.

    A few weeks ago I was taking a stroll around what used to be part of the Feanciscan Monestary. The potrion of land is now Howard University’s Divinity School. When I was a child I used to play basketball, tennis, climb trees, in the winter sled down a hill on the property, and in general run around like a carefree wild creature (those were some good times!).

    Sadly the area is now completely overgrown and what used to be the tennis court has several trees growing up through it as well as other vegetation. That’s a long way of getting to the bottom line which is that during my stroll out of the corner of my eye I spotted some movement. After looking closer I realized that I was staring eye-to-eye at A deer and her doe relaxing on the ground. It was completely shocking to see such animals in Brookland. I imagine they have lived there for awhile given the size of the deer and I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out their path to the “monestary”.

    1. Hi Rick, that would be shocking – yet exciting! I remember once coming across a pair of deer near Walter Reed, I figured they wandered over from Rock Creek Park. The closest I have come to wildlife in Brookland is racoons and opossums.

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