Learn To Create Street Art With Local Graffiti Artist Rajan Sedalia

Students getting hands-on instruction in Rajan's graffiti class.
Students getting hands-on instruction in Rajan’s graffiti class.

Last September, we tried our hand at learning the essentials of creating graffiti in a class led by Brookland artist Rajan Sedalia . It was a lot of fun! Lately Raj has been getting some great press for his approach to making street art approachable to all. Interested? He is offering more classes on Saturdays in March. Register here. Here is the class description:

From simple spray painted phrases to elaborate, colorful murals, DC’s buildings and rail lines serve as a surprising platform for artistic expression. Understand what this art really means and see how it’s created alongside renowned artist Rajan Sedalia, an innovator known for shattering the boundaries between art, industrial design, comics and graffiti. Pick up basic techniques and explore your playful side as you watch Rajan give a live demo before trying your own hand at graffiti, all with Rajan’s expertise to guide you.

One thought on “Learn To Create Street Art With Local Graffiti Artist Rajan Sedalia”

  1. dont understand. this guy isnt a graffiti artist. he has never painted a graffiti piece or real mural in this city. i watched his bio on youtube and hes a industrial designer/cartoonist? fake!

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