Turkey Thicket Playground Opening Delayed Due To The Weather

Turkey Thicket Playground Rennovation Conceptual Drawing
Turkey Thicket Playground Renovation Conceptual Drawing

We recently reported that the new playground at Turkey Thicket was set to open this week. Unfortunately, we learned that the opening was postponed in an email from Jackie Stanley, Community Outreach Coordinator with the Department of General Services (DGS):

Due to the inclement weather this week we (DGS & DPR) will not be able to open the new Turkey Thicket playground this week, as scheduled.  The actual opening date will be contingent on the weather but our goal is to open the playground ASAP.

Well, that makes sense. I asked Jackie when the formal ribbon cutting for the playground will be and a date for that has not been set either. Will will pass along anything new when we hear it.

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