Statehood DC – Let’s Continue The Effort To Fight For Equal Respresentation

DC Statehood
DC Statehood

The tireless efforts of the DC Statehood Team is admirable. One of their most important goals is to create awareness in the 50 States that do have full and equal representation rights in the U.S. Congress. Therefore they ask that you contact your friends and family who live in other States to encourage them to contact their Senators or Congressmen/-women.

This can be done directly, or by using a petition platform that was created online: SUPPORT STATEHOOD FOR THE 646,000 CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, DC.

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Here is he call to action from the Neighbors United for D Statehood facebook page:

As we begin a new year let’s renew our efforts to get both District citizens and our friends and family around the country to sign this pro-statehood petition to demonstrate that DC statehood is important locally and nationally. Please sign it and share it:

Thank you,

Neighbors United for DC Statehood

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