Brookland’s Own Josh Burch featured in “Washington City Paper”

Photo courtesy of Josh Burch's twitter accout
Photo courtesy of Josh Burch’s twitter accout

If you have followed our blog for a while, you know the name Josh Burch. This Brookland resident is committed to the mission of DC Statehood with tireless efforts and incredible tenacity. His efforts definitely caught my attention, and like so many of our neighbors, led me to support the movement.

The Washington City Paper profiled 20 people who they think make D.C. what it is. Having witnessed how much of his personal time Josh invests in the Statehood movement, I think he definitely deserves to be included in this group.

Here an excerpt what the City Paper has to say about Josh (you can read the entire article here):

D.C. native Josh Burch has become one of the leading grassroot statehood activists in the city. He founded Neighbors United for DC Statehood and uses his group to educate the public about statehood and lobby the cause on the Hill. He wants to make sure that by the time his daughter turns 18 and votes for the first time, she’ll be treated as a full citizen and vote for her own senator. He has 15 years to make it happen, and he thinks it can be done. —Perry Stein

When did you first become aware of the issue of statehood?

I was a page in the Senate in high school for Sen. Ted Kennedy. The only way you get to be a page is if you have a senator appoint you, and it was kind of like, “Oh, I don’t have a senator because I’m from D.C.” That was sort of around the time I started making the connection. You get to the Senate and all the other states have senators, and all the other pages were from around the country, and none of them were from D.C. And that’s when I really started putting it together: There’s something messed up about the fact that we all pay taxes and we don’t have representation.

If you see Josh walking through Brookland, or meet him at a Statehood D.C. event, thank him for his amazing work and his passion trying to achieve what many before him attempted to do.

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