Vote Now! Bring Home The Curbed Cup & Make Brookland ‘Neighborhood Of The Year’

Popular DC Real Estate blog Curbed DC conducts an annual vote-driven competition called the Curbed Cup to decide which is the “Neighborhood of the Year”. So far Brookland has done remarkably well, beating out Capitol Hill, U Street, and Anacostia to make it to the final round, were we are going head to head with Navy Yard. So far, the voting has been very close, with the two neighborhoods splitting the vote pretty much evenly. Well, now is the time to step it up, neighbors, voting ends tomorrow at 11:00 am and we need to pull ahead and stay ahead. If you haven’t voted yet,  vote here to bring home the Curbed Cup award and a year supply of bragging rights.

Curbed DC's Curbed Cup brackets couretsy of Curbed DC.
Curbed DC’s Curbed Cup brackets courtesy of Curbed DC.

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