CM McDuffie Hosts Brookland Metro Development Meeting – Speak Up For Preserving “The Brookland Green” And Sensible Development!

Brookand Green
Brookand Green

When we read WMATA’s recently released  solicitation asking developers to submit bids to develop parcels of land at the Brookland/CUA Metro stop we had to do something. The solicitation specifically excludes the unattractive 2.4 acre paved “bus loop” from development but encourages the development of the smaller Brookland Green, and the destruction of over 20 mature trees. This doesn’t make sense to us. We do not oppose the development, we want it to be the best it can be. So we started a petition, and so far almost 300 readers have stepped up to send a message – Brookland deserves thoughtful, coordinated development that preserves our green space. If you agree with us, please sign the petition below (if you haven’t already), it was developed in conjunction with the Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association (BNCA) Brookland Green Committee and other civic leaders.

In addition to signing the petition, we ask that you please show up to a meeting on Wednesday, December 4, hosted by Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie. WMATA representatives will be there to discuss their plans to develop the area arround the Brookland Metro Station. The meeting will be from 6:30 – 8:00 PM at Casey Trees, which is located at 3030 12th St N.E. Here is a flyer for the meeting:

Brookland Green Flyer McDuffie

For the full text of the petition, please see our previous post here or click on “read the petition” (Please only residents in 20017 + 20018).

Save The Brookland Green! Petition For Smart Development At The Brookland Metro


379 signatures

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The letter referenced in the flyer above was written by Councilmember McDuffie to WMATA expressing his concerns about the development solicitation for the project. We copied the letter below. We would like to thank CM McDuffie for standing up for our neighborhood!

November 13, 2013

Mr. Stan Wall
Director, Office of Real Estate & Station Planning
Department of Finance & Administration
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Dear Mr. Wall,

I have had an opportunity to review WMATA’s November 2013 Joint Development Solicitation Plan, which includes plans to develop real estate surrounding two Ward 5 metro stations: Brookland and Fort Totten. I write specifically concerning WMATA’s solicitation for the Brookland site.

As I have expressed to you in the past, it is important to me and the Brookland community that the Brookland Green between Newton and Otis Streets be preserved when WMATA redevelops its property. I was therefore quite disappointed when I reviewed WMATA’s November 2013 Joint Development Solicitation Plan and learned that WMATA specifically contemplates and encourages development that would negatively impact the Brookland Green. Indeed, Joint Development Solicitation #2013-01 (Brookland-CUA Metro Station) Illustrative Concepts A and B (pages 16 and 17, respectively) suggest to potential development partners that their submissions should take up the entire footprint of the “South Parcel” currently occupied by the Kiss & Ride and Brookland Green.

I encourage WMATA to re-think any plan that would destroy the green space and mature trees that currently serve as the much beloved “Brookland Green,” and I request a meeting to further discuss how WMATA’s development plan for the Brookland Metro can preserve this historic community asset.


Kenyan R. McDuffie
Councilmember, Ward 5

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