Two New Brookland Developments Inch Forward

Development site at 10th and Kearny.
Potential Oxbridge Development site at 9th and Kearny.

In early November we posted about a meeting to introduce a development project from Oxbridge Development for the property they purchased on 9th street between Kearny and Lawrence, Streets NE. This is the strip of green space that runs along the Metro tracks that many people use as a de facto dog run. From what we have gathered, Brooklanders who attended that meeting thought it was a reasonable development that would fit in with the existing neighborhood. Recently Oxbridge Development submitted a Notice of Filing application of a map amendment to the DC Zoning Commission.  The map amendment application seeks rezoning of the property from a commercially zoned property to a residential zoned property. The developers are seeking an R-4 Zoning, which would cap the development at 3 stories, or 40 feet tall, and it is clear from the filing that they intend to build “moderate density” attached rowhouses. We uploaded the Zoning change application as well as some other pertinent documents here.

 Neighbors living near the corner of 12th and Jackson NE have been wondering what will happen with the four parcels of land that sold this summer for $1,825,000. Since the sale, land surveyors have been analyzing the property and longtime Brookland businesses Classic Art of

Classic Art of Brookland Moving Sign.
Classic Art of Brookland Moving Sign.

Brookland and McDonald Custom Car detailing, which occupied two of the parcels, recently relocated. To be clear, we do not know for certain that a new development project is coming to the North East corner of

Highlighted parcels were sold this summer. The non highlighted parcel (labeled "43") had a raze permit filed.
Highlighted parcels were sold this summer (diagram from sale listing). The non highlighted parcel (labeled “43”) had a raze permit filed.

12th and Jackson, but we can’t imagine that someone would spend almost $2 million dollars on a significant chunk of land that they do not intend to build on. Perhaps the biggest sign that a development is coming happened recently when a raze permit application was filed by Stanton View Development for the building at 1200 Jackson Street, NE, which is owned by a company called Jackson Place, LLC. While the building was not sold with the other 4 parcels, the listing for the parcels indicated that it “can be priced separately and made available in the near future” to complete a contiguous lot of land. Up until recently the building housed three rental units, but we haven’t been able to find

Development coming soon?
Development coming soon?

any signs that it has been sold. As an aside, properties along 12th Street are commercially zoned and any development would be limited to 50 feet in height automatically, according to the Brookland Small Area Plan. (Of course, a developer could always seek to build higher as we saw with the 901 Monroe development.)

We will keep you updated on any news regarding these developments as we learn them.

3 thoughts on “Two New Brookland Developments Inch Forward”

  1. I’m still waiting for 901 to break ground. At this rate, Oxbridge will be complete before 901 get a shovel in the ground. 😉

  2. Thanks for the details on these projects. I’m also curious about the lack of progress at 901 Monroe. Does anyone have an update?

  3. We have used Classic Art of Brookland several times (they are great!), and the owner Percy filled us in on what is going up on the corner of 12th and Jackson. Sounded like condos/townhouses type development from what I remember. But I’m sure he’d be willing to chat about it- I believe he’s the one that sold all that land. I’m happy it won’t be an empty lot and it sounded like a reasonable, small development that would fit in with the other row houses there.

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