New Details Emerge On Busboys And Poets Location At Monroe Street Market

Busboys and Poets photo courtesy of Source The Station
Busboys and Poets photo courtesy of Source The Station

The last time we wrote about the possibility of restaurant chain Busboys and Poets coming to our neighborhood it was February 2013. At that time all we really knew is that owner Andy Shallal was negotiating a lease on a space at Monroe Street Market. Today we learned from a Washington Post article that the deal has been finalized. The article states:

The Brookland Busboys will be a 7,400-square-foot restaurant overlooking a public square named for former Catholic University president David M. O’Connell, at the corner of Monroe Street and Michigan Avenue. It’s expected to open in the fall of 2014.

We appreciate that the Monroe Street Market team has been targeting proven, DC-based restaurants to anchor their development. Can’t wait to check the place out!

11 thoughts on “New Details Emerge On Busboys And Poets Location At Monroe Street Market”

  1. Now can we PLEASE mount a campaign for Trader Joes, or Whole Foods, or some cool grocery store in there? Even something like the teenie, tiny Safeway on 17th….

      1. Thanks Kristen. Also Brookland’s Finest is going to have an extensive coffee service. Fingers crossed, they will open soon. And they will be open breakfast, lunch, dinner. Askale serves a very good cup of coffee.

      2. Not Zeke’s yet, but that is a bit further away on RI Ave, right?. Years ago I went to the coffee place that is now Askale, but did not find it good. New owners?

        1. Yep. The new owners are very committed to Brookland. It is now an Ethiopian restaurant with a great coffee service and free wifi. They recently spent a lot of money out of pocket (they have a 5 year rental lease) on an outdoor patio. They are hoping to get a beer and wine license soon. It is a great addition to the neighborhood.

          Yes, Zekes is at 2300 Rhode Island Avenue. They do large scale roasting for sales to other businesses but they also have a very nice storefront cafe.

        2. Also, Askale serves darn good Ethiopian food. As good as any of the more well-known places in D.C. And last time that I went they told me that they plan to start delivery soon!

  2. I’m obviously very excited about having a Starbuck’s, but I also have to sing the praises of Askale Cafe. I’ve had the food and the coffee there and both are EXCELLENT. Prompt, friendly service and great ambiance as well. Those who are true coffee aficionados will appreciate Askale’s coffee.

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