901 Monroe Development To Resume This Coming Spring

Colonel Brooks' development Brookland NE Washington DC
901 Monroe Street Development Rendering Courtesy of Esocoff and Associates

It has been a while since we had an update on the much anticipated 901 Monroe Development. Readers may remember that the development is tied up in an ongoing legal battle with the “200 Footers” – a group of residents who filed a court case with the Court of Appeals seeking to overturn the Office of Planning’s decision to allow the development. In May the Court of Appeals’ verdict was released and found the 200 footers claims “meritless” but did have some issues that needed ”additional findings of fact and conclusions of law”. In July the Office of Zoning made it clear that these issues were actually non-issues to them and decided  to prepare an Order of Finding to that effect and remand it back to the Court of Appeals in early August. At that point I mistakenly assumed that once the Order was sent from the Office of Zoning, construction would begin soon thereafter. As anyone who has passed by the fenced in area along Monroe and 9th Streets, NE in recent months can tell you, there has been no activity for a long time. In fact, the Order only recently became “final and effective” on November 8th. So, we reached out to Mark Rengel, Vice President of Development for the Menkiti Group and he told us “…site utility work will begin in the next few weeks and we plan to move forward with full construction in the spring of the coming year.”Apparently there is still a bit of administrative hurdles to get through, but we are excited to hear that things are moving forward.  We will keep you up to date when we learn anything new.

(Hat Tip to reader Kristen for passing along the info about the Order becoming finalized.)

2 thoughts on “901 Monroe Development To Resume This Coming Spring”

  1. I hope they start sooner rather than later since they’ve moved the construction fence out along 9th street so that the sidewalk is no longer accessible. That’s fine if construction is happening, not so cool if the site is just going to sit there for months.

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